Kat’s Weekly TV & Movie Recap #56

Where I ramble about all the TV shows and movies I’ve watched in the past week ….

I’m really pleased with most things I’ve watched, although not all. Let’s dive right in, I’ve just gotten back from work and I’m doing this to clear my thoughts.


Mayfair Witches (Season 1)

After the massive success that was Interview with the Vampire (a show that made it into my top TV shows of 2022 – check them out here) and AMC announcing that they’d expand on the Immortals Universe, I was really excited for Mayfair Wichtes. I had no previous knowledge from the books and wasn’t invested in any sort of faithful adaptation, I just knew I loved witches and stories about them, but dang … this season was a real drag. 

While you get shown several timelines, nothing felt really connected and I thought it might have been more impacting if they hadn’t shown tiny bits of the past all the time, but rather made a dedicated flashback episode. Rowan, as a character, wasn’t someone I cared about much and the stakes rarely ever felt high or important. The final two episodes finally got me a bit more engaged, but let’s be honest, that was a tad too late. I’m just really disappointed that this show couldn’t live up to my (probably too high) expectations.

Outer Banks (Season 3)

I LOVED season 1 of Outer Banks. It was a mix between The Goonies and the OC and just had a blast watching it. With season 2, I adored the addition of Cleo, but felt a bit more lackluster about other characters. So, while I was still interested in this new season, I didn’t think I’d manage to still be super invested. I was wrong. This season totally won me back – probably due to my adjusted expectations of what we would be dealing with.

I have to say, the treasure hunt getting bigger and bigger is my least favorite part of the show. I personally just loved to see the Kook/Pogue divide and the characters interact. I’ve been waiting for Kiara and JJ to happen since episode 1 of the show and am so glad for every scene we’ve got between them in season 3. They really delivered. John B and Sarah on the other hand … what a mess that turned into! I’m glad the real life break up of the actors didn’t affect the chemistry of the characters at all, but I didn’t love their storylines. What I did love was Cleo and Pope! Aside from Pope’s parents being the only parents on the show with any rights, I just adored how Cleo fit into the family and lived for her moments and blossoming friendship with and feelings for Pope. 

Without spoiling anything, there was a time jump in the final episode and I thought that would have been a really neat ending for the show, but it got renewed for another season even before this one got released. I’m SO confused by Netflix’ strategy, because they’ll renew something like this, which might get ruined in future seasons, but they won’t give others a chance (YES, I’m bitter cause there are still no renewal news on Lockwood & Co and many of my faves have been cancelled too soon in the past).


The Company You Keep (Season 1)

Shows like this, with a familiar storyline of a criminal and agent falling in love, need great casting to still feel fresh and exciting. The Company You Keep definitely delivered on that in the first episode and while I’m cautious in thinking it will get renewed, I’m definitely tuning in.

The Last of Us (Season 1

Each. week. is. just. so. good. My friends, who know I haven’t played the game, warned me that I’m not ready for the final two episodes.

Will Trent (Season 1)

Turns out that I don’t necessarily care as much about Angie being in Will’s life, but I did like the flashbacks. The actors were chosen well and had the mannerisms down.

Walker: Independence (Season 1)

I can’t believe Tom knew who Abby was all along?! Next week is going to be wild and I’m just in denial about Gus, okay?

1923 (Season 1)

Very little Alex and Spencer, but this upcoming episode is the finale for this season and I’m dreading it already. They better hurry up and film some more soon.

Wolf Pack (Season 1)

Theory time! Do we think that the werewolf that is killing everyone is maybe Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character’s son? I can’t read that lady at all, but I still think that the voice on the phone sounds like Ian Bohen.

How I Met Your Father (Season 2)

Again, another great episode showcasing individual friendship-duos. I just want scenes with all of them together though.

Abbott Elementary (Season 2)


9-1-1: Lone Star (Season 4)

This season feels so off to me. I mean … we’ve lost Marjan now or what is happening?

Station 19 (Season 6)

This episode was ALL OVER THE PLACE. We had Bishop’s storyline, which was really unethical doctor behavior, we had the elderly ladies and their scavenger hunt, which was fun but random, we had the police brutality arc continued, which was just nerve-wrecking and then we also had the potential Crisis One backlash, because Montgomery was running his mouth and potentially abusing information he learned on a call. So much heavy and weird “funny” bits. 

Grey’s Anatomy (Season 19)

Strangely, not as emotional as I thought it would be. Turns out, I didn’t care as much about Mer as the others, but I do love that half the interns are living at the old Grey house now. They’re really leaning into those season 1 vibes.


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Why Can’t My Life be a Rom-Com?

Look, I just saw two actors from Reginald the Vampire being in this and thought I’d check it out. It did not impress.

While it tried to be modern, it felt like it belonged in the long line of movies that released a while ago and didn’t seem timely then either. Some characters were straight up annoying and contradictory. It wasn’t the worst, but also not the best. A certain spark was missing for a lot of it though, even though I liked the main couple in the end.

Did you watch anything I’ve watched? Are there some movies/shows I should check out? Let’s talk about that!