Kat’s Weekly TV & Movie Recap #39

Oh boy, I did not mean to post this so late in the week, but here we are again. I’m incorrigible. Still, I hope you enjoy my recap on what I have watched this past week.


She-Hulk (Season 1)

Overall, I think it’s no secret that I enjoyed She-Hulk a lot. I thought the humor was great, I liked the more light-hearted approach and how they had fun with a lot of established characters. There’s something to be said about them really going for something completely different for the finale, not the typical action-packed fight, but somehow … I didn’t exactly love it?

I know this is very much on par with She-Hulks comics, I love those callbacks, I loved the 4th wall breaks, I even loved the subversion of expectations by bringing K.E.V.I.N. into the mix. Jen was completely right by not wanting her finale to be exactly as so many before, but when she says what the finale should be like, we never actually get to see it. And even though it seems like she gets everything the way she discussed with the AI overlord looking after Marvel projects, most of the things that she didn’t want to happen in the fight, still happened, just even more rushed.

I definitely sound saltier than I am, because I didn’t have a bad time watching the show or the finale. I just think that Marvel really struggles with the endings to their TV shows. They all get treated as prequels for movies or future seasons that will happen in an entirely different MCU phase, so that ends up frustrating me sometimes.

I will forever cherish the fact that She-Hulk gave me back my Daredevil though. I could watch Jen and Matt smash and be domestic for hours on end. Not even exaggerating! Oh, and Pug!? What a great character. He had such a hard time pretending to be gross. Nikki was just the kind of fierce friend we all need and we shall never forget the comedic duo that was Wongers and Madisynn.


Walker: Independence (Season 1)

I’m quite surprised that I got sucked into this one. I watched the first season of Walker, but than kind of lost interest after a certain character died. Now … in a roundabout way, they brought them back with this one and the actor who plays Calian is also mesmerizing. The one thing I really have to criticize is that a lot of the characters just don’t look like they live in the wild west, especially Kat McNamara. This has nothing to do with her performance, but the way her hair and make-up is done mostly.

Interview with the Vampire (Season 1)

What can I say? This show has me compelled for sure. I’m really interested to see the next episode, but Lestat being jealous after being the one to suggest an open relationship – pure comedy!

Vampire Academy (Season 1)

I know how much Kieron appreciated getting to do this episode and I love that for him, but Dimitri was being an idiot. There’s no way around that.

Fire Country (Season 1)

I’m really glad I added Fire Country to my roster of firefighter shows. The drama is impeccable.

Tell Me Lies (Season 1)

When are all those lies going to blow up in their faces? Seven years later, there’s clearly a lot of tension there.

Abbott Elementary (Season 2)

As always, I just really enjoy the performances. We also got to see Melissa’s home, which was cool.

Star Trek: Lower Decks (Season 3)

I had been looking forward to this episode for a while and I’m glad it turned out to be a favorite of the season.

DC’s Stargirl (Season 3)

I feel like I was supposed to know who/what was shown on that puzzle, but I just have no idea.

Call Me Kat (Season 3)

Not entirely sure I can see Kat with a baby, even after this episode.

9-1-1 (Season 6)

How can there be two firefighter shows that both give the commitment issue guy a sperm donor plot at the same time? For crying out loud, Buck could never walk away from his own bio kid … this is ridiculous.

Station 19 (Season 6)

I like almost all the current plotlines, except for Maya’s. I’m just really frustrated with her (well, and Jack).

Grey’s Anatomy (Season 19)

The new interns are great! Could do without Owen and Teddy to be perfectly honest, but I’ll survive. I just can’t believe someone would rather have his peers think he’s hooking up with a superior rather than that they’re related. It’s gonna come out eventually.


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When I first heard about the movie Rosaline, I immediately thought of my lost love that was the TV show Still Star-Crossed. But this? It’s something very different and I was here for it too.

Rosaline, as played by Kaitlyn Dever, absolutely deserved her main character moment. I loved watching her character be snarky, make mistakes and trying to redeem them. I liked that it felt modern and like a historic piece at the same time. Much in the likes of Dickinson and similar content, they just got the balance right. Sean Teale as Dario was perfection and I was glad that some stupid plot points of the traditional “Romeo and Juliet” tale were made fun of in the process.

It wasn’t a perfect movie and I’m not sure how long it will actually stay in my mind, but I had a great time while watching it. I think that counts the most.

Did you watch anything I’ve watched? Are there some movies/shows I should check out? Let’s talk about that!

15 thoughts on “Kat’s Weekly TV & Movie Recap #39

  1. Hi Kat! I’m happy to hear you enjoyed She-Hulk, but unfortunately I was unable to get past the kind of pointless direction of the show. It just wasn’t for me! Speaking of the finale, I did feel it was too meta for me and while I appreciated that they didn’t want to end like “every other Marvel movie/show”, it was…unsatisfying still? I dont know, I tried, but I just didn’t enjoy the show overall. 🥺


    • Too bad you didn’t enjoy the show, Cathy. I think it was really fun, but I also didn’t feel satisfied with the finale. As I said in the post, I think Marvel struggles with all their season finales though.


  2. I liked She-Hulk too, though the finale didn’t hit me the way I thought it would. There was definitely some room for improvement with the whole show overall. Hopefully a second season is in the mix somewhere. And I need to catch up on Interview, I’ve just had such an insane week that I haven’t had the time to watch the latest episode.
    Also, I saw the new Halloween movie last night. It was a disappointment.


    • The finale wasn’t great. I kept being torn about it, because yes, it was finally something different, but it was lackluster in execution. They really don’t have those endings down.
      Interview with the Vampire just keeps getting better. 4 episodes in and I’m still in love. Can’t wait for more from the Immortals Universe or whatever it’s called.


  3. She-Hulk was a big swing, and its finale an even bigger one. As noted before, I liked it once I resigned myself to it being a comedy and nothing “serious.” Finale was good, but after thinking on it a bit I would have liked Kevin Feige to actually be in the scene with her instead of the AI. Stargirl – I don’t know where that is headed. It’s been an odd season so far.


  4. I’m glad you enjoyed she-hulk overall, I found it a lot of fun and I enjoyed it too! Daredevil and Jen were really great together, which I didn’t expect but loved!
    Pug was great in the finale 😂 but I agree that it didn’t give me a satisfactory finale feel as though things were ticked off, it didn’t feel complete!
    I will be intrigued to see how she-hulk fits into the MCU in the future with her unique tone!

    I hadn’t heard about the Interview with The Vampire TV show but I will look into it 👀
    I just started s18 greys and I always struggle with Owen as a character too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you also enjoyed She-Hulk (and her dynamic with Daredevil). It was unexpected to me, but in the best ways.
      And Pug – that dude has all my love! I hope it’s nonsense that she won’t be in any movies. She would be great, even for cameos.

      The Interview with the Vampire is SO good. They’re acting circles around the iterations of Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, I’m telling you!

      Owen just annoys me. But then a lot of Grey’s characters do. I really haven’t watched consistently for SEASONS, but this new one is more or less a soft reboot, so I wanted to try and I think I’m gonna stick to it for now.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. OMG YES! I had that thought too about Shepard’s nephew too! He’s going to pretend he’s sleeping with his aunt… it’ going to be SO weird when it comes out… but we’ll see where it goes. I also agree about Teddy and Owen – I thought they were going to be off the show with the way they left… not exactly thrilled they’re back this season.

    I hope they do something about Maya on Station 19 because I can’t deal with her.

    Liked by 1 person

    • There’s just NO WAY that Shepard Jr.’s secret won’t come out haha probably sooner than he thinks too.
      Maya is annoying the heck out of me at the moment. I feel like a lot of characters have taken a step back in their development this season.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I have a feeling Amelia is going to be the one who finds out first and it’s going to be sooo awkward!
        Yes! They really have. I just hope Maya talks to someone. She has all this trauma from her parents that she never worked out and the fact that she’s going to have a baby (potentially) I fear she’ll project her upbringing on this child 😐

        Liked by 1 person

      • But Amelia is a weirdo too 😂 she might just get why he did that. He is super cagey as is anyway. And didn’t he tell her already that people think they boned?
        Maya definitely needs to go to therapy. She’s so closed off to that option, even though she would massively benefit from it.

        Liked by 1 person

      • He did? Oh, I don’t remember that and she might, but I feel like she’d try to set the record straight. But I guess we’ll find out 😂
        Oh, yes 100% to Maya. I really hope they turn her character around.

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