April 2022 Wrap-Up

April, true to its name, was a wild month for me. I really surprised myself with the amount of books I read, even though I’m still a couple books behind what I wanted to achieve. I’ve been working hard on getting ready for the next installment in the reading experiment series and I think hope you will all love it! Let’s take a look at some books I devoured:

  • One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid (4 stars)
  • In Watermelon Sugar by Richard Brautigan (1 star)
    Utter nonesense.
  • For Every One by Jason Reynolds (5 stars)
    So beautiful and timely for me, I broke out into tears.
  • Notes on Camp by Susan Sontag (3 stars)
    Not entirely applicable today anymore, but still interesting enough.
  • You Get So Alone at Times That It Just Makes Sense by Charles Bukowski (2 stars)
    A reread that didn’t work any better the second time around.
  • Essays in Love by Alain de Botton (2 stars)
    As much as I like de Botton’s style of writing, I do not vibe with his statements.
  • Love is a Mix Tape by Rob Sheffield (4 stars)
    A really beautiful tribute to a loved one.
  • My Policeman by Bethan Roberts (2.5 stars)
    Pretty iffy for the most part.

One True Loves In Watermelon Sugar For Every One Notes on Camp You Get So Alone at Times That it Just Makes Sense Essays In Love Love Is a Mix Tape: Life, Loss, and What I Listened To My Policeman

As per usual, click on the covers to get re-directed to Goodreads, where you are always welcome to add me as a reading buddy! OR find me on Storygraph, where I’m more active this year. My own reviews you’re able to find by clicking on the titles in the list above, if there are posts for them.

In terms of stats, I’m really on top of my reading goals and even have some leeway. However, and this is my predicament, I’m quite on a time crunch with three more books, which I sort of have to finish by May 15. I don’t know if I took on too much, but I’m going to try my best to get it done. Maybe the above list partly gives away who the reading experiment will be about, but I just cannot wait to actually share it with you!

Reading stats taken from The Storygraph App for my progress on my yearly reading goals


I’ve complained a lot these past months and you know what? I just don’t wanna do that anymore. April was full of surprises – some good, some bad – and that’s just how life goes sometimes. It wasn’t my most creative month in terms of blogging, writing or drawing, but I can feel that hunger coming back. That need to write down a story or capture an image in my own style. I’d say that’s a good sign and maybe if things calm down a little over the summer, I’ll get a chance to do more again.

Speaking of summer – I’ve made quite the plans for myself. I want to teach myself how to rollerskate! I know how to iceskate … in theory. I haven’t done it in a really long time, but I need to get back into finding activities to do outside. And while I really enjoy my regular trips to the zoo, as soon as the weather gets better it’s just packed and I have no desire to be among the masses. So … now I just need to find a shop that sells rollerskates here (harder than you might think), because I don’t want to order them online and gamble on the size fitting.


I hope you won’t mind that I’m continuing to share the top posts of the month, but I just want to thank everyone for hyping up archive posts and giving my content some longevity.

  1. The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab (Book Review)
    (originally posted in December 2020)
    I’d really love to know what makes this such an evergreen review, but I’m alright with it either way.
  2. Should YOU Read “The Atlas Six”? (What I learned from my reread!)
    (originally posted March 2022)
    It brings me so much joy that this post helps people decide whether The Atlas Six is a good fit for them!
  3. Are Sebastian Stan and I compatible (readers)?
    (originally posted August 2021)
    I’m assuming this is still an aftereffect of all the press for Pam & Tommy and Fresh?
  4. Something Different: Duskwood (Game)
    (originally posted June 2020)
    We’re all just patiently waiting for the release of the final chapter
  5. Are Pedro Pascal and I compatible (readers)?
    (originally posted December 2021)
    I think every time an actor has a new project out (taking a wild guess at it being “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent“), it brings more people to these kind of posts.


This VERY clearly has to go to Heartstopper! I cannot remember the last time I was so enarmored with a show and felt so happy watching it. At first, I was a bit worried that I might be too old for it and that it might hinder me from really getting into it, but I ended up just falling head over heels for the entire thing.

The main cast of the show Heartstopper
credit: Netflix

A lot of the time these days, queer representation in media is either super traumatic, dark and gritty or glorifies the coming out experience that is rare for most people in real life. With Hearstopper, it really felt like they balanced genuine struggles with wholesome and positive vibes. You knew not everything was going to be sunshine and rainbows all the time, but simultaneously, it had a precious and uplifting message. I’m glad kids growing up now get to see content like it. Also, I have officially adopted Nick Nelson as my fictional son. I’m sure his brother August Flynn will be happy to welcome him in the family.

Nick Nelson portrayed by Kit Connor
credit: Netflix, he’s just my fave!


Please also visit some fellow bloggers and share the love! Here are some posts I enjoyed in the past month:





I hope you all a lovely and not too wild April! Here’s to a brilliant May ahead of us!

27 thoughts on “April 2022 Wrap-Up

  1. I’m living off of all the praise Heartstopper is recieving, no joke. Thanks for including my post on it 🧡 Love the mix of books you read (and I confess I laughed with that In Watermelon Sugar rating). I’ve been kinda interested in reading My Policeman and now that you said it’s iffy I’m even more curious to see what it’s all about hmmm

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats on reading so many books, there was definitely a mix of ratings though. I’m excited to see your next experiment 🤩 I haven’t heard too much about For Every One but I will have to read it now!!
    Best of luck with reading those three books by your deadline. I have been trying to read 4 physical books a month and now I am 4 mins into May and can safely say I failed that for April 😅
    Best of luck with rollar skating and I hope you find those skates. I’ve only done it twice before but I really enjoyed it!
    Thank youuu so much for sharing my post!! I am so happy you liked it ❤️❤️
    Have a wonderful and creative May 🥰


    • Thank you, Sophie 🥰 For Every One is a poem, so it’s just a short book, but it really hit home with me.
      Ahaha I’ve often only read one book per month, but I’m on a massive time crunch now. I need to get a post out before a certain date, so I need to read, read, read.
      I hope you have a wonderful May as well!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Is your next reading experiment about Styles? Cos… I added a few of the books you’ve read to my TBR cos I saw that they were his faves and now I might be ready to take them off again because I feel like I might feel the same way as you do about them? 😂 I’m kinda bummed about My Policeman though cos that sounded really interesting! And I think Heartstopper is on everyone’s fave list in April. It is such a fantastic show and the soundtrack is also absolutely chefs kiss! I hope you have a wonderful May!


    • I don’t know what could have possibly given that away 😂😂😂 If you are willing to wait a little longer, I should have the post up in good time before the new album release. I hope people will enjoy it, even if I have some critical words to say about most of the books.
      Agreed on all accounts about Heartstopper! Have a great May!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ooh good luck on Rollerskating! I’m excited for the Moon Knight finale, it’s not necessarily my genre of show but it’s getting so interesting. Heartstopper was amazing, and I’m also super excited for Dr Strange!


  5. I absolutely ADORED Heartstopper! I never read the webcomic, but somehow got into the mood for it around the time the show premiered, so I read it all in two days and then jumped right into the show. Like you, I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it and that I’d be too old for it, but I ended up LOVING it literally from the very first scene. I’ve since started to rewatch it – I’m nearly at the end again! – and I’m really-really hoping we’ll get more seasons. Best of luck with the roller skating! I can’t roller skate (or ice skate, lmao), but I hope you’ll have fun with it! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so happy that everyone loves Heartstopper! It deserves all the love for sure and I’m totally with you on wanting more seasons. It’s so precious, it has my whole freaking heart!
      And thank you! There’s definitely going to be some trial and error, but I need an activity that’s going to get me out of the house haha


  6. I’m loving all the Heartstopper love! I binged the show in one afternoon and it really filled part of that queer media shaped hole in my soul because I didn’t get to watch shows like that when I was a confused queer teenager! I’m loving that we’re slowly getting more mainstream queer rep. I wish you all the best with your rollerskating adventure! I always see people on Instagram with their skates and it looks so fun, my poor balance and fear and falling could never lmao. Here’s to a magical May!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I completely hear you on the queer media rep! I love that this new generation gets to see more of it and really wholesome and just sweet and cute content too, not just the dark and grim warnings.
      Thanks! I’ll probably fall a lot. I used to go horseback riding when I was younger and I definitely fell one too many times and quit, so we shall see how long I can stick to this activity if it goes super bad haha I would like to eventually learn how to skate dance (like ice dancing, but on skates), so I’m really determined to make it work.


  7. You managed to read SO many books this month, honestly this is amazing and I admire you so much for it. I’m happy you enjoyed this Taylor Jenkins Reid’s book. I love all of her work so much.
    Excited for your rollerskating projects and your eventual summer writing projects? Always rooting for you! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Looks like you had a great reading month (even though you didn’t quite enjoy everything) 💕 I really need to read more Taylor Jenkins Reid (I did read Daisy Jones in April!), so I’m glad that you liked One True Loves 🥰 (my mind wants to say it’s called One True Lovers but that’s not the right title 😂)

    Best of luck with your rollerskating project! I learned it when I was younger but that was ages ago 😄 Thank you so much for sharing my post! I hope you have a great April ❤️


    • Some books weren’t even 100 pages long, but I’m still glad I got so much in. It’s going very slow now …
      One True Loves as a title will make perfect sense when you read it! 🙂
      Hope you have a great May!

      Liked by 1 person

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