Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jan 10-16/2022)

I’m in this weird headspace right now, where I think January has been going on for the blink of an eye and several months at the same time. Not sure what that says, but this year has already been exhausting? Let’s break some of that tension with a bunch of trailers!


The In Between

Please don’t come for me, but I’m not the biggest Joey King enthusiast. The topic of the movie seems kind of interesting though. Has some If I Stay vibes …


Love the music choices for the trailer. It really helps with the suspense.

Last Looks

Somehow this is different than what I expected and exactly what I imagine Charlie Hunnam to star in.

The Last Bus

Some good old human interest stories never fail.


Jenna Ortega is taking off.


Pretty sure this is based on a Youtube series?

Against the Ice

Every time I see Nikolai now, he’s Jaime Lannister in my mind.


The way one wrong photo can ruin your life these days …


Haven’t properly paid attention to anything Stephen Moyer has done since True Blood.

Studio 666

Couldn’t resist including the Foo Fighters movie trailer.

The Bob’s Burger Movie

TV Shows


This is definitely a dramatic take on the topic of the show. Not gonna lie, I’ll miss the comedic element, but it looks great. At least, this way, it can really stand on its own.

Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber

You had me at Kyle Chandler.

Inventing Anna

I never heard about it when it actually happened, but the past months, I’ve seen the story everywhere.

In From the Cold

I’d watch this. Also, I’ve liked Margarita in previous projects and she can pull this off.


I’m behind on my Apple TV+ watching, but this looks good.

Cielo Grande

A new Argentinian show, if I got that right.

Dollface (Season 2)

I’M SO HAPPY THIS SHOW IS BACK SOON! Need my girl power shows!

Raised by Wolves (Season 2)

I never got around to watching S1 …

Did you spot something in the post you would like to watch? Let’s chat!

6 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jan 10-16/2022)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. Kimi: A techno-thriller with social commentary. Sounds interesting.
    2. X: A24 always comes out with horror worth talking about. I hope this is the horror worth talking about for good reasons.
    3. Photocopier: Interesting.
    4. Confession: Is it a thriller or a horror film? It looks like both, IMHO.
    5. Studio 666: Ooh, I’m here for this. Unusual for a horror-comedy, but I’ll go for it.
    6. The Bob’s Burgers Movie: I can’t believe this is a thing, and that’s all I’m going to say.


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