Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jul 12-18/2021)

Whether you are currently in a heat wave or the sky won’t stop drowning you in water, I hope you are all alright and safe. I also hope you get to enjoy this trailer post in relaxation. Let’s see what we’ve got!


Turning Red


Blue Bayou

This movie looks absolutely fantastic and I hope it will get some attention during award season as well. It’s terrible that it mirrors real life experiences though.


So much mystery, but it seems like the sound design will be amazing.

After We Fell/After 3

Like Kissing Booth, I’m just not the audience for this.


Don’t think this is for me.

Naked Singularity

Hello, John Boyega! Let me continue to support your career.

The Toll

I clicked on it for Iwan Rheon.

The Colony

I think this was previously called Tides and I might have shared it before?


Gotta feature Australian movies more often.


And this is why sororities and fraternities freak me out.

The East

I’m just not into war movies at all.

TV Shows

Reservation Dogs

Aside from the fact that this is a Taika Waititi project, I’d like to watch that either way.


I’m gonna pass, but have fun, everyone!

The Deceived

More ghost stories …

Outer Banks (Season 2)

It’s shocking to me how invested I am with these teen shows.

Modern Love (Season 2)

I mean, it looks cute. I just usually prefer long series rather than anthologies.

Diary of a Future President (Season 2)

I have nothing to say, because I didn’t watch the first season.

Valeria (Season 2)

Again, did not watch the first season.

Titans (Season 3)

I’m looking forward to it, but it’s not a super high priority of mine.

Did you see something on here you would like to watch? Let’s talk about that!

7 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jul 12-18/2021)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. Turning Red: A helicopter parent and transforming into a red panda. For the first time in forever, I’m intrigued by a Disney/Pixar film.
    2. Habit: Not for me, either.
    3. The Colony: Reminds me of Children of Men. That was a good film.
    4. Chucky: Oh God, let this franchise die already!
    5. The Deceived: Hmm….

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  2. The East caused quite a bit of upheavel when it was announced here. Like yeah, we were definitely the baddies then. And so it is great that they made this movie. But our boys were just following orders and now are feeling betrayed.
    My grandpa was actually sent to go fight there, but he was too stuborn so they kicked him of the ship 😇

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