Hi there and welcome to my blog – LIFE AND OTHER DISASTERS!

My name is Kat, which is short for Katja. I’m from Vienna, Austria, which means English is not my native language? My mother tongue is German, so sometimes there are still slight errors, but if you stick around for a while, you’ll notice that I’ve lived all over the world and tend to travel for long stretches of time. English really feels like the language of my heart sometimes. (*cough* cheesy *cough*)

How does this work you may ask? Well, you are in luck, because here’s a list of the things I am covering in this part os the internet I get to call my own:

  • All sorts of movies and TV shows I’ve watched (and believe me, I watch a lot!)
  • Everything from book reviews to tags and even the occasional writing-related post.
  • Whatever life throws at me and I feel the urge to share.

So, that’s it! Everything’s fairly simple around here. If you have further questions – don’t hesitate to leave a comment or check out the Contact Information section for my e-mail address and other Social Media information.

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