Kat’s Weekly TV & Movie Recap #61

Where I ramble about all the TV shows and movies I’ve watched in the past week ….

I know, I know, it’s time for the monthly wrap-up, but we’re doing that one on Monday. The weekend is for me to bore you with all the stuff I have watched or might watch. And there’s loads to talk about this week!


The Way Home (Season 1)

I’ve said it several times in the past week, but I’ll say it again: The Way Home was the most un-Hallmark-esque show I could imagine and surprised me in all the best ways! I mean, it’s a show about time travel, has a mystery-element, deals with complex family relationships and is set in my beloved Canada. They’ve built up the intrigue perfectly, hooked me with such a shipable ship and made me happiest by renewing it for more seasons. They’ve already created the arc for what will come and I’m so here for it. So, the lesson of the day: DON’T LET A CHEESY TRAILER FOOL YOU!

Class of ’07 (Season 1)

This show is just WILD! There’s no better way to describe it, because each episode just kept getting whackier. Imagine kind of a Yellowjackets theme, but make it a comedy and an actual apocalyptic event. The fact that it has an exclusively female cast kind of made it all the better? 

It’s really hard to describe the show in detail, because you just need to witness it, but it was an interesting and fun study of how women would behave stranded on an island without many resources in this day and age. The relationship dynamics, the power struggle, the craziness … you just have to experience it for yourself.

Also, the music was just a real blast from the past!

Up Here (Season 1)

Me, a person who is not into musicals, watching a musical show? It’s not as unlikely as you might think. Having said that, I will admit that I kind of zoned out during many of the songs and unfortunately wouldn’t be able to tell you anything about them at this point. I’m not the most reliable person when it comes to reviewing music anyway, I have *unique* taste (or as my friends call it – random!).

Either way, Mae Whitman and Carlos Valdes worked together really well. I totally felt that special connection between them. However, it must be said, that I thought the voices in their head would play a bigger/more constant role. In the end, they weren’t as big of a plot point as I thought they might be. 


Ride (Season 1)

I told you I’d find a replacement cowboy show while all my stuff was on hiatus AND I DID!

School Spirits (Season 1)

LOVE THIS SHOW! I have no clue what happened to Maddie, but I love my ghost buds and the way they regularly make me cry.

The Company You Keep (Season 1)

Plot twist after plot twist! Who would have thought we’d get so much revealed so soon? Everyone was expecting it to happen towards the finale of the season, but I dig it.

Will Trent (Season 1)

Not going to lie, my biological clock kind of started ticking seeing Will with Betty AND A KID!?

How I Met Your Father (Season 2)

Honestly, did not need Barney back on the show? He just felt weird.

The Mandalorian (Season 3)

I just feel bad for not loving this season. So sorry.

Ted Lasso (Season 3)

How does Jamie just keep getting better and better as a character? I love him so much at this point. 

Also, YES to the Colin storyline. People claiming it came out of nowhere and that he’s not an established character – where have you been??? The seed for that story has been planted for a while now.

9-1-1: Lone Star (Season 4)

Did not think we would see Pierce again, but not mad that we did. That was, as a whole, kinda cool.

Good Trouble (Season 5)

If they ruin Denvia with the musical and the drug (???) storyline, I’m gonna be so pissed. But at least my baby Luca is getting some love now as well. He was a great addition to the cast.

Station 19 (Season 6)

Ugh, Ruiz is not fit to be captain right now. I don’t know why that was inserted, he has stated like a million times that he doesn’t want to be captain anymore. I also feel like his relationship with Vic is a bit shaky now. I just don’t like it.

Grey’s Anatomy (Season 19)

They really had everyone on the edge of their seat with the promo, thinking Addison was a goner, but it was really about something else. Still, an impacting episode! The only thing I’m miffed about is Maggie and Winston getting kinda ruined.


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Prom Pact

What I’m about to say is huge, but this movie – Prom Pact – has the potential to become one of those iconic teen movies! It has all the components I loved from films I watched growing up (and the 2000s had some great teen romance movies), but without any of the problematic stuff in it. It kind of gives me John Tucker Must Die meets Honor Society. I really thought I knew how this movie was going to go, what the conflict was going to be (and in part I was right), but it held so many pleasant surprises. Also, the cast vibed really well together and the chemistry totally felt believable. As someone who is currently very much into Milo Manheim’s performance on School Spirits, it was also a joy to see him be adorable and amazing in another role. But again, the entire cast nailed it!

PLEASE, go watch this movie! I’d love to see this one do well!

Rye Lane

People say it’s hard to come up with something new for the RomCom genre, but Rye Lane delivered 100%. From the get go, you can see a unique style and vision for the movie that carries it the whole way through. It might not be for everyone, as it can get quite busy sometimes, but I think they did something great with this movie.

The chemistry between the leads was impeccable and I always love movies that manage to explore so much in basically just a day/night. Like, there was some wild stuff in there, but also so much relatable storytelling. Another big recommendation!

Did you watch anything I’ve watched? Are there some more movies/shows I should take a look at? Let’s talk about that!