This or That: Comparing English/American & German Book Covers! #2

Not too long ago, I compared book covers from different countries and you all seemed to really enjoy that. Therefore, I’m bringing this feature back and hope you all enjoy another round of pitching UK/US covers against German ones.

Obviously these are all my own, very subjective opinions! BUT I’d love nothing more than to hear your thoughts in the comments below, because the discussions were a lot of fun last time around. Also, as a little heads up, I don’t actually know which covers are from the US or the UK – I just either pick the one I own or see the most.


a face made of stars with their eyes closed only the title of the book written in white all caps below it - "Sleeping Giants"       The cover is white with one robotic eye with a light blue iris. The black font takes up most of the space saying "Giants - Sie sind erwacht"

The Themis Files are one of my all time favorite Science Fiction series and I’m the proud owner of the hardcover copies, which I will gladly display on my shelf. The stars are actually all made to look shiny and silver and it’s such a treat to look at.

The German cover however … WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? First of all, “Giants – They have awoken” (which is the translated title of “Giants – Sie sind erwacht” sound so incredibly menacing and that message is just underlined with the cover. It completely loses the whimsy and curious feeling of wanting to explore space and discover who might else be out there. All the German cover gives me is evil robot vibes.

Right out of the gate, I have to hand this to the UK/US cover! So much more beautiful!

Read my review of Sleeping Giants here.


A girl, who's face we cannot see, is riding a bike on a beach. The cover text says "Along for the Ride" in dark blue and "Sarah Dessen" in a lighter blue font     You can see the bare feet of a girl who is sitting on a washing machine and the back of a boy in jeans and a dark blue shirt. The title says "Because of you" in the curve of the washing machine door in red font and "Sarah Dessen" in orange font

In terms of the themes shown on the covers, both versions of Along for the Ride are valid. If you’ve read the book, you know that it ties into the story either way, but I have to admit that this isn’t an entirely fair fight. The cover on the left is a recently updated version, due to the release of the Netflix adaptation a couple months ago. While the original version from the 2010s still shows a girl on a bike, it has the same “outdated” look as the cover on the right.

I’m not super mad about the “German” cover, especially considering from when it is, but I’m definitely confused about the title change. Why choose something English, but not the original title? Sure, I know that they worry about people understanding it and “Because of you” is easier, but it still feels like an incredibly odd choice and not as fitting.

As I said, it wasn’t fair to begin with, but this one goes to the UK/US one again, just because it looks fresher.

Read my review of the Along for the Ride and the comparison to the movie here.


a cubic looking red bird is mirrored by a blue one. The title of the book is "This Is How You Lose the Time War"       The background is a dark blue, on the right upper corner are blue leaves with geometrically placed light blue dots. On the lower left corner is a branch of deep red berries. The title of the book is "Verlorene der Zeit"

This Is How You Lose the Time War is a unique book and I can see the struggle of having to encapsulate that in a cover. I enjoy the simple background and the fractured birds from the English language cover, but I also understand the thought process behind the German one.

They once again chose to change the title, which would mean “Lost ones in time” if you translated it. Personally, I prefer the wittiness and the promise that comes with the original English title more. The one the German publisher chose makes me think about stranded people, rather than a complex story about how love can topple the best of plans.

This is very much a personal preference, but I’m once again here for the English language cover.

Read my review of the book here.


a blue and green landscape of a small mountain town with figures skating on a frozen lake to play hockey. The title says "Beartown" in large white font that partially gets hidden by the tree line       a blue and green landscape of a small town. The title of the book is "Kleine Stadt der großen Träume", which means "Small town of big dreams"

Sometimes changes can be much more subtle, but still impact a lot. At first glance, these two covers are obviously very similar, but again … curious choices from the German publisher.

For those of you who don’t know, Beartown is a book about a Swedish High School hockey team that is about to make it big and help out the entire town with their success. The original cover has the hints of boys playing hockey right there, but because the German publisher amped up the saturation and made the green color more prevalent, it now looks like a small town with a field of grass rather than a frozen lake.

This is one of the few occasions where I’m actually fine with the translated title though. “Small town of big dreams” makes a lot of sense in this context. I’m going to say this is a tie, despite me actually leaning more towards the original cover.

Read my review of Beartown here.


the background looks like a light wooden floor, with crushed pink flowers strewn on it. The title "It ends with us" by "Colleen Hoover" is written in a slightly darker pink than the flowers are colored over the entirety of the cover      

It Ends With Us is the only Colleen Hoover book I’ve read, but since it’s having its renaissance on TikTok/BookTok, I thought I could feature it as well. To begin with, the German title translates to “Just one last time”, which fits the novel still, but conveys a very different message to the original title in my mind.

Again, these covers aren’t super different from one another and yet … the UK/US one just looks better. There’s something about the German one that makes it seem cheap, maybe it’s the white background, maybe it’s the changed font for the author’s name? I don’t know, but my vote goes to the English cover again.

Read my review of the book here!

That’s it, you’ve made it! The UK/US covers are the obvious winners! I don’t even need to tally the exact points. I really tried to put more effort into finding good German covers this time around, but somehow they keep disappointing me. Maybe I’ll have more luck next time?

What did you think of the revival of this feature? Would you like to see more comparisons in the future? Let’s chat!

14 thoughts on “This or That: Comparing English/American & German Book Covers! #2

  1. This is a great idea for a post. I do agree all the UK/US ones “win.” For round 1, I do like the German cover an awful lot, but as you said it didn’t align with the book. For round 3, again I felt the German cover had a really solid look but again…didn’t represent the book as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for checking out the post! Yeah, in the end it’s not just about aesthetics, but also if it can deliver a promise that the story can then fulfill and sometimes these German covers just didn’t do that.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. the german cover for this is how you lose the time war is so different! i definitely wouldn’t have recognized it. i think the german cover gives more sci-fi vibes than the original one, which is good, but at the same time, the original title is so unique and interesting!

    i feel like colleen hoover book covers are always a miss for people. recently, her books have been republished in brazil with “matching” covers and her readers were not happy at all hahah the choice for the authors’ font in the german cover is definitely not the best, but again, i think most countries struggle with giving her books good covers hahah.

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    • I hear you on “This Is How You Lose the Time War”. If it weren’t for the title itself, the English cover could just be general fiction, whereas the German one definitely errs more on the side of “this is sci-fi”.

      Colleen Hoover books have a certain style and it’s not my favorite haha but I don’t think it’s a hindrance to her sales.


  3. I like both those Dessen and Backman covers. Hoover’s cover is so similar that I don’t really have an opinion on it. I like the font on the American but the white of the German.


    • I think the blue font Hoover’s name is written in was a real mistake. The white background in itself isn’t a bad choice, but something about that font just irks me. I’m apparently VERY particular when it comes to covers.

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  4. Ooh, I agree with all your choices! Even the Hoover one, as similar as it is to the US/UK cover, there’s something about the font of the author name and it being on a white background that I feel detracts from the cover. I love the US/UK Sleeping Giants cover though the whole series has great covers! But I’m not much of a fan of the German Dessen cover 🙈 I haven’t read it but the washing machine on the cover (IMHO) is not a vibe 😂 Great post!


    • Hahaha glad we are on the same page. In all fairness to the Dessen cover, the main couple spends a lot of time at the laundromat, so it just made sense to me. Although this looks more like a machine from home than one at the laundromat, if you ask me.
      Anyway, if you can find the OG English Dessen cover, I think they’re on the same level in terms of style.


  5. I pretty much agree with you on all of these!! What they did with This is how u loose the time war pains me a little cause I think the English cover and title are somehow more intriguing and fitting to the story?? Also, I havent read Sleeping Giants but the English cover is so pretty?!?!?!?!


    • Sleeping Giants, when it first released, was often described as an adult version of the Illuminae Files. It can get quite dark and it’s pretty slow paced, but I loved the series as a whole


  6. Oh my god, totally there with the evil robot vibes for that sleeping giants cover, why does it look so terrifying?! 😂 The US/UK cover looks so pretty!!

    I never understand why foreign (meaning, outside of us/uk) publishers change an English title for ANOTHER English title. this often happens and… I just don’t get it. If you want a title in English, just keep the original one?

    I love that the translated title for Beartown is “small town of big dreams”, it’s a lovely translation (for once 😂)!

    This is such a fun post to read. I hope you’ll have better luck next time with the German covers!

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    • I don’t get the English title that is different from the original one either? It makes no sense, because why is that English easier to understand or more marketable??
      I love doing these posts, but the German covers are always SO bad.


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