Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Feb 21-27/2022)

It has been quite a week, but I’m trying to stick to my routines as best as I can. So, without much pretext, here are the trailers I came across this week!


The Bad Guys

It just looks like fun.


Not sure about Leto in this role.

Rescued by Ruby

They definitely shot this in Vancouver.

Better Nate Than Ever

I don’t think I’m enough of a theater kid for this.

Bullet Train

I doesn’t tell you anything yet, but the movie could be super interesting.


I see Iwan Rheon, I click.

Ali & Ava

This could be really nice and beautiful, I think.

Black Crab

Okay, so this is about a post-apocalyptic war torn world, just as a heads up.


Deal with a demon, eh?

All My Friends Hate Me

I mean, the trailer kind of says it.

Measure of Revenge

Don’t know if it’s worth it to watch this just for Jake Weary.

Phoenix Rising

Documentary of the week.

TV Shows

The Man Who Fell to Earth

I have a strong urge to watch this! This is truly right up my alley!

Under the Banner of Heaven

Look, it’s Andrew Garfield AND Daisy Edgar-Jones. It’s like they knew who my favorites are.


Everyone raved about the book. I feel like I should read it.

Once Upon a Time … Happily Never After

I guess I could like this, but it also seems like a lot.

Upload (Season 2)

I’ve so been waiting for the return of this show. I hope it will be as engaging as the first season!

Did you spot something you would like to watch on here? Let’s chat!

12 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Feb 21-27/2022)

  1. I didn’t know Sebastian Yatra (Colombian singer) was going to be in a movie, and less a movie like Once Upon a Time … Happily Never After, but from the trailer, it already looks like he is going to be terrible in it. I’m tempted to watch it just to laugh at how bad is going to be, but I probably won’t.

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    • Oh, thanks for letting me know that he’s a singer! I don’t think I knew anyone from that trailer. The show looks like a lot. I kind of wanna try watching it, but at the same time, it’s unlikely that it’s going to be great haha

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  2. It’s so weird to see Grant Gustin doing anything other than musicals and The Flash hahahah

    P.S. I wanted to let you know that (for various and maybe obvious reasons) I’m transitioning to a new blog that would be mine alone as of today (later today actually, when I post my monthly wrap-up) and I wanted to let you know beforehand. Since I cherished our interactions for the past years, I’d love it if you’d follow me there going forward (blog isn’t up yet though). You can decide on remaining a follower of Bookidote but, on my end, for a couple of weeks, I might only cross-post my stuff until I’m ready to drop Bookidote completely. 😀

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