Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jun 7-13/2021)

It is Sunday and that means I have a fresh batch of trailers for you. I also want to use this opportunity to prepare you all for the fact that I’ll be busier starting next week and don’t yet know how that will affect my blogging schedule. I still plan on doing Loki reviews (although not an hour after the episode airs each week, I will need more time), Thursday Movie Picks and Sunday trailer posts, but just in case something is late, you have been warned. Now on to today’s trailers!


Ron’s Gone Wrong

When the trailer started, I really thought this was just an ad.

Nine Perfect Strangers

I mean … that cast!

tick, tick … BOOM!

Andrew Garfield is really out there picking all the eccentric roles for himself.

The Eyes of Tammy Faye

And more Andrew Garfield.

Space Jam 2: New Legacy

Will this serve my Space Jam nostalgia or ruin it? That’s the question!

FEAR STREET (3 movie features)

Genuinely pumped to see what role my boy Sam will play in these movies.

Free Guy

I’ve wanted to watch this for what feels like years now.

No Sudden Move

I can see this being fun.

The Exchange

This looks ridiculous!

Broken Diamonds

Ben Platt actually playing his age. Wow.

The Water Man

I think I’ve shared this trailer before and it looked good. Now, it looks like it will get a Netflix release.

The Boy Behind the Door

This kid actor is going places!


Glad to see they made this movie with French people.

Last Summer

Netflix is really out there producing all the summer-y shows and movies they can think of.

Blood Red Sky

Not really my thing.

The Last Mercenary

Could be okay?

Midnight in the Switchgrass

I think this is where MGK and Megan Fox met and fell in love?

Love Spreads

Eh …

TV Shows

Gossip Girl

You just know this is gonna be messy and I’m here for it.


I feel like these shows mostly last only a season on Netflix, but I could be wrong.


Aliens? Yes, please.

Monsters at Work

I can see this working in terms of story, but I liked the movie animation style better.

Generation 56k

They showed quite a lot in this trailer already and I still don’t think I’d want to watch it.

Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail

One day, I’m gonna actually watch this show.

Outer Banks (Season 2)

So happy to have my idiots back and I genuinely forgot that they didn’t know John B and Sarah were still alive.

See (Season 2)

I liked the concept, but didn’t finish the first season …

Motherland: Fort Salem (Season 2) 

Again, I did not finish Season 1.

Biohacker (Season 2)

Did not know this was renewed.

Another Life (Season 2 Sneak Peek)

I remember really enjoying the last season, mostly because of the AI.

Virgin River (Season 3)

They cleared up the cliffhanger from S2 in the promo real quick.

Is there something on here that you would like to watch? Let’s talk about that!

12 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jun 7-13/2021)

  1. I’m really excited for Outer Banks!!! Gossip girl!! I still haven’t finished Virgin River S2 so i should really do that lol.


  2. Thoughts:
    1. tick, tick…boom!: Hm. That’s al I’ll say. Hm.
    2. Space Jam 2: I’ll watch it, but I’m not expecting much.
    3. Fear Street: Bring. It. On.
    4. Free Guy: I thought this came out already.
    5. Blood Red Sky: Airline hijacking story with a vampire twist? Intriguing.
    6. Monsters at Work: Who asked for this series?


  3. I read the book Sex/Life is based on (44 Chapters About 4 Men). It’s pretty wild. Each guy was so different. I wouldn’t be surprised if it made it more than a season because she then wrote 4 individual books about each guy.
    I don’t know if I can watch Space Jam 2. I am again myself, but I saw the original in the theater.

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