Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jan 30-Feb 5/2023)

Trailers You Might Have Missed This Week

I can’t believe this week is already over, I could easily take a couple more days this weekend, but alas … here we are on Trailer Sunday! Let’s get started!


A Little White Lie

There’s just something so funny about Michael Shannon in a lighthearted role.

Moving On

Jane Fonda is a on a role.

The Covenant

I tend to watch Guy Ritchie movies, but I’m not sure about this one just yet.


Florence + the Machine always works good for trailers, gives me the travel bug.

The Magic Flute

Not exactly what I expected to see Iwan Rheon in, but sure. Why not?

Dear David

Not her writing romantic fantasy fan fiction about herself and her school crush!?

Murder Mystery 2

I can’t comment on this franchise, because I don’t really watch Adam Sandler movies.

Righteous Thieves

Doesn’t look good, but it has the lady and dude from Station 19 in it.

The Lost King

Sally Hawkins is usually good in everything she does.

My Happy Ending

Andie MacDowell is still gorgeous. Love seeing her more again (just last year in Along for the Ride).

God’s Time

The 90s vibes are strong with this one.

TV Shows

The Power

I’m kind of hyped they adapted this story!

Lucky Hank

Bob Odenkirk, need I say more?

Not Dead Yet

It’s like a comedy version of Ghost Whisperer, not sure that works.

Gotham Knights

Didn’t they cancel this one before it even aired?

The Company You Keep

Not them using “Unholy” for the trailer!

Sex/Life (Season 2)

I remember season 1 releasing, I just don’t think I ever watched it?

Outer Banks (Season 3)

Hmmm … I was so obsessed with this show in season 1, but that feeling has waned a lot since. I hope they didn’t take on too much. Like the scale is getting a bit big now. EXCELLENT music choice though!

The Blacklist (Season 10/Final Season)

Wait, this show was still going?

Did you spot something you would like to watch? Let’s chat!

8 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jan 30-Feb 5/2023)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. The Covenant: Saw this trailer in the theater the other night. Looks intense.
    2. The Magic Flute: I’m somewhat familiar with the original opera, so this is a surprise. The question is, will anyone want to see it? Especially given that most people probably aren’t familiar with the original opera?
    3. Dear David: Not my thing.
    4. Gotham Knights: I’m still going to watch it just to see if it’s any good.
    5. The Blacklist: They were playing this trailer all night on Thursday. I remember when it was first airing its teasers back in college. My, how time flies.


  2. I’m all about seeing A Little White Lie! I also thought Blacklist was over. I might have to watch the last couple of episodes to see how it all plays out, but I can’t even remember where I left off. It went down hill after Tom was, well you know. I won’t be watching Sex/Life. I read that book and it was kind of crazy and fun, but I watched part of the first season and it wasn’t my thing. I still need to watch Outerbanks. I need to get my husband into it so we can binge it.

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