Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Oct 25-31/2021)

Happy Halloween, my lovelies! It’s the first time I’m in my new home for Halloween and I have no idea if there’ll be trick or treaters or just nothing at all, but I’m prepared. I have a bowl of candy ready, as well as my Stranger Things Scoops Ahoy uniform on. If anyone wants to ring my doorbell, I’m in for the night, waiting for it to hit midnight, so i can start NaNoWriMo. But right now, we’re here for some trailers. Let’s get started!



Chris Evans is so pumped to be in this.

House of Gucci

Of course they’re going to heavily campaign this for awards season.

Through My Window

The plot of this seems so problematic? But it seems to have a huge following already!?


STOP making movies about catfishing that are supposed to be romantic.

The Unforgiveable

Sandra Bullock looks so different here.

The Railway Children Return

I’ve never heard of this series before. Is it a British thing?

Black Friday

Do with this what you will.

TV Shows


The animation looks divine.

The Wheel of Time

I’m still not going to read the books, but I’ll happily watch this show.

True Story

It looks really good.


This still reminds me of the girls from the Wilds after they’d grown up. Probably.

Cowboy Bebop

Everything I see just makes me want to watch the whole thing more.

Marvel’s Hawkeye

I haven’t watched the trailer, because I don’t want to be too influenced by it. I’ll happily just watch the show.


This is like Empire for white people with country music.


I can easily see this getting a huge audience as well.

The Witcher (Season 2)

I can’t wait to finally get back into this world. It’s been two whole years!

Tiger King 2

I think I’m the only one who hasn’t watched this yet (and by this, I mean the first season.

What will you be watching from this list? Let’s talk!

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