Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Nov 7-13/2022)

Trailers You Might Have Missed This Week

This week was so freaking exhausting for me. I always had something to do and fell into a really bad sleeping pattern, I can’t believe the weekend is basically over already. Oh well, sometimes life’s just like that. Let’s check out some trailers and promos for TV shows and movies for relaxation.


Glass Onion

I’m so hyped for this movie! I hope it lives up to the previous one.


I love that his story is getting a stage! We’re about to rediscover some gems from history and show them the respect they deserve.

The Almond and the Seahorse

This movie is going to be devastating to watch, but it’s so interesting to see Rebel Wilson in serious roles now.

The Whale

Brendan Fraser deserves his comeback, even if I don’t know whether this movie is for me or not.

George & Tammy

Jessica Chastain is doing it again!

The Marriage App

Don’t gamify your marriage!

Diamond in the Rough

It doesn’t look great, but it could be fun to watch at home on a slow day.

John Wick 4

I kind of lost track of the sequels? But I love Keanu Reeves, so that’s always good.

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

This can’t beat my Christmas comfort movie – Klaus.

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio

I’m way more likely to watch this adaptation than the latest Disney one.


Shouldn’t this have come out before Halloween?


Lionsgate is doing all the dark movies.

TV Shows


Oh! Did not know an adaptation for this was coming!

I Hate Christmas

This is … an exact copy of Hjem til jul/Home for Christmas just in Italian?

Criminal Minds: Evolution

I loved the show, even if I didn’t watch it all religiously. Still unsure if enough time passed for a reboot.

The Witcher: Blood Origin

I’ll watch it.

Dragon Age: Absolution

The art style reminds me of The Legend of Vox Machine … oh wait, is that Matt I hear? I see a pattern.

The Lying Life of Adults

Feels like it could be a movie, but the interwebs says otherwise.

Gossip Girl (Season 2)

Is it like the OG show? Nope, but let’s be real – the OG show would not work today at all. I’m here for the new drama.

Carnival Row (Season 2)

I legit forgot everything that happened on this show. You can’t just go ahead after four years and expect me to still be invested.

Did you spot something on the list you would like to watch? Let’s chat!

11 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Nov 7-13/2022)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. John Wick 4: I’ll watch it when it’s on home media.
    2. Sissy: Everyday is Halloween for some people. Also, I like the idea of influencers being the victims/perpetrators of horror.
    3. The Witcher: Blood Origin: I’ll check it out, but I’ll admit my Witcher enthusiasm has cooled a bit since season 2.

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