Kat’s Weekly TV & Movie Recap #33

I’m pretty late with my wrap-up on what I’ve been watching this week, but I hope you don’t mind. Let’s talk about some shows! (No movies, I’m afraid. I haven’t watched one in a while …) However, I’m going to preface this by saying that I refuse to watch House of the Dragon. I might change my mind once the full season is out, but I was so angry at what they did with Game of Thrones that I have no trust in them. I’m petty like that.
Secondly, I haven’t started The Rings of Power YET, but that one I’m very excited for. I have a feeling I might want to binge it though …


Partner Track (Season 1)

Like a lot of my friends, I was excited to see Arden Cho get a leading role in Partner Track. It’s really more of a romance, which is 100% the plot that takes center stage, rather than a legal drama, but I knew that going in. Based on a book series, they’d definitely have more material for future seasons, but I hope that they make it their own. I’m kind of crackshipping Ingrid and Z and don’t think he’s in the books or at least not who she would eventually end up with. I’m ready to play the long game with them on the show though!

It’s a nice show, sometimes has some frustrating moments, but was easy to binge!

Good Trouble (Season 4)

It only took FOUR SEASONS for Denvia to happen and it was the most frustrating journey ever. I know there are so many other characters on this show and season 4 held a lot of storylines, but those two were the ones I cared about the most and that I was most invested in getting together. Now, they better not mess it up, since Good Trouble has already been confirmed for a Season 5.

A lot of viewers were dismayed at the actress who play Callie leaving, but I don’t think it really changed much for the show overall. The endless love triangle went to Marianna instead, even though most of the characters have had multiple love interests throughout. I enjoyed them tackling the housing crisis in the US, especially LA. I also love the addition of Luca and hope he gets to shine some more. I’m not really too on board with the cult storyline though … I hope that ends in the first episode of Season 5 …


She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (Season 1)

Not people complaining on the internet about She-Hulk twerking!? What is wrong with everyone? Deadpool does silly sh*t like that all the time and it doesn’t matter, but no, not Jen …

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (Season 3)

That duet between Gina and Corbin was AMAZING! I have a bad feeling about what Ricky is going to do next though. If he’s going to sabotage Gina’s relationship, I have a feeling it might backfire on him.

Star Trek: Lower Decks (Season 3)

Bold Boimler was really something! Saying “yes” to everything definitely isn’t the answer though.

Stargirl (Season 3)

This season is called “Frenemies”, which makes sense considering that all the former villains are now the nice neighbors of our heroes. Starting it off with a murder mystery was a choice! I’m looking forward to what the season will bring, haven’t been able to garner the same excitement as I did with season 1 though.

Roswell, New Mexico (Season 4)

Next week is the finale … not just of the season but the whole show and I found this to be a very lackluster ending, which makes me sad.


As always, don’t forget to add me on Letterboxd if you want to be up to date on all my movie experiences! 

I rewatched Top Gun: Maverick again. Don’t ask why … I have zero explanation. I’ve just been chilling out to this ambiance video where you get to hang out with the new recruits at the Hard Deck (check it out here) to write and work and that’s probably prompted the rewatches.

Did you watch anything I’ve watched? Are there some movies I should check out? Let’s talk about that!

9 thoughts on “Kat’s Weekly TV & Movie Recap #33

  1. Oh my God, the latest She-Hulk episode was hilarious! And that Megan Thee Stallion cameo? I just about died!
    As far as my TV and movie habits are concerned, I watched a couple of good horror films, and I’m now in season 6 of the original Law & Order. I’m also finishing up my rewatch of The Owl House, with about 7 episodes left. And with September here, the summer anime season is almost wrapped up, so I’m looking forward to seeing how the series I watch wrap up their seasons (except for those going for longer than 12 or 13 episodes).
    Oh, and I’m stopping by the library later, so I’ll pick up a couple movies and probably watch one tonight. Should be a fun time.


  2. She Hulk was so enjoyable this week – I really liked the addition of Megan Thee Stallion as a cameo! 😆 And honestly I loved how they addressed the double standards towards males and females in the show because they knew what some toxic fans would think after this episode!

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  3. Glad to hear you have good things to say about Partner Track! I saw a trailer on Netflix the other day and added it to my list, it sounded kind of good, but now that I know you watched and enjoyed it, I definitely WILL watch it 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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