Kat’s Weekly TV & Movie Recap #60

Where I ramble about all the TV shows and movies I’ve watched in the past week ….

I think we’ve all come to terms with the fact that March is the month I fall off blogging, but … the month is so freaking long? I gotta do what I gotta do in order to stay sane, which is mostly just watch a bunch of stuff and not be overly creative, I guess.


Daisy Jones and the Six (Season 1)

I feel like opinions will be divided on this matter, but I loved every second of this show. The cast was perfectly put together and while we can argue about whether they looked like they really were in the 70s or not or how they definitely didn’t do the aging process justice, at the end of the day, they portrayed those characters perfectly. The spirit was 100% there and that’s mostly what I want from an adaptation!

Now, there were several – big – changes made. I won’t go too much into detail, but it mostly pertained the screen time of some characters (always love more Simone!) and the way certain relationships were depicted (Eddie/Camila, Billy/Daisy). Things that work in a book will never work 1:1 on screen, so I personally was alright with the changes.
I think I’ve mentioned this many times before, but the book is literally my least favorite Taylor Jenkins Reid book (out of the ones I’ve read), but I was head over heels into the show. Something that helped me connect immensely was the cast recording an entire album as the band “Daisy Jones and the Six”, as in they all played their instruments and sang the songs themselves. I adore the soundtrack and listen to it almost all day long, but I think that experience helped create the on screen dynamic enormeously. They truly are a band after all. 

Would you like me to do a post comparing the book and the show?

Finally, I wrote “Season 1” above, because technically, Prime Video never confirmed that it was a limited run series. They have covered the entirety of the novel though and I genuinely hope they’ll leave it at that. Let the cast make another album or something, but we sure as heck don’t need a new season that might ruin some characters.

Shrinking (Season 1)

I loved Shrinking so very much! It’s very good entertainment, but it’s very, very bad rep for therapy. Like … if your therapist is like Paul? They should not be practicing and likely loose their license. I just needed to get that out of the way before continuing on, but the finale very much proved that his meddling will have consequences, which we will likely explore in depth next season.

Still, this show was such a delight. The character dynamics were great, the grief rep was also good and I genuinely was just looking forward to what these people were up to each week. It perfectly encapsulated how messy life can be, how much the people in your life shape who you are and what you do and how important it is to have someone to confide in. Big recommendation from me!

Sanditon (Season 3/Final Season)

 What a lovely end to the series! I know we were all worried when so many of the leading men left the show after season 1, but Alexander Colbourne was the romantic hero we needed in the end. In true Darcy fashion he was always supportive of Charlotte and her needs, wishes and dreams, while staying aloof in public.

I liked that pretty much everyone got a happy ending (even my beloved Arthur), but if I could have done without one storyline, it would have been the redemption arc for Edward. That was so unnecessary. I guess I can support growth in men, but just let some of them be the evil shits that they are. I was appalled at the writers creating something with him and Augusta – who is still so very young on top of things. 

Initially, I was worried about the addition of many new characters in the final season, but I want to give a special shoutout to Sam, Alexander’s brother, because he was great! Finally someone we could trust. 


The Way Home (Season 1)

I’m so sad that the finale is already this Sunday – so, tomorrow – because the show is absolutely fantastic. Last episode was so freaking heartbreaking, because despite me having expected that to happen, it was so sad to see it play out on screen. Still, so many questions left and I’m happy there’s another season.

School Spirits (Season 1)

Wally is the kind of golden retriever lovable jock character that I will always, always, always fall in love with and root for. I don’t know if I really want him to move on though, which I feel like is what we’re heading towards, just because I like what he brings to the show.

The Company You Keep (Season 1)

I KNEW it was Emma’s people who picked up Charlie. The crossover of their “jobs” is making me so anxious right now.

Will Trent (Season 1)

The break was way too long, I was so happy to have the show (and Betty) back on my screen. Will Trent keeps delivering, I’m so happy I gave the show a chance.

How I Met Your Father (Season 2)

She just met the guy that she’ll start dating and later think is her dad, right?

The Mandalorian (Season 3)

I’m not as invested this season. Maybe I’m watching too much or am just not in the right mood? It definitely feels like a me problem and not something that has to do with the show itself.

Ted Lasso (Season 3)

The episode made me cry and it’s only the second one in the season, but I loved it so much. Seeing the character growth that so many of them went through (looking at you in particular Tart!) and also having Trent Crimm back. I just LOVE it!

9-1-1: Lone Star (Season 4)

Now that’s what I call an actual Marjan episode! So well done!!

Good Trouble (Season 5)

Denvia is offical and we love to see it! I only truly care about Luca other than that, sorry.

9-1-1 (Season 6)

A Buck/Bobby-centric episode will always be great, because of how well these characters were built. I’m just so freaking anxious about the sperm donor storyline … not the future dad having doubts now. I swear if that woman stands in front of Buck with a baby and the guy having left or something … I will riot, cause I don’t like that one bit.

Station 19 (Season 6)

The Beckett stuff got really heavy and I hope we can conclude it all next week.

Grey’s Anatomy (Season 19)

Fantastic storytelling this season! It really feels dystopian to see the current legislature of the US bringing the country back to dark times. It’s not even just fiction, this is happening.


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Perfect Addiction

Hmmm … how best to describe this movie without being mean? I guess it’s like a spicy wattpad story brought to the screen?

We truly rushed through this one in terms of story – the MC gives you a 5 minute rundown of her life and you just have to take her at her word – and rather focused on the steamy sex fantasies, I suppose. I think this movie works as a nice weekend watch alone or at a girls night, but it really isn’t great. It’s formulaic in a bad way and instead of showing you stuff, it just constantly tells you things. I kind of expected Ross Butler to be better at picking roles, but he was hot?

Did you watch anything I’ve watched? Are there some more movies/shows I should take a look at? Let’s talk about that!