Trailers You Might Have Missed … (March 12-18)

I wish I had something really exciting to tell you all, but there’s nothing I can disclose freely as of yet. However, this week brought about some really interesting developments and I cannot wait to see where everything will go from here on out. Enough of me being cryptic though, let’s get on with some trailers!


Avengers: Infinity War

This is already really stressful to watch, but our boy Spidey’s lines were hilarious.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

I would be infinitely more happy if Johnny Depp wasn’t part of this and if some other things were different as well. I did get chills at the end though! (I think it’s the theme music …)

Sorry to Bother You

It looks really wacky, but in a good way? I mean – that cast!

Happy Anniversary

This is my kind of romantic comedy.

Life Itself

It looks freaking emotional, but what else do you expect from the person who made This Is Us??


I am not made for movies like this, maybe especially if they are based on real events. But … Sam …

Can You Forgive Me?

I just never expect Melissa McCarthy to do a serious role.

6 Balloons

That escalated quickly.


It’s a Tessa Thompson kind of week.

Eight Grade

I’d check it out because Bo Burnham wrote and directed it.


This looks messed up, but I guess Evan Rachel Wood likes the deeply psychological stuff.

Sun Dogs

I don’t understand why this is titled as a comedy movie?

TV Shows

The 100 (Season 5)

Soooo … I know this was a long trailer, but this didn’t give me any actual helpful information. I need Clarke to be reunited with the peeps from space like asap and from the looks of this, it won’t happen any time soon.

Alexa & Katie

Netflix starts to have more and more teen shows with strong Nickelodeon/Disney vibes.

The Fosters (Series Finale)

I sort of stopped watching this after season 1 and a half? But in case anyone is interested.


Well, this definitely tells me more than the teaser did.

That’s it for this week! What are you watching? Will you check out any of the things I mentioned today? Let’s talk!

Trailers You Might Have Missed … (March 5-11)

This week has messed with my inner clock a little bit and also with the time I posted on the blog. I hope to get back to something a tiny bit more regulated in the upcoming weeks, but let me tell you, my schedule is beyond packed and I am just not used to it anymore. Anyhow, you can count on your weekly dose of trailers, so here they are!


Mary Poppins Returns

I love the look of this so much, I cannot handle the excitement!

Christopher Robin

Didn’t Goodbye Christopher Robin JUST come out? Is there some kind of Winnie the Pooh anniversary I am not aware of?


I am always in awe of the transformations Charlize goes through for movies.

The Seagull

Is it just me or is the voice over making this look cheaper than it probably is? It feels outdated.

The Grinch

It’s too early for Christmas related movies for me.

Boss Baby: Back in Business

There is a sequel? ALREADY!?

Borg vs. McEnroe

Well, well, Shia hasn’t been on the big screen in a while.

The House of Tomorrow

Asa’s roles always seem a tiny bit similar to each other. I mean, wasn’t he just secluded on Mars for the last movie?

First Match

I sure hope she swims and doesn’t sink.

The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter

Hmm … this doesn’t give me enough to guess whether I’d watch it or not.

Take Your Pills

Documentary of the week.

TV Shows

Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events (Season 2)

It looks so good and I cannot wait for the Baudelaires to work with the Quagmire triplets.

Lost in Space

The production value of this looks amazing.

Luke Cage (Season 2)

Not gonna lie, I’d rather have Daredevil S3 but at least this looks a tiny bit more fast paced than the first season.

Santa Clarita Diet (Season 2)

I still haven’t watched the first one. I am just not that big on zombie stuff.


I love the look of this. Damn Starz for always making their shows look pretty.

Killing Eve

Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer – sign me up!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I needed that show back like a lot a lot.

Legion (Season 2)

This show is such a mind-bender.

Timeless (Season 2)

Lyatt is rising!

That’s it for this week! What are you watching? How are you doing? Let’s chat!

Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Feb 26 – March 4)

I don’t know where you live or what kind of temperature you have where you are at, but it’s freaking cold where I live! I tried my best, but because I had to leave the house, I was kind of grumpy for parts of the week. It felt like the cold settled right into my bones. Anyway, that’s not what you are here for, let’s take a look at the trailers!


Wreck-it Ralph 2

OMG! The terror in the little kid’s face at the end!!!

Book Club

This looks like so much fun!

Fahrenheit 451

Killmonger wanting to burn stuff down again. Just kidding! But I’d seriously watch anything with Michael B. Jordan.


I am never not going to be sad when I see Anton Yelchin.


Looks so dramatic.

The Defiant Ones

Documentary of the week.

TV Shows

New Girl (Season 7)

This season better be epic, because I thought we were already done haha

Life Sentence

Not gonna lie, I am really interested in seeing how they will pull off that show.

Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger

I am really excited for this, but I am not going to lie, I am a bit worried that it’s on Freeform. There’s just a couple networks out there that I have more faith in.

Famous in Love (Season 2)

So much drama!



Once Upon a Time (7×11)

Look at this and tell me it doesn’t look badass. I am so bitter they cancelled it.


Starz always seems to make real good, aesthetically pleasing, slow dramas.

What are you watching? I am just so happy UnREAL is back! Let’s chat!

Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Feb 19-25)

I honestly barely remember what I have done this week, except that I watched Black Panther and I keep dreaming about gorillas every single night since (there must be some correlation there, right? M’Baku and the Jabari tribe anyone?). It was fantastic and I am so glad everyone loves this movie, because it deserves all the attention. However, now on to some new trailers and such!


On Chesil Beach

I’d watch absolutely anything with Saoirse Ronan in it. ANYTHING.


This looks really good! I just definitely didn’t expect Daniel Craig to show up.


Aweee, are dance movies coming back?

Final Portrait

I might have shown that trailer already at some point … but Armie.

The Happys

Is it just me or is this trailer all over the place?

I Can Only Imagine

Oh boy, those music movies are always trying to be so inspiring.

Izzy Gets The F*ck Across Town

Such a mess.

The Outsider

People really like to use Ruelle for trailer music.

The Forgiven

Sometimes I have such a hard time ignoring prosthetics.

Flint Town

Documentary of the week.

TV Shows

Lost in Space

It’s in space. I’d watch it!


I CANNOT WAIT! It’s like a kind of Mindy Project reunion and I am here for it.

Timeless (Season 2)

I think those are like all the Timeless teasers in one.

Jessica Jones (Season 2)

LOL, who made her go to anger management?


I thought this was a film, but it’s a mini-series.

Legion (Season 2)

They know how to do creepy promos!

The Expanse (Season 3)

I kind of stopped watching this in season 1, so I have no idea what’s happening.

How are you doing? What are you watching? Let’s chat!


Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Feb 5-11)

It has been a mediocre week for me. I didn’t really get to do all the things I wanted to or set my mind on, however, I completely fell into a Peaky Blinders binge that took over my life and I have no regrets. Anyway, here are some trailers!




Solo: A Star Wars Story

The best part of this trailer is Donald Glover and no one can tell me otherwise.

Deadpool 2

I remember them filming it in Vancouver so much, so I am curious to see all the locations when it comes out.

Avengers: Infinity War

The music is so epic.

I Feel Pretty

So, okay … I think Amy Schumer is completely overrated and I have neither liked her movies nor comedy specials thus far. But this … I can get on board with this?

Life of the Party

I love how cool the daughter is about her mum being at her university.

All I Wish

Oh, it’s Fitz from Scandal.


I love Sophie Turner, but this has such creepy vibes.

Bad Samartian

Why does David Tennant make such a good villain?


Don’t think it’s for me.


I think I only want to watch it to look out for the scenes I was there while filming for.

TV Shows

Jessica Jones (Season 2)


Westworld (Season 2)


Everything Sucks!

The 90s nostalgia is strong with this one.

Legends of Tomorrow (Season 3B)

New night and also new cast addition, because Wally West is switching from Flash to Legends!


It looks more and more like Glee, but less silly?

That’s it for this week! What are you watching?

Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Jan 29-Feb 4)

I am so tired, people! Yesterday I basically did a 10-hour-binge-watch of Altered Carbon. Even the show tweeted me because they seemed a bit concerned about my well being and now I am pretty much done with life. But I have trailers, so here they are!


Ant-Man and the Wasp

Uhm … I expected better?

When We First Me

YAS! Sing me up! I’ve missed those chill romcoms without high stakes.

Irreplaceable You

Love the cast and I’m going to cry like a baby watching this.


Alicia AND James McAvoy in a movie that probably ends very tragically!

One & Two

Uuuuh, it’s Timothée Chalamet and the girl who’s going to play Sabrina in the Riverdale spin-off!


Tense is definitely the vibe I am getting.

Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home

This looks dumb, but in a fun way. (For those who didn’t see the FAKE in the trailer title again, this is NOT an actual movie!)

The Week Of

Maybe? I am just not the biggest Sandler fan …


I wonder if Alexander’s character really won’t say a single word during the entire movie.


I don’t know if it’s because of Jon Hamm but this is giving me Black Mirror vibes … with less technology.


Skyscraper (Teaser)

I was there when they filmed that a couple of times!

TV Shows

On My Block

Looks good!

Station 19

Still more into Firehouse 51, but it is very cool that a woman will be front and center here.


Yeah, I guess I’ll watch it.

Castle Rock

Damn you, Bill Skarsgård, for always doing creepy stuff!

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

Not sure I needed a TV show for this, but I do love John Krasinski and I am just glad that Tom Cruise has nothing to do with this. Also, solid sound mixing!

What will you be watching? Are you looking forward to anything in particular? Let’s chat!

#CurrentlyWatching: Marvel’s Runaways

I am not going to promise I will have a theme every week, but last week was unusual weird shows and this week is all about heroes, mutants and villains! I’ll get started with a comic book adaptation that I personally haven’t checked out yet, but heard a lot about (and I really, really want to take a look at the new Rainbow Rowell run!) – Marvel’s Runaways!

The show premiered on hulu last November and is comprised of 10 episodes so far. For once I am actually happy to tell you that it was already renewed for a second season, so there’s no begging from my side to watch it. Unless you want to of course! That’s what these posts are for after all!

Former friends have to band together to find out the truth about the possibly evil doings of their parents – High School and romantic drama included.

Hmmm, how do I start this … don’t expect them to run away right in the beginning? The show takes quite a lot longer than the comics to establish all the different relationships and dynamics. The pace continues to be on the slow side, focusing more on the teen drama than the superpowers. I am not the best person to discuss the changes that were made from the source material to the product you can see on screen, however, most people I talked to didn’t mind that the show is a bit different (also, fingers crossed that some things maybe never happen to begin with?). The show definitely took the characters on a more superficial level and changed their background completely. As I said, I don’t really have anything to compare it to, but I personally really enjoyed what I got to watch.

First of all, this is a show about parents and their children. I have to say that in this particular genre, that’s not something we get to see all too often. Most teenagers questions their parents and their parents’ beliefs as they get older, but this takes it to a whole new level. There are secrets that even the viewer doesn’t get the full scope of and people at play that we don’t get to see until late in the game. It is the sad truth that maybe they have to face that their parents are just not good people and that is never easy.

It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the different characters. I loved discovering their abilities and interests – there was something unique and relatable about each one of them as various topics ranging from domestic abuse, adoption, suicide, adultery, sexual orientation, moral issues and just plain discovering yourself get discussed and dealt with individually and as a group.

My favourite character in the whole series would probably have to be Gert. Her sisterly relationship with Molly is amazing and the girl has “control” over a dinosaur! It barely gets cooler than that, except that she is a feminist and outspoken but also soft and confused when it comes to her crush. I am not saying she is perfect! Because she crosses the border, especially when it comes to Karolina and that’s just not cool. Which brings me to my next point!

We actually get our first canon gay Marvel on-screen couple! Nico and Karolina are so freaking cute, I almost feel sorry for the guys who fancy them (well, more Alex than Chase, but whatever). The build up for those two was amazing. I could feel it in lingering glances from the early episodes on, but I really enjoyed how it grew and to them actually admitting their feelings.

Lastly, I just really enjoyed how the show dealt with seemingly heavy topics, but cloaked them between villains and superpowers and regular teen drama. There is still room for improvement, but I am definitely excited to see what they will bring to the table in Season 2!

Have you watched Runaways? Do you want to? What are your thoughts on the show? Let’s talk!