Trailers You Might Have Missed … (June 20-26/2022)

I wish I had had more bookish content to offer during the past weeks, but all my free time is sucked up by Critical Role and I don’t feel like apologizing for that. It’s something to keep me sane these days. However, I would never forget about our weekly trailer show, so let’s get started!


Honor Society

This is my kind of movie and I’m not sorry.

Not Okay

100% going to watch because of the cast.

White Bird: A Wonder Story

Wonder was such a lovely movie, this is going to be heartfelt for sure as well. It looks like they mixed the Julian Chapter and White Bird here.


I don’t know why, but it gives me Pitch Perfect, but about gaming vibes?


I mean … the title alone let me know that I wasn’t gonna get a cute Bill Skarsgard romance movie, but the beginning sequence reassures me in my believe that he’d be very good in that genre.

Gone in the Night

I see Winona Ryder, I click.

Queen of Glory

This looks like a really good movie, I also love that a bookshop is involved.

Purple Hearts (Clip)

Not sure military movies (romance or otherwise) are my thing, but I’d watch this for Sofia Carson.

Zombies 3

I still can’t believe it got so many sequels.

Lyle Lyle Crocodile

So … Shawn Mendes is voicing a crocodile?

My Old School

Interesting way to do a documentary.

TV Shows

The Longest Night

Pretty sure there was a movie with the same title, but not sure they were about the same thing.

The Lazarus Project

Time travel messes are always my jam.

Five Days at Memorial

I think this is actually based on a fictional novel rather than actual events?

Trying (Season 3)

I keep meaning to watch this show and I haven’t yet.

Stranger Things (Season 4, Vol. 2)

I’m genuinely worried that a character I adore is going to die. I know, at some point, a main character likely will have to perish, I just don’t want it to be any of my particular faves. If this trailer is foreshadowing, I’m gonna be pissed and I’m gonna remind Sean Levy of a certain interview he gave a while ago.

What We Do In the Shadows (Season 4)

I know this show has always been beloved, but I love the attention it is getting because of the popularity of Our Flag Means Death.

Do you plan on watching any of the things mentioned? Let’s talk!

11 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (June 20-26/2022)

  1. Kat, just finished the Stranger Things season 4 episodes (avoided all spoilers) and I agree…I got a b-a-d feeling about the potential of losing someone (or someones). Enjoying the horror of it all, and looking forward to Friday’s release of the final parts of the puzzle that is season 4.”I see Winona Ryder, I click.” – made me laugh out loud when I read that. I agree.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thoughts:
    1. Barbarian: Looks really freaky.
    2. Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile: Why is this set in New York? Yes, alligators in the sewers is a popular rumor there, but everyone knows Florida is where gators and crocs would get along with humans! Hell, some Floridians feed crocs steak from pond edges or in their own kitchens! I’ve seen videos of it. Also, I don’t think this will do well, but what do I know?
    3. My Old School: Well, that was really weird. I had no idea that Brandon Lee was a thing.


  3. “all my free time is sucked up by Critical Role” is such a mood haha! I always have phases of basically consuming nothing but CR and I totally agree, it definitely helps keep me sane! 1UP really feels like Pitch Perfect lol but I’m probably going to watch it because those kinds of movies scratch a particular itch in my brain!

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    • Critical Role has become my everything at the moment, only really disrupted with some Dimension 20 clips every now and then haha it’s becoming ridiculous, but once I have a phase like that, it lasts quite a while.

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