Ms. Marvel: Episode 3 “Destined” Review

It’s Marvel Wednesday and today that doesn’t just come with a review for Ms. Marvel’s third episodeDestined“! but also a little announcement from me. Spoilers ahead from here on out!

credit: Marvel Studios

What was it about?

Kamala’s new acquaintances need her help, while her hands are full with her brother’s wedding and the looming presence of the Department of Damage Control.

My thoughts?

I know I sound like a broken record, but I continue to have a blast with the show. It has a very engaging narrative and awkwardly sweet characters to go with it. While I think the visual effects of say text messages etc. have been toned down since the pilot, it still has a very vibrant and distinct look. The stakes are getting higher and each week, I’m looking forward to where we go next.

Interesting info: While “Crushed” was the title of Vol. 3 of the Ms. Marvel Comics, “Destined” was the title of Vol. 1 of Ms. Marvel by Saladin Ahmed. I haven’t yet checked out the new writer, but thought it was interesting that they stuck to episode titles that reflected those of comic volumes.

To recap, what happened this episode? Kamala learned about where her powers potentially stem from through a group of people, who knew her great-grandmother during the Partition. At the same time, the Department of Damage Control keeps showing up at the mosque and at family events to find “Night Light” (which is Kamala’s superhero name for now, not by choice – obviously). It all comes to a head at Kamala’s brother’s wedding, when the group shows up after Kamala expressed hesitation to help them due to it involving a lot of danger. People get hurt, feelings also don’t remain undamaged and finally, Kamala gets a call from her grandmother in India, saying she needs to come to Karachi.

credit: Marvel Studios

Now, I do have thoughts on the whole episode, but actually very little knowledge on what’s actually going on. They didn’t just change Kamala’s powers, but her entire origin story – which is not a bad thing, just stating it as a fact – so I have no clue what comes next. Either way, here are some of the things swirling through my mind after watching “Destined”:

  • I know I keep shouting out Bruno, because I love that little genius, but I really have to give it to Nakia. She’s a boss girl and I adore her and love it so much that she got a seat as a board member at her mosque. I hope she will come to accept Kamala having powers and won’t be too mad, now that she has found out about it.
  • Speaking of Kamala’s powers and her origin – I know that Djinns exist in the MCU, but I have never heard of the Noor dimension or Djinns within this universe in the way they are portrayed here. I don’t know if that was a misdirect to tug at Kamala’s heartstrings or just something to incorporate her culture more, but I think it’s fair to say that she likely won’t turn out to be Inhuman at this point. However, I have no frame of reference within the MCU to know for sure.
  • I’m pretty sure we aren’t supposed to root for the Department of Damage Control (and I’m definitely not), but they just seem like such a useless nuisance. Obviously, I don’t want them to catch Kamala, but they let a teenager escape twice already at this point. Also, the disrespect they showed at the mosque? I was so glad Nakia stood up to them, even though she shouldn’t have to. I just feel like they are bad at their job.
  • When Kamala asks Bruno for help with the Noor dimension and all that, I really gotta commend that boy’s research skills. He always finds the exact right stuff and manages to sneak in references to other movies and shows. This time he mentioned Dr. Erik Selvig, who we originally know from Thor!
  • The dance at the wedding was one of the best things ever.
  • Last week, I said that I hoped Kamran wouldn’t turn out to be evil, because that would feel very cliché and one-dimensional. I’m very glad I was right in that he isn’t. His mother and her group sure are, but he warned Kamala, he fought against his “family” – I think he’s still good in my book.
credit: Marvel Studios

Lastly, I said I would have a little (but important) announcement and here it comes: This will be my last weekly review of Ms. Marvel. It has absolutely nothing to do with the show, which I enjoy very much, but simply the fact that writing these weekly recaps doesn’t bring me joy anymore. I always feel pressured to knock them out super fast after the release, even though there’s sometimes other things I’d rather do. Also, I don’t feel like I can add any additional insight into the show. Most of the references are fairly obvious anyway. I might talk about the show once it’s done, but no more single episode recaps, I’m afraid.


What did you think of the latest episode? Did you enjoy it?

9 thoughts on “Ms. Marvel: Episode 3 “Destined” Review

  1. I really liked this episode, especially Kamala getting all this encouragement from the trusted adults around her, whether they know it or not. I hope next week we get to see her superhero costume. And I hope Nakia does try to help Kamala. They have such fun chemistry.

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  2. Kat, just landed on your blog and enjoying it very much. Excellent reviews on the Ms. Marvel’s to-date, and while you aren’t planning on going forward with the weekly ones, I’ll be interested to see your thoughts once this season has concluded.


  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the cultural elements of this episode! Also don’t worry about it, just write what brings you joy – and we will be more than happy to read it! 😆

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