What I’ve Been (Binge-)Watching #61

I’ve been going through some shows and thought I’d better update you all before the list becomes too long. I’ll also start getting busier again come next week, and I just wanted to make sure I have some content out there for you! Let’s take a look at what I’ve watched!

Sweet Tooth (Season 1)

Sweet Tooth is the adaptation of a DC/Vertigo comic of the same name by no one other than the Downey Team. While RDJ may not have starred in this show, he really made this a passion project of his. I was lucky enough to get to attend an exclusive (virtual) preview screening of the first episode before its official release and I was really positively surprised and binged the rest of the show soon after it was out in the world.

While this show follows 10-year-old Gus, it is by no means a show for kids. Oftentimes quite dark, it poses a lot of moral questions, while maintaining that incredible undercurrent of hope and resilience. I was a bit hesitant when it all started with a deadly virus going around (speaking about timely and possibly not wanting to reminded of that), but the heart and emotion drew me in. It’s a curious story and I hope they get to continue to tell more about it, because they really stopped at one of the most interesting crossroads.

Love, Victor (Season 2)

I was so looking forward to the return of this show and liked the themes they went with during this season. Of course, we still have the endless romantic teen drama, but there was a heavy focus on parenting that I quite enjoyed. It’s hard to unlearn things that have been ingrained in you since you were a kid and sometimes we need outside help to get our act together. Shown through various scenarios with almost all different characters, we see how it’s not just the teens having a tough time, but also the adults. I always appreciate when shows manage a balance in those departments.

Most of the time, these days at least, people expect that coming out isn’t a big deal anymore, when there’s still a lot of communities that places that don’t have happy coming out stories to tell at all. I like that the show didn’t shy away from showing struggle in that regard, without making it entirely hopeless and soul-crushing.

My favorite storyline of the season was probably Felix’ and his mother’s, but I’m biased, because he is my favorite character in general.

Ragnarok (Season 2)

The way I was excited for this season and then kind of disappointed with what I got … I don’t really know if I have the words to describe how I feel.

On the one hand, I was so happy to see all those characters that had grown on me again, but on the other hand, I felt like a lot of them were acting out of character this season. They really leaned heavily into Norse mythology and added a lot of additional gods, but I can’t say I enjoyed their involvement. In general, there were some really wild storylines and even though there were still beautiful themes about family and destiny and morality, I thought it was all a lot more muddled and less clear than during the last season. I was way more confused about the motivation of some people than I should have been.

Bo Burnham: Inside

This is not a comedy special. I’m sorry, I just can’t call it that.

Inside made me feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic, while it was also relevant and meaningless at the same time. I know that Bo Burnham is a genius, but words are failing me with this special. I literally don’t know how to describe what I watched, but I hope he’s okay.

Have you watched any of these? Do you plan to? I’d really like to know your thoughts!

13 thoughts on “What I’ve Been (Binge-)Watching #61

  1. I’ve watched Sweet Magnolias which I really liked. I watched Summertime season 1 but it was soooo boring. I watched Love, Victor and I really liked it. But now we have to wait another year for the new season 😂
    What did you think of the cliffhanger with Victor?? Who do you think he chooses. I also really like Felix. And I really ship him with Pilar. ALSO Lake and Lucy! I’m really excited for that!


    • I liked Sweet Magnolias too and am glad they are getting another season. The trailer for Summertime never caught my attention enough to actually watch it though, so I skipped out on that one.
      They keep doing this cliffhanger thing every season now and I hate it. I really dislike the “who’s at the door”-cliffhanger in particular, so I’m not happy about it haha but I think he went to Rahim’s house. Just something about the way he said that stuff in the end, I don’t know.
      But YES to Pilar and Felix. I like Lake alright, but those two are so much more on the same level? And I’m very intrigued about the Lake and Lucy thing. I never caught that vibe from Lucy when they hung out in the group setting before, but I’m not mad about it.

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    I really don’t like the cliffhangers either! Especially because we have to wait a whole year. I really don’t know who he will choose. I feel like normally love triangles are more cliché and you can kind of predict what will happen but I’m I have no idea now. I do kind of think Victor and Benji are endgame. But I do see Victor with Raheem as well. And I just really like Raheem. Also it kind of depends on how many seasons they want to make? Because they need the drama I suppose. I’m rooting for Lake and Lucy in season 3!

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    • I could see them continue the show at least until they leave High School, cause I think the “universe” sort of belongs to the Creekwood setting and not beyond. But you never know. They renew things so randomly in the streaming world.

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  3. I really enjoyed Bo Burnham’s Inside but I totally get what you mean! Some points were really uncomfortable to watch but it’s such a clever insight into the damage this has all done to our mental health. I’ve got the song about feeling like a bag of s**t on repeat on Spotify this week, haha.


  4. I just finished the second season of Ragnorak with my friend and I also feel conflicted! I wanted so many more answers and instead I felt like too much was going on 😅 I started watching Sweet Tooth tonight and I really liked the first episode 🥰 I might have to read the graphic novel afterward 🙂

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    • Yep, feeling that about Ragnarok. I think they should have introduced the other gods more slowly and given us time to get to know them. I barely know what any of them can do, besides the obvious, and it feels weird. Also, the change of heart Fjor was just confusing to me … he was sidelined all season and then he took his family’s side anyway?? I was just … not loving it as much as the first season. Maybe it’s because they had to make sacrifices while filming because of covid or something, but not as impressed.
      Hope you’ll continue to enjoy Sweet Tooth! I’m not a fan of the graphic novel’s art style, but I can’t speak to the rest.

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      • I really liked the first episode of the second season but the more I watched, the less I liked it 😅 I also wanted more time with the new gods and more explanations to how their powers work. I was also so confused by why Fjor suddenly changed his mind again. Like I thought this was his redemption Arc and I really liked that, so idk why they undid it 😔

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