Kat’s Weekly TV & Movie Recap #26

I’ve spent most of my week watching the 2020 BYU lectures on creative writing by Brandon Sanderson (which are fantastic and available for free on YouTube), but somehow I still watched a bunch of TV shows and yes, even movies. Let’s check them out!


Ms. Marvel (Season 1)

Ms. Marvel‘s first season was an utter delight. If my memory serves me right, each episode was named after a comic book volume or issue and many characters got their MCU debut. I’m still a little bit sad at just how much her powers and her origins were changed (it’s confirmed now that she’s not Inhuman in this one), but I loved what the show brought to the table.

It had fast pacing, unique visuals and really charming personalities. I especially appreciated the cultural and historical backstory that was brought into this mainstream superhero universe. I love that we’re getting different point of views now.
While I got a bit overwhelmed with Marvel content as of late, this felt like a fresh take and it was fun to see more origin stories without too high a stakes in TV format. Obviously, it wouldn’t be a Marvel Disney+ show, if it didn’t continue in some sort of movie or other show, but what can you do! Really good 9/10 for me!

SkyMed (Season 1)

I more or less binged the whole first season in one go and I have no regrets. I’m not the right person to tell you whether SkyMed is medically accurate or not, but I can still tell you a lot about the shows. Most of it is very much focused on the romantic relationships of the various team members, nurses/medical staff and captains alike, but I was pleasantly surprised by it’s incorporation of indigenous communities, their struggles and the discrimination and prejudice they face.

Set in my beloved Canada, SkyMed is an easy watch, with way too much relationship drama, but gripping storylines nonetheless.

The Bear (Season 1)

Okay, I watched The Bear and I get it now. It’s formidably acted, well shot and manages to feel way too real. Just the other day, we got the confirmation that the show was renewed for another season and I’m very pleased by that fact. At the same time, I have to just say that The Bear gave me such anxiety while watching. I used to work as a waitress and I had nightmares about service rush hours for weeks when I started, it stressed me out so much. That show embodies that stress.

But as I said, it’s super realistic.


Good Trouble (Season 4)

I love that we’re tackling Luca’s story and homelessness this season. I also love Davia’s new plotline as a private teacher. She’s so going to hook up with the dad at some point, but we all saw that coming the moment he opened the door.

There was no Dennis or Malika at all this episode and they were missed.


As always, don’t forget to add me on Letterboxd if you want to be up to date on all my movie experiences! 

Persuasion (2022)

Persuasion is my absolute #1 Austen story and yes, I’m the kind of person who judges others based on their favorite Austen novel, so you can go ahead and judge me too if you want.

Prior to the release of Netflix’ Persuasion, there were a lot of bad reviews coming out, but none of them could dampen my spirits. And honestly, I’m glad I went in with an open mind, because I loved this movie. It was fun and funny, while still having very heartfelt moments. Birdy’s song “Quietly Yours“, which was specifically released for the movie, is beautiful and stuck in my head.

I love nothing more than sharing a conspiratorial look with Dakota Johnson’s Anne and laugh at the foolishness of some of these characters. The 4th wall breaks were perfect for me. If you liked shows like Dickinson or the latest Emma adaptation, I would say this isn’t nearly as extreme and you could easily enjoy this as well.

The Princess

What can I say? The Princess was such a disappointment?

I guess I just expected there to be more of a plot to it, but dang, that was a thin storyline. You can’t argue about the fight choreo though, because it was great. If you like action and the princess saving herself, this might just be for you. I thought it was fine enough, but for me to truly fall in love with a movie, it needs a bit more substance.

Did we watch anything I’ve watched? Let’s talk about that!

14 thoughts on “Kat’s Weekly TV & Movie Recap #26

  1. I too have been overwhelmed by the Marvel content of late, as well as being underwhelmed at some of their recent series/films. Posted about that myself a couple days ago. I felt overall Marvel did a pretty good job introducing Ms. Marvel, liking the action in Jersey City way more than when she went overseas where the story stalled for me a bit. In reading elsewhere about Persuasion, the very first thing that came to mind was Dickinson. I bailed on Dickinson early, but not because of the modern dialogue or attitudes…it just didn’t go anywhere for me in the first several episodes. That being said, I am probably going to check out Persuasion.


  2. Ms. Marvel was so much fun! I absolutely loved it and can’t wait to see more of Kamala Khan in the Marvels. Also, really freaking out about our first official mutant in the main MCU universe. The potential to have Ms. Marvel in mutant storylines is infinite! She could mentor a young Professor Xavier, or team up with Deadpool when he moves to the MCU! I can’t wait!


    • If they include Professor X in the upcoming X-Men stuff, I don’t think he’d be younger or about to be mentored by her. I think they’d argue that mutants have operated in the background for years.
      But technically, they still haven’t confirmed mutants in universe. So, in my eyes Billy and Tommy were still the first official mutants.


      • If the theory that the multiple snaps on Earth and the resulting gamma radiation on Earth caused mutants, it’s feasible that Professor X could be young(er) and just discovering his powers.
        That could actually make for a great story: Professor X and Juggernaut, his half-brother, discovering their powers and learning to use them while also going down different paths with their powers. Somebody call Kevin Feige!


  3. I am so glad you enjoy the Ms Marvel show as such an avid fan. I really liked the show too and it covered a lot, I almost wish it was longer. The personalities and visuals certainly took center stage for me. Also, question… Red dagger?!? is he a regular character in the comics/ms marvel’s journey? Because I really liked him. 😂
    The 4th wall breaks in Persuasion sound fun and I’m glad you liked the movie! 🥰


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