Thursday Movie Picks: Summer Break

It’s Thursday and I’m back with a new Thursday Movie Picks feature post. This series is hosted by Wandering through the Shelves and offers you a weekly prompt to post some movie recommendations/talking points according to the theme. Usually, you are supposed to post about 3-5 examples, which I find a very manageable amount.

This week’s theme is Summer Break! We are in the midst of summer and I know that not just because it’s super hot all the time, but also because my birthday is nearing and people were always off on summer vacation, which was why I rarely celebrated. Enough about that useless information about my life. Let’s dive into the movies!

The Way, Way Back

I love this movie so freaking much! The message of the movie is so simple, but you really have to surround yourself with good people. Don’t let the toxic ones get to you. Also, everything Sam Rockwell is very likely to be a favorite. I’m a simple girl.


Ah yes, the time when you take the odd summer job. I keep forgetting who all is in this movie, but there’s so many well-known actors and comedians featured. I also just really like the idea of carnivals and amusement parks.

Magic Camp

I really wanted to include a typical summer camp movie! This one isn’t necessarily the most inventive or funny, but it’s the latest example I could think of. I suppose there was a reason they never even attempted to put it anywhere but direct to streaming though.

Raise Your Voice

Who said you actually had to take a break during summer break? Why not use that time to participate in a special music program to realize your dream? I had a huge Hilary Duff phase and this was one of the movies that stuck with me. Is it corny? Yeah. Do I mind? Nope.

The Lifeguard

Summer is also the time to get lost and take a break to reassess your life. I mean, you don’t have to, but things kind of slow down in summer and that makes it a perfect time to reflect. I can also highly relate to the quarter-life-crisis of it all.

What are some movies with summer breaks you enjoy? Let’s chat!

11 thoughts on “Thursday Movie Picks: Summer Break

  1. I absolutely loved The Way, Way Back! Sam Rockwell is so great in everything he does. I enjoyed Adventureland a lot too. I’ve never seen Raise Your Voice but I did watch Jaime French’s Makeup and Movies review of it on YouTube so now I don’t feel like I have to! 😀

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    • Sam Rockwell is a gem and gift to the world of cinema. Hahaha I love YouTube channels that react and review movies and shows. They always make me feel like I watched stuff I’m unsure about.


  2. I have only seen The Way, Way Back and it is a sweet film with Sam Rockwell being the guy who helps rather than the jerk played by Steve Carrell. I don’t like Eisenberg or Stewart so not sure I will see this flick even though it does look interesting. I am not much into Hilary Duff or even Magic Camp. The last one makes me cringe because I have had many clients, over the years, spend money and take care of their adult kids who still live at home. I am showing my age since I am over 1/2 a century old (57).

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    • That’s fair. If you don’t like certain actors, then the movie can’t really be enjoyable. Especially when it’s both leads!
      I feel like it’s okay not to have it all together at around 30, but I also feel like that shouldn’t necessarily mean moving back in with your parents and being financially dependable on them? If that makes any sense? I say that like I’m not turning 28 soon and still living with my parents, but I blame that on the pandemic.


  3. Nice theme within the theme but my batting average this week is bad. I’ve only seen The Way, Way Back which I agree was a lovely film, though it gets off to a rather slow start.

    I’ve heard of Adventureland but have never managed to catch up with it. I think it’s my less than fond feelings for the lead pair that have kept me from it.

    The only other one I’d heard of previously is Raise Your Voice which never appealed to me much so I didn’t make a big effort to track it down.

    I’ll have to look into the other two, the last in particular sounds interesting.

    Lots of ways to go with this, so many I didn’t come up with an interior theme but rather went with the first three that came to mind.

    Last Summer (1969)-Spending the summer unsupervised on Fire Island Sandy (Barbara Hershey), wealthy, spoiled and bored meets fellow teens Dan (Bruce Davison) and Peter (Richard Thomas) on the beach where the three quickly form a tight circle. One day they become acquainted with the awkward and naive Rhoda (Catherine Burns-Oscar nominated for Best Supporting Actress). At first friendly the trio close ranks and Rhoda becomes a figure of sport, teased and humiliated by the group. Distressing and disturbing story of maliciousness, sexual domination and cruelty with a pitch-black ending.

    The Flamingo Kid (1984)-Just out of high school Brooklyn teenager Jeffrey Willis (Matt Dillon) unhappy with his modest home, chances into a summer job at the posh Flamingo Club during summer break. Enticed by the heady atmosphere he is taken under the wing of smooth-talking club member Phil Brody (Richard Crenna) who extolls the pursue of the easy buck over the hard work of college much to Jeffrey’s father Arthur (Héctor Elizondo) chagrin. There are some late-summer hard lessons ahead for Jeff though.

    The River Wild (1994)-Troubled married couple Gail and Tom Hartman (Meryl Streep & David Strathairn) are taking their son, Roarke (Joseph Mazzello), on a birthday rafting trip down Idaho’s Salmon River during their summer vacation. Misfortune and danger come their way when they are taken hostage by fugitives Wade (Kevin Bacon) and Terry (John C. Reilly) who force Gail, a former raft guide, to help them attempt escape down the treacherous rapids.

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    • I can see you possibly enjoying The Lifeguard if you enjoy people in their 30s having an existential crisis.
      I don’t think I’ve seen any of your picks before, although The River Wild rings a bell somewhere. I’ll definitely take a closer look.


  4. My sister used to LOVE Raise Your Voice. Watched it nine or ten times. I think at one point she even tried to work one of the songs into an “original” work she was writing for the piano (never went anywhere, which is probably good, as that would be plaigarism).
    Personally, while my enthusiasm for summer ended when it stopped being a break and just a muggy time of year, there are still movies involving summer break that I enjoy. IT: Chapter One, for example. Some of the Friday the 13th films are set during summer. And, of course, we just had Fear Street Part Two: 1978.

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    • I’ve definitely seen Raise Your Voice a lot, but the Hilary Duff movie I’ve seen the most is and always will remain A Cinderella Story. I’m pretty sure I know most of it by heart by now and yet, I never get bored watching it.
      I still have to watch all the Fear Street movies!! Sam was in 1978, but I heard he didn’t make it all the way through haha I will watch it for him though.


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