Moon Knight: Episode 2 “Summon the Suit” Review

Yes, it’s Marvel Wednesday and I’m kind of late to the party and almost forgot this was happening, but here we are! Without further ado, let’s get talk about Moon Knight Spoilers ahead for episode 2 “Summon the Suit”!

credit: Marvel Studios

What was it about?

Steven Grant has to face the consequences of digging into the reasons behind his crumbling life. Will this newfound information free him or trap him even more?

My thoughts?

Okay, let’s dive right into it and talk about the episode at hand! I quite enjoyed this as a second episode. The storyline progressed, we got necessary information but without anything being an overload and there’s still plenty of secrets and plot to discover left. So, here comes the obligatory break-down:

  • We are back to Steven’s POV. He wakes up in his bed, but this time, he remembers what happened. He knows he didn’t just imagine things and when he gets to his place of work, there’s physical evidence of the struggle, albeit no helpful security footage.
  • It should come as no surprise that he gets fired, but I kind of like that the HR person seemed interested in his mental health and was trying to help him at least a little bit. Also, they didn’t press charges and he absolutely demolished part of the museum. That’s something, I suppose.
  • Now having some free time on his hands, Steven tracks down Marc’s storage locker to find weapons, money, a passport and the scarab everyone is after. When Marc tries to convince him to let go of the situation, let him take over to finish things, Steven just doubles down and runs away, colliding with Layla of all people.
  • It turns out that Layla is not just a mysterious figure from Marc’s past, but that she’s actually his wife, a badass adventurer and archaeologist in the midst of trying to divorce her man. Marc seemed to have tried his best to protect her from his reality, which explains why she is clueless about his dissociative identity disorder and doesn’t believe Steven to be a different persona. However, it doesn’t take long for us to see her resolve crumble. Steven is really good at being quite incompetent.
  • When two detectives show up at Steven’s door, Layla manages to hide (with the scarab), but he gets taken in by them. Instead of bringing him to a police station though, they are part of Harrow’s/Ammit’s followers and an interesting scene unfolds as Arthur frees Steven. The man is quite persuasive as he shows a formerly crime-ridden neighborhood living together peacefully, sharing knowledge and skillsets.
  • We learn that Arthur Harrow was previously Khonshu’s avatar, but is now devoted to Ammit and can no longer see or hear the deity. He also shows Steven the limits of Khonshu’s powers and that he cannot truly harm him, despite scaring him easily. You’d almost want to be part of the group if it weren’t for that little hitch where they kill people *before* they’ve done evil things, because they might at some point in the future, whereas Khonshu only deals out necessary justice for those who have done evil.
  • Ammit’s followers want the scarab because it leads to her tomb, but Steven doesn’t have it. Arthur Harrow was about to show what kind of powers his deity bestowed on him, when Layla shows up to save Steven. She still doesn’t realize that he doesn’t know how to summon the ceremonial Moon Knight suit and a fun sequence ensues, where he summons a two-piece suit instead. Eventually, he does have to let Marc take over for the fight though.
credit: Marvel Studios, side note: a version of this suit DOES exist in the comics, but the persona would be Mr. Knight
  • We end the episode with Harrow having the scarab, Layla having that knowledge and Marc in control of the body. Something has changed between him and Steven, the former barrier not there anymore and Steven now being able to watch Marc through mirrors, like a fly on the wall, as the former once did. He doesn’t necessarily want the body though, he only wants to do this last job to pay his debt to Khonshu (who saved him in the desert), but unfortunately, the deity threatens to pick Layla as his next avatar, if Marc gives up. Together, they travel to Egypt, where broken mirrors suggest that Steven did not shut up yet.

First things first, last week – briefly after I posted my review – I learned that Oscar Isaac is under no contractual obligation to continue portraying his character beyond the confines of this show. Basically, good for him for having an excellent manager/lawyer that looks after what their client wants and negotiates accordingly, but, potentially, bad for me and other Marvel fans, who would like to see this story and character involved in the grander scheme of the MCU. I’m not saying it won’t ever happen, but I don’t think you can plan long-term without having the security of an actor bound to the franchise.
So far, there has been no (obvious) hint at the rest of the MCU, but for a brief moment we saw an advert for the GRC (Global Repatriation Council), which was a huge part of the Falcon & the Winter Soldier narrative and is the first hint as to when the show takes place – aka after the Thanos snap.

MCU GRC advert on bus
credit: Marvel Studios

Other than that, I don’t know what might happen or not happen. I’m intrigued but still not 100% invested. I think I might be hesitating, because I prefer things to be connected and this might not be. I have my theories though, which are not canon, but I’ll gladly share:

  • Steven Grant keeps getting postcards from his mother, who never answers her phone and I’d like to think that Marc sent those from his missions. I feel like he really wants the best for Steven and even tried to secure him a date in the pilot episode.
  • As the credits were rolling, the artwork showed Steven/Marc splintered into multiple people and I don’t think that those are the only two personalities we will encounter. I think there’s at least one or two more.
  • Layla El-Faouly does not exist in the comics, she seems really cool though. If I were so inclined to really pull something out of thin air though … I might be persuaded to mention that there is a Layla Miller, who exists in the Marvel comics. Not to go into unnecessary detail, but she is a mutant and fairly important for the House of M storyline involving the Scarlet Witch … just saying …


What did you think of Moon Knight now that we’ve learned a bit more? Let’s chat!

7 thoughts on “Moon Knight: Episode 2 “Summon the Suit” Review

  1. You’re right, this was an excellent second episode, and it felt much more Marvel than the first episode (whatever that means). And I have to hand it to Aaron Moorehead and Justin Benson, the directors. I’m familiar with their work, so I’m glad to see they’re translating their unique brand of storytelling to Marvel so well. If you’re not aware, they tend to do a lot of science-horror type stories with powerful, god-like entities and physics-defying plot devices. Which, honestly, is very Marvel-ish.


  2. I really enjoyed this episode too! I loved the added action elements and mystery as well as the dynamic between Steven and Marc! For me though, I love the MCU as it’s all interlinked and Moon Knight seems like a very ‘going solo’ kinda character – so I’m interested to see how he’ll link to characters such as Blade!


    • It does seem very separated from it all, especially with Oscar Isaac not being contractually obliged to ever play the role again, whereas most MCU actors have a contract that requires them to reprise their characters for several years.

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