Kat’s Weekly TV & Movie Recap #6

With it having been Valentine’s Day, I really leaned into content targeted at women as well as romance stories. So, you’ll definitely find a lot of that this week!

Also, here’s your reminder to please beware of Spoilers in the upcoming TV sections! As I’m talking about the shows as they air, I might mention plot points etc. which you might not want to know about if you haven’t caught up yet. I won’t, however, put anything in bold that’s a huge reveal! I’m also trying to stay vague in general, but the comments are free game!


Dollface (Season 2)

I hadn’t realized just how much I had missed the show until I had it back for season 2! Truth be told, I binge stuff way too quickly sometimes and with episodes that aren’t that long, I just fly through shows. Somehow, I don’t have the ability to really savor these kind of things and then I’m sad it’s over – BUT the season was great!

Just like last time, they really know how to take away the focus from romantic relationships (without disregarding that they are a part of many people’s lives) and really showed the struggle of going on 30 and still not having found yourself. I feel like I’m the exact target audience in terms of age and where I’m at in life – this show just kind of speaks to me. I sincerely do hope we get so see more!

(also, I like the actor who plays Fender – he was great on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – but I’m sad the Matthew Gray Gubler situation didn’t pan out …)


Bel-Air (Season 1)

I was really undecided on whether this would be for me or not. Like so many of us, I grew up with the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and it has a special place in my heart, surrounded by loads and loads of nostalgia. It’s hard to “reboot” a classic like that, but they turned this into a drama with episodes almost an hour long and totally won me over! The actors are all doing an amazing job with their characters and I’m fully invested after only three episodes. I do wish Carlton was a bit more likable, because for now, I cannot stand him for the life of me, but I’m guessing there’s more backstory to come.

The Afterparty (Season 1)

Okay, wasn’t it HILARIOUS that they called the last episode “High School” instead of “Walt”. That man cannot get a break and ist just utterly forgettable to this group of people. Even the show creators didn’t give him any credit.

How I Met Your Father (Season 1)

WE ARE GETTING ANOTHER SEASON! I’m so utterly relieved that there’s more to come, because this first season is only 10 episodes and as they keep getting better each week, I just know that 10 is not enough.

The Cleaning Lady (Season 1)

How is this show SO intense!? The chemistry between Thony and Arman is just fire and she’s in so deep now. I wonder if the FBI pulled some strings to get her husband into the country? It would seem like something they’d do.

Promised Land (Season 1)

I don’t know whose side I’m supposed to be on with this show and it’s kind of irritating.

Euphoria (Season 2)

I GOT MY FEXI MOMENT! Them holding hands, laughing, crying and then singing “Stand by Me” together was a whole Valentine’s Day gift to me. I just know that things between them will get messed up next week, but I’m just gonna imagine him actually showing up in a tux with roses for her play. Thank you.

9-1-1: Lone Star (Season 3)

Judd not vibing with his son made me kind of sad, but I felt it was out of character for him to not have ANY common ground. Yeah, he is pretty stereotypical in his portrayal, but he can do things other than hunt, fish and eat meat?


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The Sky Is Everywhere

I have not read the book, so I have no way of comparing it, but I enjoyed the movie. It’s definitely rushed in parts and super quirky and corny, but it has a lot of heart and I 100% cried. I love stories that focus on sibling-relationships and grief, so this was basically my jam. I had some issues with the romantic relationships, just because there wasn’t enough time to build and resolve everything properly, but again, I didn’t dislike the movie. Ultimately a lot of it wasn’t grounded in reality and that kind of threw me off. It was overall very solid though.

I Want You Back

I love the cast of this movie so much! Whoever decided that Charlie Day and Jenny Slate should be the romantic leads was a genius! However, and I don’t know why that is, in the end it was only a solid but not overwhelmingly great watch for me. I liked the ending for the two main characters, but I would have wished for other relationships/friendships to have a different outcome. I was really rooting for the Noah/Peter bromance there.

Also, please, more movies with Manny Jacinto. Thank you.

Marry Me

This is where I out myself, because I just love all JLo romance movies. I really can’t remember a single one that I didn’t enjoy and she was so gorgeous in this one. Yes, you can debate on her chemistry with Owen Wilson, but I didn’t need it to be all sparks and fire – it exuded a lot of comfort for me. Also, I really enjoyed the soundtrack. I don’t think I’ll check out the comic book the movie is based on (the art style isn’t my thing), but I can see myself rewatching this.

What did you watch this past week? Did we match on anything? Let’s chat!