Trailers You Might Have Missed … (April 24-30/2023)

Trailers You Might Have Missed This Week

We get trailers every single week, but I feel like they really blessed us with some great stuff these past couple of days. Let’s dive right in on this final day of April!



It looks SO GOOD! I really hope this one takes off, because it looks so interesting.

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes

I’m kind of miffed just how GOOD this looks. Like, the parallels are already showing in the trailer, the movie is going to be unhinged. I just know all the girlies are lusting after young Snow already and I can’t … that man took one of my all time favorite characters from me. I need y’all to promise me to not fall for his charm, we cannot redeem him!

Strange Way of Life

No idea what’s going on, not usually an Almodovar fan and this looks weirdly camp, but it’s Pedro. I will be seated.


Not a duo I expected at all, but it looks so funny.

The Flash

Look, there’s just no way I will support this movie. DC lost me, even if they got Michael Keaton back.

Maggie Moore(s)

Why is this so funny?

Next Goal Wins

Did not expect Fassbender in this kind of role, but I, too, would do any project that Taika Waititi is involved in.

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

I’m really not sure I’ve watched all the movies leading up to this one. I feel like I’m missing something.

A Haunting in Venice

Such a great cast, so much haunting.

Buddy Games: Spring Awakening

Apparently this is a sequel, but to a movie I literally have no recollection of.

A Beautiful Life

No clue what the movie is about, but that was a nice song.

Johnny & Clyde

Avan Jogia is making weird acting choices.

It Lives Inside

I just saw the actress from Never Have I Ever, but I don’t think I can stomach this movie.

TV Shows

XO, Kitty

I’m so HERE FOR IT! And Kitty definitely isn’t a kid anymore.


THIS is my kind of show. Give me all the complicated platonic ish.

Barracuda Queens

Immediately gave me Bling Ring vibes, just with different motives.

The Tailor

Netflix is really going for those “loosely based on true events” kind of stories.

Black Knight

That looks like some good dystopian post-apocalyptic stuff.

Twisted Metal

They really think they can adapt more games now that some were successful, eh?

Heartstopper (Season 2 Date Announcement)


And Just Like That (Season 2)

Never check into the previous season, so can’t say much.

The Witcher (Season 3)

Still can’t imagine Henry being recast … with someone younger?

Black Mirror (Season 6)

I kinda thought we were already living in the latest season of Black Mirror … but I shall tune in (to selected episodes) again!

Did you spot something you would like to watch? Let’s chat!

16 thoughts on “Trailers You Might Have Missed … (April 24-30/2023)

  1. Thoughts:
    1. Wish: Hmm…it’s been a while since I’ve actually been interested in watching a Disney movie not under the Marvel banner. I may check this out.
    2. The Flash: I’ll only see it to stave off FOMO.
    3. A Haunting in Venice: I read the book this is based on earlier this year. And I am not seeing any resemblance besides the lead character and the relation to Halloween, so far. Apparently they did more than change the setting with this adaptation!
    4. It Lives Inside: OMG, did someone make this movie just for me? I WANT TO SEE IT!!!


  2. I can’t wait for XO Kitty and I was really excited to see that Black Mirror is coming back. I didn’t think it ever would, but I agree with you I feel; it feels like we’ve been living in an episode of the show for some time now.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wish does look cute!
    I’ll admit, I haven’t been so much looking forward to the Ballad book and then the movie when it was first announced – BECAUSE WE NEEDED A HAYMITCH BOOK MORE. But after the trailer I’m like… hmm okay… so what other book can I put off reading so I can read Ballads. And then of course a reread of The Hunger Games because why not 😂 But that can be done uhhh closer to the actual time of the movie lol.

    No but literally I see Pedro and I’m like “add to watchlist”
    Honestly was very sceptical at first with the Robots trailer but then it actually looks so funny and good?

    I need to uhh read the To all the Boys books and then watch the movies because I’ve only seen the first movie. But I liked it and enjoyed Kitty’s character and the trailer looks very cute.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was obsessed with the Hunger Game books at some point in my teen years, but I just don’t know if I can dive back in. I’m not really a person who rereads and I worry that something will taint my memory for some reason.

      Pedro really is THAT guy at the moment. We all love him and he so deserves it.

      The To all the Boys books are really very different from the movies. I’ve read them all and at some point, you really do wonder where some of the plot points went. But I liked the movies regardless and am VERY excited for XO, Kitty. This is totally new material!


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