Trailers You Might Have Missed … (May 30-June 5/2022)

Who would have thought, but it’s my 9-year-blogiversary today!? Well, technically I signed up on WordPress 9 years ago, I think this particular blog was created a little bit afterwards and I’ve archived a lot of posts by now, so there’s no traces of it anymore. Anyway, there’s something celebratory coming up for that, today we talk about trailers!


Love & Gelato

Netflix is here to adapt all the cute YA books and I love that, but I’m also waiting for the day Anjelika Washington won’t play the cool bestie but the lead instead.

Anything’s Possible

A romance movie for a black trans girl – here for it! It looks so incredibly cute!

The Princess

I wish I liked Joey King more, because the concept is awesome.

The Man from Toronto

I don’t know if I find it funny …

American Carnage

Well, this turned bad quick.


Looks great.

The Menu

This is so wild. I have no idea what I’ve just watched. I don’t think Anya Taylor-Joy will ever be able to just do a super lighthearted movie.


I’m just not … into all the live action Disney remakes? I haven’t watched most of them and the ones I’ve seen left me utterly bored?

TV Shows

The Summer I Turned Pretty

SOON! There were quite a few changes made from the source material, so I hope it’s better than the books?

Gotham Knights

I can’t with how bad this looks. It gives off Riverdale vibes and I hate that for DC.


Loving the look of this.

The Bear

Kinda into it, although I don’t know if the vibe really suits a show. How many seasons can this narrative provide?

Rutherford Falls (Season 2)

Didn’t realize that enough people watched Season 1.

Animal Kingdom (Season 6)

It really is ending. I think that’s for the better, but still sad to part with these criminals.

Do you plan on watching any of the things mentioned here today? Let’s talk!

3 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (May 30-June 5/2022)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. The Princess: this looks like a lot of fun.
    2. The Menu: Anya Taylor-Joy is becoming quite the scream queen. Also, this looks right up my alley.
    3. Pinocchio: Who asked for this? And how did they get Tom Hanks to play Gepetto? Did they bribe him or blackmail him? Either way, they need to stop with the celebrity-filled, totally unnecessary live action remakes!
    4. Gotham Knights: Okay, I’m actually digging the vibe of this. Not where I would have expected Carrie Kelly to get her first live-action iteration, but I’ll take it. And it’s honestly not the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen DC produce. That would be The Dark Knight Strikes Again.


    • The Princess: I just really don’t vibe with Joey King as an actress, which doesn’t bode well for this movie for me. It’s shame, because as you said, the concept seems fun.
      Gotham Knights: You’re literally the only one I know who isn’t against this show. The video game of the same title had to publicly distance themselves from the show, because it was so bad haha


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