TV Shows That Got Cancelled Too Soon – I AM SAD!

TV Shows that got cancelled too soon ... now I'm sad ...

Every year, I tell myself “Don’t get invested. You’ll just fall in love with another show that won’t last.” and every year, I don’t listen to myself. So, as a sort of cathartic experience, I decided to talk about all my lost loves. I wasn’t equally as invested in all of these – like, I’ll definitely get over a lot of them until they become a distant memory – but some still sting. Let’s just take a look!


Not all of the shows that are mentioned in the following section aired in 2022, but this was the sad, sad year that their fates were decided.

Julie and the Phantoms

Cancelled after 1 season.

This show about a young girl battling grief and finding joy in music again just brought me so much joy even though it was definitely targeted at a younger audience. What I’ll never understand is why this show was cancelled? The music was streamed a lot (I mean, they were all bangers) and the fans were quite vocal about wanting a continuation of Julie’s adventures with her phantoms. That’s what I call injustice!

The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself

Cancelled after 1 season.

First of all, this was an adaptation of the book Half Bad, which used to be super trendy for a while. They completely dropped the ball on marketing the show, but it was SO GOOD. I kept shouting about it, but it was to no avail. Now I will just have to remember the poly vibes the main trio gave off and imagine how it would continue, cause I will not pick up the books again and think they are different.

The Wilds

Cancelled after 2 seasons.

They really up and cancelled this show when it was about to get the most interesting. I fully understand that people weren’t as invested in the boys and their drama, because they wanted to continue to watch what happened to the girls they got attached to in season 1. But this was all very necessary backstory for the boys and now that they had FINALLY met … I just never get to see the absolute chaos that will ensue when these groups clash?

First Kill

Cancelled after 1 season.

Could there possibly have been some better production value and dialogue? Yes, I’m not above critiquing this show, but it was still a lot of freaking fun and I know the internet was trending that show title for a long time. Let me have cheesy vampire stuff. It was better than Reginald the Vampire at least …

Warrior Nun

Cancelled after 2 seasons.

Apparently nothing gets you cancelled faster on Netflix than having an openly sapphic storyline for the leads. I mean … look at First Kill and now this? It’s starting to get very suspicious. Warrior Nun had its flaws. The pacing was a bit off, it took me quite some time to get into it, but once you’re in it, you’re IN IT! I don’t handle cliffhangers well …


Cancelled after 2 seasons.

Dollface just spoke to me. I was pretty much at the same age as the leads, I felt like this was a very fun yet also beautiful show about female friendships in adulthood. Like, we b*tches loose each other in relationships and careers, but life is also lonely without friends, so we need each other. I’m gonna miss the kooky way Dollface managed to bring those issues to the screen.

Honorable Mentions

  • Maggie (1 season) – a medium with unreliable visions about herself, but spot on stuff for others? I would have been in for several more seasons.
  • Partner Track (1 season) – this was not a legal drama, it was a romance show and I would have liked more.
  • The Baby-Sitters Club (2 seasons) – people loved this show and it still wasn’t enough.
  • Promised Land (1 season) – this show never made it onto people’s radars, so it was doomed from the beginning. Quite interesting show about generational trauma and familial relationships though.
  • The Big Leap (1 season) – another show that just brought me pure joy and had me sobbing too. Also it was set in the world of reality TV, which was really fun.


From here on out, I’ve tried to keep it short, because I miss A LOT of shows. These are the ones that come to mind most regularly though.


Cancelled after 1 season.

I don’t even watch Baseball and yet I was so very invested in this show (and my subsequent ship – isn’t there always a platonic/romantic ship that drives the enjoyment of a show?) and I was sure it would get renewed. It had the perfect cast, it had a super fun setting, but NO! I can’t have nice things, you know?


Cancelled after 1 season. Read more about it here.

Sweet/Vicious is almost like Promising Young Women with less budget, the story stretched out as a TV show and with MTV as their home network. Also, you get to actually see the revenge part.

Emerald City

Cancelled after 1 season. Read more about it here.

Emerald City is a reimagining of Wizard of Oz that did not get enough credit. It felt darker and more complex and I was legit here for it. The deception of some characters! I will never forgive them or taking them away from me.

Still Star-Crossed

Cancelled after 1 season. Read more about it here.

We all wanted to know what happened after Romeo and Juliet died, because no way would that fix all the problems between the families. Based on a book, this was the far better version of the tale. I know what I’m talking about and they could have even finished it, had they given the show 2 more episodes.

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Cancelled after 2 seasons. Read more about it here.

I miss my weirdos. I can’t explain this show, you have to experience it yourself to get it. And yes, I’m slightly biased, because I was on set, but still … it was brilliant and one person ruined it.


Cancelled after 1 season.

Class was a Doctor Who spin-off show that is technically still ongoing, but not in any way that I follow. While the TV show got cancelled, there were still books and audioplays being released, even narrated by the TV cast. So, I guess the property is still out there, but it’s not the same. I wanted my show and I really thought we would get more of it.


Cancelled after 2 seasons. Read more about it here.

I don’t know why shows about con artists appeal to me so much, but it was especially the relationship between the scorned exes that did it for me in this one. Could have just watched that trio forever.

Honorable Mentions

  • Pushing Daisies (2 seasons) – Let’s face it. We all wanted more (Lee Pace).
  • Debris (1 season) – I like shows about weird alien stuff that effects humanity and they don’t know what to do, okay?
  • October Faction (1 season) – Locke & Key gets three seasons and October Faction just one? Yeah … not fair.
  • Tru Calling (1 season) – I was obsessed with all things Eliza Dushku as a teen. This one and Dollhouse were my most watched shows … probably. I think this says something about me I’d rather not face.
  • Travelers (3 seasons) – I know that 3 seasons is a lot on this list, but I still needed more. Give me a Canadian scifi show any day.
  • Vampires (1 season) – it was a French show about vampires. Brutal and weird and I loved it.
  • Eye Candy (1 season) – Eye Candy was a really terrible detective show on MTV and was devastated when it ended.

Do you see a trend in my favorite shows that got cancelled – cause I sure do … What are some shows you wish were still around? Let’s chat!

22 thoughts on “TV Shows That Got Cancelled Too Soon – I AM SAD!

  1. I agree with you on Class. Maybe too much stuff happened in the first season, but they should have continued the TV show for another season. And I still think the 2013 Dracula TV series on NBC should have been continued for another season. The first season barely got advertised, so it’s no wonder it didn’t get the ratings it deserved.


  2. I think I’ve maybe watched an episode of Warrior Nuns with my husband. I know we watched The Imposters. I liked the first season. The second was good but I kind of get why it was cancelled even though I wanted more. This is going to show my age, but I’m still mad about Suburgatory getting cancelled years ago.


  3. I LOVE HOW JULIE AND THE PHANTOMS IS AT THE ABSOLUTE BEGINNING OF THIS LIST, MY ONE TRUE TV-SHOW LOVE. seriously THE CANCELLING WAS SO SAD?? its literally one of the first shows i fell HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH and i just love the characters SO INCREDIBLY MUCH?? and 8362828% needed more of the songs. BUT I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH.


  4. Netflix throwing millions at Harry and Meghan to whine in their mansion instead of these shows they premiered is frustrating. It makes me not want to start any new show from Netflix unless it’s a mini series. I had Archive 81 in my list forever, but now that it’s cancelled, why bother?


  5. Cancelled shows are painful!! Santa Clarita Diet was probably my biggest disappointment, forever left on a cliffhanger!
    Julie and the Phantoms did deserve another season at least, the fanbase was loud. I don’t know how they ignored that one– love your drawings btw 😍😍
    I watched The Bastard Son and The Devil Himself, and it is such a shame about it being cancelled. I loved the character’s personalities so much and I think it would have done well with good marketing. I don’t like the cancellation after one-season trend!!!
    aw… pushing daisies, what a throwback! I still remember the cling film kiss after all these years!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Sophie!!
      The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself was failed by Netflix on so many parts. First, the changed the title of the show from the book series it was based on and made it difficult for fans to spot as something they might enjoy. Secondly, they barely advertised it all to begin with, just threw in some bts material after the show was out, despite already proving they had no intention of keeping it going. Thirdly, unless it’s white gay boys as the leads, queer content really is taking a lot of hits on Netflix as of late … sorry for the rant!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Forever sad about Pushing Daisies, I loved that show 😭 and damn, well thank you for the sad news that Partner Track isn’t renewed! I really liked that first season, I’m a bit sad! 😭 I’m kind of angry about Dollface, to be honest, this show felt so refreshing and so, SO relatable. I miss it so much!


    • Some shows just shouldn’t have been cancelled. It’s so unfair (I almost put the Royals here, but they had 5 seasons …)
      Oh, sorry I had to break the news about Partner Track to you. It was announced a while back and the romance community was not happy.

      Liked by 1 person

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