Trailers You Might Have Missed … (May 31-Jun 6/2021)

Just yesterday, I whipped up a post to celebrate 8 years of blogging (check it out here) after forgetting that the blogiversary was happening and now we are already back to our regular Sunday trailer post. Can you believe that I haven’t missed a single Sunday post in over 4 years? All of this is wild to me. But let’s get started!



I really should read the book first.


I love stories like this. It looks so well made visually.

The God Committee

I couldn’t do that job.

PAW Patrol: The Movie

I know a lot of parents who will have to endure that movie a lot of times.

The Boss Baby 2

I thought this was released already for some reason.

America: The Motion Picture

This is so silly.

Witch Hunt

Looks … like the budget wasn’t very high. But there’s the girl from the Society and the one from Winx in it.


Charlotte Rampling is a phenomenal actress.


This looks so incredibly good!

TV Shows


I’m so happy this show is releasing outside the UK now. IT’S SO GOOD! WATCH IT!!!!!


Not a show I would have expected to get a revival, but sure, why not?

The White Lotus

As someone who has worked in expensive hotels, I’d watch this.

We the People

Could be real nice.

Mortel (Season 2)

You do not understand how hyped I am for this season. Mortel is 100% underrated.

Love, Victor (Season 2)

Honestly, can’t wait!

The Gift (Season 3)

I always mean to watch this show and then I just don’t … and I don’t know why.

Is there something you’d like to watch that I listed here? Let’s talk!

6 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (May 31-Jun 6/2021)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. Infinite: Sounds really in-depth and maybe a little confusing.
    2. Reminiscence: Looks really interesting.
    3. The God Committee: Yeah, that sounds like one hell of a difficult job.
    4. The Boss Baby 2: Why?
    5. Witch Hunt: Ooh, sign me up!

    Oh, did you see the Shazam 2 teaser trailer? That was funny.


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