Kat’s Weekly TV & Movie Recap #4

I’ve not watched nearly as much as I intended and I don’t even really know why. My head just wasn’t in it, but the number of shows I watch on a weekly basis keeps growing. So, I guess there’s always that? Let’s get started!


Veronica Mars

I felt this need to rewatch one of my all time favorite shows and Veronica Mars still holds up! The thing is, I watched it to feel better, but somewhere halfway through I kept being reminded of the end of season 4, which I often deny exists, and was swallowed by sadness. It’s still tragic to me that they so utterly ruined something for every fan of the show, after getting a chance to revive it … so, the rewatching for comfort kind of backfired?

The Book of Boba Fett (Ep 1-6)

Honestly, I wasn’t very impressed by the first couple of episodes. The flashbacks in dreams and the reverse storytelling didn’t 100% work for me and apparently Boba isn’t a character I care about as much. BUT, just ahead of the final episode (hope that’s not misinformation, but I read somewhere there’s 7 episodes?), I caught up, because a *certain someone* returned! Those last two episodes were more my speed!


Just so it’s out there, please beware of Spoilers in this section! As I’m talking about the shows as they air, I might mention plot points etc. which you might not want to know about if you haven’t caught up yet. I won’t, however, put anything in bold that’s a huge reveal! I’m also trying to stay vague in general, but the comments are free game!

The Afterparty (Season 1)

Apple TV+ dropped the first three episodes last Friday and they were all SO good. It’s a murder mystery with a focus on a different character each episode, but make it comedy basically. Since Ben Schwartz ist just one of my faves in general, I’m so here for his character Yasper – he gave me a musical episode!!

How I Met Your Father (Season 1)

I genuinely continue to enjoy this show. I even mentioned it as a favorite in my January Wrap-Up, because it just brings me so much joy! I love getting to know these characters and truly hope there’ll be more seasons!

The Cleaning Lady (Season 1)

Arman and Thony just have such fire chemistry, it’s not fair! We’re really all out there rooting for those two, even though it would be nothing but drama!

Abbott Elementary (Season 1)

Nothing new to add, still super stellar!

Pivoting (Season 1)

I’m always on the verge of dropping it, but then I watch it anyway. The cheating storyline makes no sense to me. Just get a divorce!

Promised Land (Season 1)

Still very interested in it as a whole, but I have mixed feelings about some of the storylines. There’s definitely a couple that I enjoy following more than others, but I’m generally confused about what information the kids have about their parents. Watching the show, everything going on in the past seems pretty predictable, but they seem oblivious to a lot of it.

Call Me Kat (Season 2)

I love Oscar and I don’t see how they can go the Miranda route with him, because he is the best boyfriend.

Euphoria (Season 2)

I didn’t like Season 1, I’m not particularly liking Season 2 either, although this one feels even more disconnected. I’ve stopped paying attention a little bit and mostly just look out for scenes with my faves …

Superman and Lois (Season 2)

Tyler Hoechlin is doing a great job these past episodes! I’m really liking the direction they’re going with Bizzaro. Not so much a fan of the cult story though? I don’t think Lois necessarily did something wrong. It doesn’t matter what people see/experience when they’re taking drugs, this is still not a healthy environment. She was right about that.

Lastly, not a fan of Jon taking the X-K. I hope it just awakens his latent Kryptonian side and he’s not going to become an addict.

Nancy Drew (Season 3)

Look, this was Nace dream come true, but where’s my Season 4 renewal!?!?!

9-1-1: Lone Star (Season 3)

Please, I’m so glad we’re done with ice storm now and can move on!


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I have not watched any movies. I’ve just revisited numerous clips of Encanto, which still easily manages to make me cry.

What have you been watching? Are you into any of the weekly shows I mentioned? Let’s chat!