Kat’s Weekly TV & Movie Recap #23

I’ve been changing my mind about this like a million times now, but I think that switching this series of posts to Friday is the move for me. It’s still going to be weekly, but I might adjust it to my work/life schedule and post on either Thursday or Friday – depending on which is more convenient. Hope everyone can live with that, because I still have shows and movies to talk about. You can always bet on that!


ExU: Calamity (limited campaign)

Okay, at this point in time, I think it’s very obvious that I’m just completely engrossed in the world of Critical Role. Last week, the finale of ExU: Calamity aired and IT WRECKED ME! I was seriously not okay, because I sobbed (like, legit ugly cried) through at least two hours of the thing.

The special thing about Calamity is that it’s a prequel. We all knew what the outcome would be, we knew that this would have consequences for this world that are felt centuries later still. It was obviously going to be sad, but what a sad, sad hoot it ended up being! I cannot express enough how amazing these characters were. Their hubris and inevitable fate and yet we still all got attached to them from minute one. Brennan Lee Mulligan was always a force to be reckoned with, but he outdid himself as GM in this one.

I AM STILL BLOWN AWAY! It’s one of the best campaigns I’ve ever watched.

The Summer I Turned Pretty (Season 1)

I’m so glad this show already got renewed for a second season!

I should probably start this by saying that I never read the books, but from what I gathered, they changed and updated quite a bit for the show and I personally loved it. The characters are mostly teens and they are hella messy, but it’s easier to forgive at that age.

The dynamic between the characters was so well done and I especially loved how much it hinged on the familial aspect as well. The mothers were a true joy to watch in this series. It also just had so much heart and really had me and my friends dissolved into tears at a couple instances. I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself (don’t want to spoil it, so I won’t say what part exactly made me tear up), but I should really stop watching/reading about a topic that hits way too close to home.

Also, this show had the perfect amount of Taylor Swift songs. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

The Umbrella Academy (Season 3)

I’m not going to lie, I have mixed feelings about this season.

On the one hand, I loved the additions of the Sparrows and think they handled Viktor’s coming out really well. I was so here for the family love and acceptance. However, they did Allison so dirty and I can’t get over that. She used to be one of the best characters and while her spiraling and anger was completely justified, I struggle a lot with the actions the writers pushed on her character. It’s some bad stuff …

Anyway, this was not my favorite season, but also just a lengthy set up for season 4. I hope they do get renewed, because I just want a clean ending at some point or another.


Ms. Marvel (Season 1)

You can find a full review of the third episode here.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Season 1)

What an interesting change of pace! I loved seeing the characters portray such different personalities and that our Doc got his own storyline. It was really beautiful.

Superman & Lois (Season 2)

I’m kind of starting to get over this season. It all seems so doom and gloom and I don’t like that as much.

Roswell, New Mexico (Season 4)

There was a Maria plot line, so yay me! However, Gregory is nowhere to be seen and while I love Dallas, I really wanted her and Greg Manes to be the endgame.


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Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

This movie is very conversation heavy and could have likely been performed as a play as well, but it’s not boring to look at as a movie at all! Sometimes, I do think that certain stories are better suited for a stage than the screen, but it worked out well here.

I absolutely love this sexual exploration for an older woman and especially one portrayed by Emma Thompson. I’ve never not enjoyed watching her performances, so she’s a treat in general, but then … enter Daryl McCormack. It’s honestly not fair how beautiful this man is, because he is almost distracting in his beauty. His hypnotic eyes, the way he speaks and moves – chef’s kiss – casting for this role.

Did you watch any of the things I mentioned or do you plan to? Let’s talk about that!