Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Dec 19-25/2022)

Trailers You Might Have Missed This Week

I’m not going to lie to you, I almost forgot I should do this post. I’m not sure this is of the utmost interest to anyone, considering it’s Christmas, but you’re getting these trailers anyway. I haven’t missed a Sunday posting in literal years and I won’t start now.


Maybe I Do

I hate cheating movies and yet .. I really want to watch this.

Book Club 2: The Next Chapter

Can’t say I’ve watched the first movie.


THE movie to compete with Barbie when it releases next year. There’s going to be two rival camps – you’re either Oppenheimer or Barbie supporter. No in between. Which one will you watch first? (Spoiler Alert: It’s Barbie for me.)

Knock at the Cabin

I might just read the book this is based on, because I’m SO curious.

There’s Something Wrong with the Children

Title says it all.

Chess Story

This is based on a really popular German novel, which I had at home at some point. Still haven’t read it though.


I can get behind a good AI movie.

Of an Age

I’ve made really good experiences with Australian content this year, so I might check it out.

TV Shows

Doctor Who (60th Anniversary)

This is like a dream, I can’t believe it’s happening, but I LOVE IT. 2023 I will finally catch up on all the Doctor Who I’ve missed out since Series 10.

Disney+ Line-Up 2023

Technically, there’s also some movies mixed in there.

Night Court

I have zero investment in this.

That ’90s Show

Looks more enticing than the teaser to me. I’m still only going to check it out because of nostalgia reasons.

The Lying Life of Adults

Elena Ferrante is thriving.

Outlander (Season 7)

I sometimes can’t believe this show is still going.

Happy holidays if you celebrate and otherwise chill Sunday! Let’s talk about those trailers!

5 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Dec 19-25/2022)

  1. i HARDLY EVER CHECK OUT MOVIE/SHOW TRAILERS unless theyre book-to-film-adaptations of books ive already read, BUT THEN THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE CHILDREN HAS SUCH A FASCINATING TITLE AND HHGCVGHVHB theres just so many different ways this could go?? THE TRAILER IS AMAZING THOUGH. seriously. I MUST HAVE THE MOVIE RIGHT AWAY.


  2. Thoughts;
    1. Oppenheimer: I’m definitely Team Oppenheimer. It just lines up with my interests more. I don’t even think it’s possible for me to want to see a Barbie movie, lol.
    2. Knock at the Cabin: I’ve read the book this is based on. I’m going to warn you, you’re going to be thrown for a few loops and you’ll get some really intense feels. Good luck.
    3. There’s Something Wrong with the Children: I’m in. I’m so in.
    4. Doctor Who: I’m so freaking excited!
    5. Disney+: Bring on the Marvel shows, I can’t wait!


    • Yeah, I wouldn’t expect you to be on Team Barbie, but actually, it’s going to be a super weird movie. I think you’re getting deterred by the color palette and prejudice more than what the movie will actually be like. I mean, the teaser was a 2001 Space Odyssey callback!?!?!

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