Kat’s Weekly TV & Movie Recap #8

I definitely was in a specific kind of mood this past week, which you will see reflected in the movie section especially. I’ll warn you right away that I might not always be able to find English trailers or at least some with subtitles. It is what it is …


Euphoria (Season 2)

So, the season is finally over – how do we feel? I, for one, have no desire to wait for more episode until freaking 2024. In general, I have a super weird relationship with this show, because I. just. don’t. like. it. Gen Z kids can tell me that their school is like that all they want, but it’s just too much. The constant trauma, the explicit content, I don’t want to see it and I feel like the show should is 100% not made for teens.

Yes, there’s some interesting characters and I latched on to Lexi and Fez pretty heavily, but they were still screwed over. You can be the most “wholesome” character on the show and still get paid dust. Also, you can just see who the showrunner favors or wtf else happened to Kat?

Ugh, I just knew a lot of the things that happened in the finale would happen and I’m still mad.


The Afterparty (Season 1)

Getting a bit of backstory on the detective who was actually supposed to run the case was interesting. They better find a way to help Aniq, cause it’s looking bad for him.

How I Met Your Father (Season 1)

Meredith (played by Leighton Meester) showed up!!! And I got to see the kiss I wanted and … it’s going so well. Everything is kind of heading in the direction I feel was predictable, but I like that.

The Cleaning Lady (Season 1)

When Thony and Arman danced and they both had their eyes closed, who else was rooting for them? Still in shock that I want people to cheat, but they clearly have grown apart from their actual partners. Also, they keep saving each others lives.

Promised Land (Season 1)

Carmen and Matteo are my faves. That’s that!

Abbot Elementary (Season 1)

The whole episode Gregory hated pizza, (and really, who hates pizza?) but he would eat it without a single complaint if it meant he got to go out with Janine. HOW CUTE ARE THEY?

Superman & Lois (Season 2)

This last episode was directed by the OG pink power ranger – did you know!? It was shot so well and I think next episode is directed by Simmons from Agents of SHIELD. Anyway, really enjoying this season. It has a heavy focus on siblings and other halves and really takes its time with the characters. So well done!

9-1-1: Lone Star (Season 3)

What a freaking heartbreaker!!! I can’t believe they keep putting TK through the ringer like that.


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Okay, so I mostly watched German romcoms throughout the last week and I have no regret. They may be super predictable, but I like them and that’s what matters.

Generation Beziehungsunfähig/Commitment Phobia

This movie is about a womanizer, who’s also an author, but hasn’t published anything in a while. When his publisher threatens to drop him, his friend and him come up with a new book idea – it’s going to be about love, because love always sells. But Tim has never been in love, until he meets Ghost – a woman just as unwilling to commit to a relationship as him.

I loved the Cologne setting, the most chill film bunny ever and the actors. The movie didn’t invent anything new, but it was done alright. It might not become my new go to (that’s still Text for You or Hello Again), but I could see myself rewatching it eventually.

Mein Ende. Dein Anfang./Relativity

I found a trailer with subtitles! Yay me!

Okay, so this is not a comedy at all, but I enjoyed the movie. After a traumatic event, the timeline in which the movie is told splits into two streams, one moves forward one back. We learn about how things came to be where they were and how they’ll end. It was beautifully timey wimey, well acted and executed, despite you being able to guess the “twists”. Also, I just love Edin Hasanovic.

One Night Off

One Night Off was specifically made for Amazon and follows a young father as he has to take care of his 5 month old son alone for the first time. In theory, it has some really beautiful themes about parenthood, but they just went way too far sometimes with the ridiculous/annoying plotlines. It was the least favorite watch of the week, but it gets a plus for having Mia from Druck.

Rate Your Date (rewatch)

I really liked the movie when it released and wanted to see if it still held up. It’s not terrible, but it’s also not the best. The main four characters create a dating app together, that let’s people put their dates into categories, so that people know what to expect. In the beginning, all goes well as they are the ones that have created the categories, but to get an edge on the competition, they let users generate their own categories and a subplot of bullying and self-harm begins. I love the romance between the core four in the movie, but that subplot always makes me so anxious. I know they wanted to give it more depth or whatever, but they didn’t have the time to really handle it well and it doesn’t always sit right with me.

Isi & Ossi (rewatch)

Isi & Ossi is a Netflix movie that I liked, but I really blocked out some of the VERY inappropriate language and dialogue, it seems? Wow, some of it is so cringe, but other parts are actually funny? Well, it definitely lost a point among rewatch, but it’s not the worst. You just have to have low expectations.

Have you ever seen any of the stuff I mentioned? Do you sometimes have a phase, where you just watch movies from a certain country/genre?