Trailers You Might Have Missed … (May 17-23/2021)

I meant to post more this week, but … I didn’t? Evidently. BUT you can rest assured that there’s at least two book reviews coming before the end of the month, because I want to talk about them before they release and get you all excited. Now, on to the actual topic of the day though – trailers! There is going to be a lot of TV content, because all the upcoming seasons were teased by the network. Be prepared!


Long Story Short

Please, I want to watch this corny time travel love story so bad! Why is this movie so on brand for me?

Dear Evan Hansen

We’re going to ignore the fact that Ben Platt *still* plays a teenager, because this movie is gonna break me. The musical and book (check out my review here) was so sad!

Good on Paper

The fact that she wrote this movie based on her own experiences is what’s getting me.

Fear Street (film trilogy)

I will brave the scary stuff because my boi Sam Brooks is in it and I’m so ready to hype this and him becoming Netflix famous!

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

Not a big G.I. Joe person here, but this looks great. I like that Henry Golding is getting a lot of work.


Looks and sounds great!


I really don’t think they should promote this with Amber Heard, because 1) a lot of people can’t stand her and 2) she’s barely in it. This movie is about the boys.

Let Us In

They’re actually kids playing kids – wow! Other than that, don’t think it’s looking good.

TV Shows

Sweet Tooth

BIG NEWS – your girl gets to watch this a couple days ahead of the release and I’m so pumped.

FRIENDS: The Reunion

Dumbass me thought we’d actually get a single episode acted out instead of them hanging out irl.

Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol

This is the Robert Langdon prequel series.

Dr. Death

Not my genre, but Joshua Jackson.

Only Murders in the Building

I kinda dig it?

Marvel’s Loki

I stopped watching the promos, because I don’t want to know too much going in, but this is the infamous one with Hiddleston being shirtless for like a second.

Abbott Elementary

I am SO excited for this and not just because I’m going to hype all of Quinta’s projects.

The Wonder Years

I’m gonna watch it. Let me please jump on that nostalgia train narrated by Don Cheadle.


The cast has me interested.


This … is not going to survive past the first season.

Welcome to Flatch

This is also a strong contender for cancellation if you ask me.

The Cleaning Lady

This looks so intriguing and I don’t even love crime stuff.

The Big Leap

Honestly, I adore the look of this. The show is right up my ally, but I have zero faith in FOX and I can 100% see them canceling it.


Maggie Q is something comedic is a swerve.


So, my friends who adore the UK version (which is still airing and only in its third season) are not pleased with this. Why would they adapt it so soon? People can just watch the UK version?

NCIS: Hawaii

I don’t know. On the one hand, I know how much they love their NCIS franchise, but with New Orleans ending and Hawaii Five-0 as well … does this stand a chance? They better have Hawaiian natives on the show.

CSI: Vegas

I know some peeps who loved this show way back when. Happy to see the old cast return.

Good Sam

Let’s face it, they’ll never stop making medical dramas.

FBI: International

I’m confused … isn’t the FBI’s jurisdiction within the US and the CIA outside … so … FBI international would be … the CIA??

The Mysterious Benedict Society

I have never heard of those books. I don’t think they’re big in my country.

The End

Could be good.


This is like that South Korean show Sell Your Haunted House … well, not exactly but similar-ish? I just love that syfy can’t let go of Tim Rozon.

Young Royals

I like watching fake royals pretend to be normal.


Iceland doing high quality stuff.

Love, Victor (Season 2)

I’m really looking forward to this and am curious to see where the vibes between Felix and the sister are going. Felix is honestly my fave …

Ragnarok (Season 2)


Black Summer (Season 2)

Turns out I have lost track of all the Netflix stuff, because I never even heard of this before.

Elite (Season 4)

Guzman making Nadia cry is not okay.

Animal Kingdom (Season 5)

I used to love this show so much, but I honestly haven’t watched in 2 seasons.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Final Season)

The only police-centric show I like.

What do you think you will be watching? Let’s talk about it!

8 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (May 17-23/2021)

  1. If Guzman and Nadia breakup 😤😤😤 I’m going to be mad 😂 I’m so excited for Love Victor & Felix is also my fave! There is totally a vibe between him and Pilar 👀 Young Royals looks like it could be fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Don’t forget to check out the 4 mini episodes of Elite before the premiere of the new season. I know that Nadia is not going to be really in the actual season and the mini episode is supposed to explain why. We shall see if that’s satisfying haha
      Felix is this typical Stiles-esque character and they always have my heart. Loveable dorks! I’m just worried that they’ll turn it into a love triangle between Felix, Pilar and Lake and that’s something I do. not. want.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m very excited about the mini episodes. Especially the one about Nadia/Guzman & Carla/Samu! Felix is just amazing and so funny! I really don’t want a love triangle either…

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I read Benedict society as a kid, and am planning to reread it soon. Somehow I had it in my head that you’re German, and was gonna say how much neighbouring countries can differ in what books get big 🙈then again, I only ever read the first book so the series can’t have been that much of a thing here either.

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  3. Thoughts:
    1. Dear Evan Hansen: I got caught up the musical when I saw it, but by the morning I found I didn’t care for it. I don’t think I’ll see this movie.
    2. Fear Street: Oh, Netflix is making sure I stay a subscriber and I love it!
    3. Snake Eyes: I didn’t know this was a thing or an audience for it.
    4. The Lost Symbol: And I may get Peacock.
    5. Loki: SOON.


    • That’s really sad to me. It had such a powerful message in my opinion and I wanted to cry just watching the trailer.
      hahaha they know how to keep your attention.
      apparently G.i. Joe is still super big.


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