Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jun 28-Jul 4/2021)

I’ve been a bit loopy this weekend, because I got my vaccine shot (woot! woot!) and I legit almost forgot it’s Sunday and therefore time for trailers. BUT the emphasis is on the *almost*, so, here we go!


Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania

I still can’t get over how successful this franchise is or the fact that people started a petition because they didn’t think the invisible man was hot enough.

Clifford the Big Red Dog

I don’t know if this was really made for live action …


Eh … it’s too short to tell anything.


Kate Beckinsale stays slaying in her roles.


I gotta say this doesn’t look like it has the highest budget, but I still love the theme?


I don’t know if this is my kind of movie, but John David Washington and Alicia Vikander are strong arguments.

Pink Opaque

Something about the sound mixing isn’t quite right.

The Many Saints of Newark

It’s the Sopranos movie.

Charming the Hearts of Men

This trailer took a swerve, but … what’s up with the strong white savior vibes?

Crime Story

Old dangerous man genre is thriving.

A Dark Foe

There’s always gonna be crime movies …

Don’t Breathe 2

I can’t handle the controversy around the way the director treats his cast, cause I have limited information and am too tired to research, but this isn’t my genre anyway.


Okay, brace yourselves … it’s a movie … about a huge fly!

TV Shows


I’m really excited for this show! I love it when they get you hyped up with a trailer, but you don’t yet understand everything.

The Chair (Sneak Peek)

Sandra Oh!

Blood Red Sky

I’ve previously shared the teaser for this.

Roswell, New Mexico (Season 3)

Why is this the only trailer for the new season!? It’s so short …

Did you see something on here you would like to check out when it releases? What do you think? Let’s talk about that!

3 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jun 28-Jul 4/2021)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. Hotel Transylvania 4: Even without Adam Sandler, I’m in.
    2. Clifford the Big Red Dog: Who asked for this?
    3. Cinderella: They’re going to find new ways to make a musical out of this story until the end of time, aren’t they?
    4. Don’t Breathe 2: I actually haven’t seen the first one.
    5. Mandibles: I saw “giant fly” and thought it was like The Fly films. I was so wrong.
    6. Blood Red Sky: Wait, I thought this was a movie. Still looks cool, though.


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