Kat’s Weekly TV & Movie Recap #40

Wow, this week really got away from me. I always have plans to post more and yet here we are again. I won’t even attempt to make the promise for next week. Let’s just see where we go from here and talk about what I’ve watched instead!


The Rings of Power (Season 1)

I want to preface this by saying that I went into the show with a very open mind. Not just do I have zero emotional attachment to the Lord of the Rings movies or books, I also enjoyed other fantasy adaptations of Amazon Prime lately. I mean, I’m a Fantasy fan, so I was basically meant for The Rings of Power, and I don’t want to say that I didn’t enjoy myself, I just feel like I didn’t love it as much as other shows. It was told rather slowly and I hate to admit that I was just plain bored sometimes.

There were several character dynamics I was absolutely here for. The new characters in general were a great addition in my book (although I can’t say I remember all the names), but weirdly, I didn’t have a single favorite character or storyline. Usually, when I watch any sort of media, I latch onto someone in particular, but I just didn’t feel as attached here? The story arcs all made sense and as I said, I enjoyed myself overall, but I’ve definitely been more invested in other tales before.

Regardless, there was some stunning cinematography with this show. Especially the slow motion shots of people on horseback – chef’s kiss! I also loved the Sauron twist, maybe one of my favorite parts of the entire season. I’ll definitely continue to watch future seasons, but like with this one, I might go for a binge when I feel in the right mood instead of watching weekly.


Walker: Independence (Season 1)

Not the Sheriff messing with the Deputy now. That man went above and beyond the previous episode and you don’t want to make your number 2 your enemy.

Reginald the Vampire (Season 1)

I hate it with a passion that the most terrible thing the people on this show can think of is a fat vampire.

Interview with the Vampire (Season 1)

Oh, Claudia. Prime example of why you shouldn’t turn kids, but what a great narrator.

Vampire Academy (Season 1)

I’m so sad that there’s only one more episode left. Where am I going to get my Sisi Stringer and Kieron Moore fix from!?

Fire Country (Season 1)

They got a full season order and I’m so here for it. The personal drama is ramping up and the dangers keep coming, without feeling plucked out of thin air as with the 9-1-1 shows sometimes.

Tell Me Lies (Season 1)

This one also has one more episode and I have no idea how we will tie up all this toxic stuff. No clue why I watched this show, but literally none of my friends talked about it, so I’m all alone with my thoughts.

Abbott Elementary (Season 2)

Even at the danger of repeating myself, I LOVE this show.

Star Trek: Lower Decks (Season 3)

The last three episodes were the strongest of the season, or, in other words, it just keeps getting better.

DC’s Stargirl (Season 3)

I’m well aware that the storyline we were following this episode was set up last season, but I don’t think this season did a good enough job of keeping it in the back of our minds and including hints of it in the previous episodes. I’m really not a fan of the structuring of this season.

Call Me Kat (Season 3)

Wait a minute! Didn’t we break up with perfect Oscar because we didn’t want to have kids? Am I remembering this all wrong!?

9-1-1 (Season 6)

Sooo … we’re just not going to talk about Buck becoming a sperm donor?

Station 19 (Season 6)

Jack and Maya are so infuriating this season. They both worked so hard, not just for their jobs, but also their personal growth and they’re plain torching it this season.

Grey’s Anatomy (Season 19)

Got it. We’re at the point in the season where everyone starts hooking up. It’s episode 3, what did I expect? With this show we need to create as messy as possible romantic entanglements after all.


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The School for Good and Evil

I was so excited for this movie! While I never read the books for The School for Good and Evil, I was well aware of them and pleased to see them getting an adaptation. The general theme of good vs. evil in fairy tales and such is something “easy” to latch onto and can make for a great story, which The School for Good and Evil succeeded in doing. Some “twists” were to be expected, but they still weren’t badly executed. I was also glad to see it get 2.5 hours as a movie, which it needed, but ultimately felt like this might have worked better as a show.

There was a whole lot of heart in this movie (Sofia Wylie especially was amazing) and I had a great time, but I felt like we could have explored so many themes and character choices/developments in greater detail. I don’t necessarily think that we needed to tell the story itself slower, but just linger on some moments. Still, I hope we get a lot of sequels, because I’d like to see more.

Did you watch anything I’ve watched? Are there some movies/shows I should check out? Let’s talk about that!

13 thoughts on “Kat’s Weekly TV & Movie Recap #40

  1. Reginald The Vampire…watched the first two episodes but have abandoned it. Can’t get into it at all. Bring back Astrid & Lily, Syfy! Speaking of Syfy, did you ever watch the show SurrealEstate when it was on that channel awhile back? I’m a big Wynonna Earp fan and that show’s male lead Tim Rozon is in that (with Sarah Levy). I thought the premise of real estate agents who root out evil from houses was pretty cool. Stargirl…she and her show have lost her way I’m afraid but hey…The Shade is back. There’s that!


    • Yeah, I get it. Reginald really isn’t all that.
      And I’m a huge Wynonna Earp fan myself, which was why I started watching Surreal Estate. I have Wynonna’s necklace, some signed comics and Tim Rozon once sent me a personalized thank you video. I’ll always cherish that one. He was one of my biggest crushes when I was a teen.
      Nothing can save this season of Stargirl, not even the Shade.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Not gonna lie, I’ve completely forgotten everything about Stargirl 😅 how are you finding this season so far?

    I just finished Rings of Power last night and I can see all of your points with it being slow ect but for me there was something quite refreshing about having a slower paced fantasy show, if that makes sense. I completely agree that the created characters for the show were a great addition and I’m still mad at myself for not seeing that Sauron reveal sooner. It’s so obvious now haha. Visually, I’m awed by the show. Of course, I’m a lord of the rings fan but I can also see the pros and cons of the show. Sometimes they relied too much on the striking visuals to capture the story. Again, don’t know if that makes any sense haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Eh … Stargirl is more of a miss this season for me. I loved the first one, but even the second season wasn’t all I had hoped it would be. I think the permanent move to the CW showed …

      I like slow-told stories and especially Fantasy. Wheel of Time was magnificent in my eyes, but there were moments in the Rings of Power where for 30+ seconds, no one talked, nothing important was shown and you didn’t miss anything vital to the story if you skipped it. That is not slow storytelling or even exposition to me, that’s just bragging with cinematography, which I personally find boring haha
      I liked the show still!! I only got the Sauron thing in the penultimate episode and I was so giddy that they were doing it. Halbrand and Galadriel were one of the dynamics on the show I liked most. Your comment made perfect sense and I’m glad you stopped by, Lois!


  3. I’m looking forward to meeting Claudia once the new episode airs. And speaking of scary shows taking place in the past, the first two episodes of AHS:NYC were really good! I have high hopes for the rest of the season (though I know American Horror Story tends to struggle when it comes to wrapping their stories).


    • I loved the twist in the final episode, but it had some really boring moments. They’ve just banked so much on cinematography, there were parts where you could skip 30 seconds and literally NOTHING essential happened. You didn’t miss anything, not even people sharing a conspiratorial look or anything like that … So, in that regard, it could have been better. But I would definitely still tune in to upcoming seasons.


  4. I really enjoyed the rings of power overall, though I do agree that it sometimes felt a little too slow. But that twist! I didn’t see it coming and I am curious to see the next season(s) ! 🙂


      • Ahah believe it or not, I actually loved LOTR and wanted to watch this one. It helps that the bf is a fan, so we could watch together! I think as I get older (or maybe it’s just because of the world), I’m handling less and less the violent moments in any show. So I’m just hiding for that (and glad not to watch alone ahah)! Otherwise, I like the story and the world, overall 🙂


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