Ms. Marvel: Episode 2 “Crushed” Review

It’s Marvel Wednesday and you all know what that means. Toady we’re here to talk about Ms. Marvel’s second episode “Crushed”! Spoilers ahead from here on out!
a close up of Kamala Khan's face with her eyes shimmering with cosmic light
credit: Marvel Studios

What was it about?

Kamala doesn’t just learn how to use her powers, but also new and confusing information about her family’s past.

My thoughts?

Ms. Marvel continues to be a visual joy and fun adventure as we dive deeper into Kamala’s powers and her family history. I really enjoy the way they tried to incorporate her and her friends’ and family’s cultural and religious identity. There’s often not a lot of space for this kind of exploration in superhero stories, but I love to see it given space here. Much like last week, I don’t think it’s necessary to detail every scene, but rather recap in short what happened in the episode instead. Kamala learned to use her new powers, which raised her confidence level by like a 100%, making her catch the eye of new student Kamran. We get a jealous Bruno, who has a weighty decision of his own to make (please, don’t decline an early immersion program at CalTech), bonding time with best friend Nakia and family revelations about Kamala’s great-grandmother Aisha. Visions of the past, events that happened during the Partition of India, plague Kamala and make her lose focus during an emergency, almost getting her caught by the Department of Damage Control in the process, weren’t it for someone unexpected.
Little side-detail: When Kamran and Kamala talk about Bollywood legends, they cringe about the fact that his mother still has a crush on Kingo Senior – a direct reference to Kingo from the Eternals. A movie, which up to date, as not been tied to many properties.
Kamala and Kamran sitting across from each other talking about Bollywood and smiling
credit: Marvel Studios
They’re really doing their best to incorporate what we think of as her “stretchy powers” with this new version of abilities, but it’s still not the same to me. It’s fun and nice to look at, but I was kind of looking forward to a different set of training being necessary. Anyway, the thing I will continue to praise for this show is the editing and directing department. The dialogue and acting is fun and quirky, but it’s the aesthetic and the transitions that make it so unique. It’s really adding such a great element to the viewing experience. Okay, so this is the point where I come in with a fun fact, which is that Vol. 3 of the Ms. Marvel comics was also titled “Crushed”. But don’t let that fool you, that’s not where the similarities end. Instead, I’m going to list all the things I noticed. It’s probably best you skip the following section if you don’t want to know any of the blatant comic book similarities and where that might take us in the story!
  • Bruno, the little genius, noticed that the powers did not come from the bangle, as we and Kamala suspected, but from within her instead. She immediately asked if that meant she was related to aliens like the Asgardians. In the comics, Kamala is an Inhuman, which have yet to become canon in the MCU (we do not talk about the show of the same title). Funny enough, the first issue of vol. 3 the comic does feature Loki though.
  • Bruno and Kamala’s “will they/won’t they” is also a big part of the volume. Our boy has it bad for Kamala and jealousy is natural.
  • Kamran’s introduction, you guessed it, happened in Vol. 3 as well. By that time, Kamala already knew about her Inhuman heritage, but she didn’t know about a faction of opposite Inhumans, who would try to recruit her. Kamran’s deception was no fun and she wasn’t having any of it, which made him turn to rather evil practices. I don’t know where they are going with Kamran’s show counterpart, because I don’t want to label him as evil just yet, but I’m definitely going to in with eyes wide open.
Nakia, Bruno and Kamala standing in the cafeteria with their lunch trays
credit: Marvel Studios
Overall, this episode was an easy and fun watch. The Department of Damage Control already feels like a judgy nuisance I’m going to hate, but I hope they don’t turn out to just be the antagonists of the season. I’m very interested in Kamala’s dormant inherited powers and her family history, that seems to be where most of the show’s lore will be focused on. Until next week, then!


What did you think of the first episode? Did you enjoy it?

11 thoughts on “Ms. Marvel: Episode 2 “Crushed” Review

  1. I had a lot of fun with this episode, and I liked how Kamala’s first outing as a superhero didn’t entirely go right. That’s going to be a lesson for her to help her grow as a young superhero. And they made the Inhumans part of the MCU in Doctor Strange 2, didn’t they?


  2. I really enjoyed this episode – again, I totally agree about how the aesthetic of the show is also a major part of its uniqueness and success as well as the dialogue! The addition of the Partition along with the inherited bangle will be very intriguing and will probably touch a lot of Pakistani family hearts if they have a partition story too!
    I think this show will be the way they introduce inhumans to the MCU, I’ve read Volume 3 and I’m pretty sure Kamran is also an inhuman working for Lineage so I wonder if they’ll touch on that in the show, but maybe they’re going in a different direction after the ending about his mother!
    They’ve definitely left me wanting more 😆

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    • I think I looked up Kamala’s grandma and she was mentioned in the comics as well as the Partition, but I definitely think they are expanding on it here quite a bit. I’m looking forward to where we’re going.

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