Trailers You Might Have Missed … (April 4-10/2022)

Turns out I’m a little bit confused today, but it is Sunday, so let’s dive into some new trailers. Without further ado – here we go!



I’m genuinely so excited for this one. It looks so cute.

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On

So weird, but so perfect. I want this movie in my life.

After 4: After Ever Happy

I still can’t quite fathom that there’s still so many movies/books to this.


Seems ridiculous, but like it could also be entertaining.

Operation Mincemeat

I honestly don’t remember if I already shared a teaser for this or not.


Former theater kids, eh?


From the title alone, I didn’t expect this to be horro and I don’t think I could watch this.

TV Shows

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

We’re really in a whole era of new Star Trek content.

The Baby

This is so sinister.

Outer Range

Weird how I like cowboy content already, but they just made it MORE enticing.

Hold Tight

Not sure the dubbed version is the best version.

Blood Sisters

Oh my, this is going to be intense, even if I’m not on board with all of the editing in the trailer.

Russian Doll (Season 2)


The Wilds (Season 2)

I’ve been waiting for this like crazy. The first season was so good (much like Russian Doll).

Barry (Season 3)

This is a show really high up on my list that I want to watch/binge someday.

Selling Sunset (Season 5)

I’m so happy it’s back soon. I just wish there was less Christine instead of more.

Animal Kingdom (Season 6)

It’s a really good show, but I’m glad they’re bringing it to a close.

Did you spot something you would like to watch once it releases? Let’s talk!

8 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (April 4-10/2022)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. Marcel the Shell with Shoes On: I remember this being a viral video back in high school. I can’t believe it’s actually been made into a movie all these years later! I probably won’t see it, but I bet it’ll do better than some films based on viral IPs that were released years after the initial fad (Slender Man movie *cough).
    2. Operation Mincemeat: This and Munich: On the Edge of War I have to find time to sit down and watch.
    3. Homebound: Sign me up! It’s got a real Turn of the Screw vibe to it, but hopefully it’s a better story than that was.
    4. The Baby: So weird. And I probably won’t watch it.


  2. I can’t wait for Animal Kingdom! I can’t believe it’s the last season, but I guess it does make sense. Oh, and I can’t even with those After movies. The first was horrible, but I expected that because of the books.

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