Kat’s Weekly TV & Movie Recap #27

It’s been a busy, busy week for me, so I haven’t found the time to spend much time on the blog or watching anything. This is going to be a very brief recap of shows and movies!


I don’t think I finished anything this week!? I’m now up to date with Campaign 3 of Critical Role, which feels odd, but also rewarding whenever I get to watch the episodes live now.


Good Trouble (Season 4)

Davia and Dennis continue to be infuriating, but I love Davia’s gig as a teacher. She’s doing such great work with Elliot, I just fear that relationship getting messed up when she eventually starts dating his father … which is totally what this is leading up to.

Roswell, New Mexico (Season 4)

I definitely understand why Malex as a ship is so popular, but I’m still salty because of how Malex fans treated Maria. Still, the show is doing those fans dirty by not having had Alex be in the show at all for most of the (final !!!) season so far.


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Don’t Make Me Go

Hannah Marks is one of my favorite directors. John Cho is an incredible actor, who is just mighty fine in the role of a dad. Add to that an emotional road trip? Sounds like perfection to me, but I am FURIOUS at the third act of the film. It didn’t come out of nowhere exactly, but it still felt like a rushed twist that didn’t pay off the way they likely intended it to. Up to that point, it had been a really great movie, but the end just doesn’t leave you satisfied.

Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between

Netflix realized that people really love YA book adaptations and apparently bought a bunch of rights to stuff. First we had To All the Boys and Moxie, but they really stepped it up this year. Along for the Ride, Love & Gelato (which I still need to watch) and this movie all within a couple months.

I don’t mind the return of the 90-minute flicks that are merely mediocre. I know that we, as film geeks and an audience with a certain palette, can get better, but it was alright. The cast has previously done some amazing stuff, so this was just … not really it. But it’s nice enough!

Did you watch anything I’ve watched? Let’s talk about that!

Kat’s Weekly TV & Movie Recap #26

I’ve spent most of my week watching the 2020 BYU lectures on creative writing by Brandon Sanderson (which are fantastic and available for free on YouTube), but somehow I still watched a bunch of TV shows and yes, even movies. Let’s check them out!


Ms. Marvel (Season 1)

Ms. Marvel‘s first season was an utter delight. If my memory serves me right, each episode was named after a comic book volume or issue and many characters got their MCU debut. I’m still a little bit sad at just how much her powers and her origins were changed (it’s confirmed now that she’s not Inhuman in this one), but I loved what the show brought to the table.

It had fast pacing, unique visuals and really charming personalities. I especially appreciated the cultural and historical backstory that was brought into this mainstream superhero universe. I love that we’re getting different point of views now.
While I got a bit overwhelmed with Marvel content as of late, this felt like a fresh take and it was fun to see more origin stories without too high a stakes in TV format. Obviously, it wouldn’t be a Marvel Disney+ show, if it didn’t continue in some sort of movie or other show, but what can you do! Really good 9/10 for me!

SkyMed (Season 1)

I more or less binged the whole first season in one go and I have no regrets. I’m not the right person to tell you whether SkyMed is medically accurate or not, but I can still tell you a lot about the shows. Most of it is very much focused on the romantic relationships of the various team members, nurses/medical staff and captains alike, but I was pleasantly surprised by it’s incorporation of indigenous communities, their struggles and the discrimination and prejudice they face.

Set in my beloved Canada, SkyMed is an easy watch, with way too much relationship drama, but gripping storylines nonetheless.

The Bear (Season 1)

Okay, I watched The Bear and I get it now. It’s formidably acted, well shot and manages to feel way too real. Just the other day, we got the confirmation that the show was renewed for another season and I’m very pleased by that fact. At the same time, I have to just say that The Bear gave me such anxiety while watching. I used to work as a waitress and I had nightmares about service rush hours for weeks when I started, it stressed me out so much. That show embodies that stress.

But as I said, it’s super realistic.


Good Trouble (Season 4)

I love that we’re tackling Luca’s story and homelessness this season. I also love Davia’s new plotline as a private teacher. She’s so going to hook up with the dad at some point, but we all saw that coming the moment he opened the door.

There was no Dennis or Malika at all this episode and they were missed.


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Persuasion (2022)

Persuasion is my absolute #1 Austen story and yes, I’m the kind of person who judges others based on their favorite Austen novel, so you can go ahead and judge me too if you want.

Prior to the release of Netflix’ Persuasion, there were a lot of bad reviews coming out, but none of them could dampen my spirits. And honestly, I’m glad I went in with an open mind, because I loved this movie. It was fun and funny, while still having very heartfelt moments. Birdy’s song “Quietly Yours“, which was specifically released for the movie, is beautiful and stuck in my head.

I love nothing more than sharing a conspiratorial look with Dakota Johnson’s Anne and laugh at the foolishness of some of these characters. The 4th wall breaks were perfect for me. If you liked shows like Dickinson or the latest Emma adaptation, I would say this isn’t nearly as extreme and you could easily enjoy this as well.

The Princess

What can I say? The Princess was such a disappointment?

I guess I just expected there to be more of a plot to it, but dang, that was a thin storyline. You can’t argue about the fight choreo though, because it was great. If you like action and the princess saving herself, this might just be for you. I thought it was fine enough, but for me to truly fall in love with a movie, it needs a bit more substance.

Did we watch anything I’ve watched? Let’s talk about that!

This or That: Comparing English/American & German Book Covers! #2

Not too long ago, I compared book covers from different countries and you all seemed to really enjoy that. Therefore, I’m bringing this feature back and hope you all enjoy another round of pitching UK/US covers against German ones.

Obviously these are all my own, very subjective opinions! BUT I’d love nothing more than to hear your thoughts in the comments below, because the discussions were a lot of fun last time around. Also, as a little heads up, I don’t actually know which covers are from the US or the UK – I just either pick the one I own or see the most.


a face made of stars with their eyes closed only the title of the book written in white all caps below it - "Sleeping Giants"       The cover is white with one robotic eye with a light blue iris. The black font takes up most of the space saying "Giants - Sie sind erwacht"

The Themis Files are one of my all time favorite Science Fiction series and I’m the proud owner of the hardcover copies, which I will gladly display on my shelf. The stars are actually all made to look shiny and silver and it’s such a treat to look at.

The German cover however … WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? First of all, “Giants – They have awoken” (which is the translated title of “Giants – Sie sind erwacht” sound so incredibly menacing and that message is just underlined with the cover. It completely loses the whimsy and curious feeling of wanting to explore space and discover who might else be out there. All the German cover gives me is evil robot vibes.

Right out of the gate, I have to hand this to the UK/US cover! So much more beautiful!

Read my review of Sleeping Giants here.


A girl, who's face we cannot see, is riding a bike on a beach. The cover text says "Along for the Ride" in dark blue and "Sarah Dessen" in a lighter blue font     You can see the bare feet of a girl who is sitting on a washing machine and the back of a boy in jeans and a dark blue shirt. The title says "Because of you" in the curve of the washing machine door in red font and "Sarah Dessen" in orange font

In terms of the themes shown on the covers, both versions of Along for the Ride are valid. If you’ve read the book, you know that it ties into the story either way, but I have to admit that this isn’t an entirely fair fight. The cover on the left is a recently updated version, due to the release of the Netflix adaptation a couple months ago. While the original version from the 2010s still shows a girl on a bike, it has the same “outdated” look as the cover on the right.

I’m not super mad about the “German” cover, especially considering from when it is, but I’m definitely confused about the title change. Why choose something English, but not the original title? Sure, I know that they worry about people understanding it and “Because of you” is easier, but it still feels like an incredibly odd choice and not as fitting.

As I said, it wasn’t fair to begin with, but this one goes to the UK/US one again, just because it looks fresher.

Read my review of the Along for the Ride and the comparison to the movie here.


a cubic looking red bird is mirrored by a blue one. The title of the book is "This Is How You Lose the Time War"       The background is a dark blue, on the right upper corner are blue leaves with geometrically placed light blue dots. On the lower left corner is a branch of deep red berries. The title of the book is "Verlorene der Zeit"

This Is How You Lose the Time War is a unique book and I can see the struggle of having to encapsulate that in a cover. I enjoy the simple background and the fractured birds from the English language cover, but I also understand the thought process behind the German one.

They once again chose to change the title, which would mean “Lost ones in time” if you translated it. Personally, I prefer the wittiness and the promise that comes with the original English title more. The one the German publisher chose makes me think about stranded people, rather than a complex story about how love can topple the best of plans.

This is very much a personal preference, but I’m once again here for the English language cover.

Read my review of the book here.


a blue and green landscape of a small mountain town with figures skating on a frozen lake to play hockey. The title says "Beartown" in large white font that partially gets hidden by the tree line       a blue and green landscape of a small town. The title of the book is "Kleine Stadt der großen Träume", which means "Small town of big dreams"

Sometimes changes can be much more subtle, but still impact a lot. At first glance, these two covers are obviously very similar, but again … curious choices from the German publisher.

For those of you who don’t know, Beartown is a book about a Swedish High School hockey team that is about to make it big and help out the entire town with their success. The original cover has the hints of boys playing hockey right there, but because the German publisher amped up the saturation and made the green color more prevalent, it now looks like a small town with a field of grass rather than a frozen lake.

This is one of the few occasions where I’m actually fine with the translated title though. “Small town of big dreams” makes a lot of sense in this context. I’m going to say this is a tie, despite me actually leaning more towards the original cover.

Read my review of Beartown here.


the background looks like a light wooden floor, with crushed pink flowers strewn on it. The title "It ends with us" by "Colleen Hoover" is written in a slightly darker pink than the flowers are colored over the entirety of the cover      

It Ends With Us is the only Colleen Hoover book I’ve read, but since it’s having its renaissance on TikTok/BookTok, I thought I could feature it as well. To begin with, the German title translates to “Just one last time”, which fits the novel still, but conveys a very different message to the original title in my mind.

Again, these covers aren’t super different from one another and yet … the UK/US one just looks better. There’s something about the German one that makes it seem cheap, maybe it’s the white background, maybe it’s the changed font for the author’s name? I don’t know, but my vote goes to the English cover again.

Read my review of the book here!

That’s it, you’ve made it! The UK/US covers are the obvious winners! I don’t even need to tally the exact points. I really tried to put more effort into finding good German covers this time around, but somehow they keep disappointing me. Maybe I’ll have more luck next time?

What did you think of the revival of this feature? Would you like to see more comparisons in the future? Let’s chat!

Kat’s Weekly TV & Movie Recap #25

I had a really busy week, so this post on what I’ve been watching comes a bit delayed. However, I’m ALMOST caught up on Campaign 3 of Critical Role, which means I’ll have way too much time on my hands afterwards and there’s likely going to be more to watch that isn’t CR related. But let’s check out the latest stuff for today!


Maggie (Season 1)

This show was originally supposed to air on ABC last fall, but then just never came. Now it all got released on hulu, which is great for me – because I can binge it all in one go – but not exactly good news for the show. I doubt it will miraculously draw in a huge crowd, although I really enjoyed the show.

Yes, it’s sometimes silly and doesn’t have the most natural characters out there, but rather over the top characterizations, but still … I had a lot of fun and I’d actually like to explore it some more. I thought I’d know exactly what the show would be based on the trailer, but it had some sweet turns and twists. Also, I’d just love to have the body type and budget to get Maggie’s entire wardrobe. More please!

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Season 1)

It’s no secret that I very much enjoyed the show while it aired and am already extremely hyped for the next season, which is confirmed and filming and all is good in my world.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds felt like the perfect mix between OG Star Trek vibes and new interpretation of the material. It’s truly the best of both worlds with continuous storytelling for the characters, but case-of-the-week adventures each episode regardless. We could just tell the same stories over and over and over again, but I feel like they changed it up in just the right way. I got into a bit of a slump in the last third of the season, but they really knocked it out of the park in the season finale! I did not expect to meet certain characters already (despite knowing they were cast for S2 a while back) and it just made me so happy to explore where we’ll be going. Season 2 is going to be great!

Also, this version of Pike will forever be my favorite. Just saying ….

The Boys (Season 3)

I feel like I wasn’t very invested this season, which doesn’t necessarily speak to its quality at all.

To me, this show just does the same each season and I don’t know where it will end or if they’ll eventually end it. It’s so very violent, which I try to tune out, because I do not care for it, but it also has a lot of heart underneath it. My favorites are always Frenchie and Kimiko, but I think each one of “The Boys” got their time to shine.  It’s super eerie how it was only this season that some people realized that the show is satire of real life politics … disconcerting to be honest.


Ms. Marvel (Season 1)

While I super appreciate a blast from the past to explain certain things, I was also glad that not the entire episode took place there. The season is so short and it already feels like they’re going to have to rush through a million things next week, or leave a lot of open ends to be explored in upcoming movies … both of which isn’t ideal.

Good Trouble (Season 4)

Look, I love having the show back, but … this is taking too long. And by “this” I mean Davia and Dennis. I love a good slow burn like anyone else, but come on!? New potential love interests for both of them?? For what!?


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No movies this week, sorry.

Did we watch some of the same things or do you plan to? Let’s talk about that!

June 2022 Wrap-Up

I don’t know about you, but June was a stressful month for me. I went on a bit of a mini-hiatus, which feels pretty silly to say considering that I still posted 3-4 times a week, but none of it felt very original. I more or less went through the motions, even though I had ideas for … well, more. If you were looking for bookish content in particular, dang it, I was not delivering.

In all of June, I read ONE book, which was fantastic, but I still didn’t feel like picking up anything else. Honestly, I unintentionally read a series of books that dealt with grief and a parent being sick/dying and it was just A LOT. I needed a bit of a break. However, This Time Tomorrow by Emma Staub was amazing and I have no regrets in reading it. 4.5 out of 5 stars!

This Time Tomorrow

As per usual, click on the covers to get re-directed to Goodreads, where you are always welcome to add me as a reading buddy! OR find me on Storygraph, where I have become more active this year. My own reviews you’re able to find by clicking on the titles in the list above, if there are posts for them.

Obviously, after such a barren reading month, I’m not all caught up on my reading goals anymore. Funnily enough, I’m still two books ahead of schedule, but the page count … not looking great. I’m not too worried, because I try not to let these challenges pressure me, but I hope I will actually get to read some more in July.

As I said, June was a busy, busy month for me. There was work, family and just personal stuff. It felt like there was always something happening, so I deliberately focused on simple joys and avoided being online too much. Can’t say that’s super easy when your literal job is working with social media, but I definitely turned it down in my private life. Now, I think I have a better handle on things and am looking forward to getting back into my routines or creating new ones.

Here’s a couple plans for the summer:

  • I finally bought my roller skates and while I can barely go more than a couple steps at a time, I’m determined to learn this skill. In my head it’s a really fun, outdoors-y activity and I need more of those.
  • As many of you have noticed, I got a bit obsessed with D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) and I’m actually going to host my own game – a one-shot based on the campaign the kiddos played in the first season of Stranger Things – sometime in August. I don’t have any maps or such, but I want to get crafty and make this a really memorable game for my cousins, who I’ve convinced to join me in this adventure. It’s kind of silly to DM a game first time you play it, but I’m gonna do it anyway.
  • Find a new go to bar/coffeeshop/hangout-place, because when I was Vancouver I loved being a regular at certain places. I need to learn more about the area I live in now and explore my options.

Something that also can’t stay unmentioned is the fact that Life and Other Disasters turned NINE YEARS OLD this past month! I still can’t quite believe that I’ve been doing this for so long (or that I pretty much forgot about the anniversary), but I’m proud of myself for sticking to this for so long. If you want to check out my celebratory post and a little Q&A click here.


I’m going to keep sharing this little insight into my stats until someone tells me to stop, which hasn’t happened yet. So, let’s take a peek at what was most popular in June:

  1. Should YOU Read “The Atlas Six”? (What I learned from my reread!)
    (originally posted March 2022)
    The ARCs for the sequel, The Atlas Paradox, are out in the world. I need to get my hands on one somehow, because I cannot wait to continue reading this story.
  2. Something Different: Duskwood (Game)
    (originally posted June 2020)
    With the game coming to a close, I guess people were looking it up more again, but I only reviewed the first couple chapters and not the whole thing.
  3. The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab (Book Review)
    (originally posted in December 2020)
    It’s always listed, kind of reassuring.
  4. Are Chris Evans and I compatible (readers)?
    (originally posted July 2021)
    I’m going to take a big guess and assume this is because of the release of Lightyear and the infamous puppy interview.
  5. Are Pedro Pascal and I compatible (readers)?
    (originally posted December 2021)
    I don’t actually know if there was a particular reason Pedro got searched more, but you won’t find me complaining.


I’m going to say two words: Critical Role! Okay, I’m going to say more than that, but I don’t think you all realize that ever since I discovered CR mid-June, I’ve watched more than 100+ hours of their content on YouTube. I also went and splurged in the EU Critical Role store, which is stocked terribly compared to the others! Please, someone, anyone who might read this and has a say in the matter, restock the items I want to buy. I really wanted to have Caduceus’ cardigan and the Keyleth dice set. PLEASE!!!
I already have a bucket hat, water bottle, Vox Machina and Mighty Nine dice sets as well as a chibi pin of my best boy – Dorian Storm. I AM OBSESSED!


I’ve been absolutely terrible at blog hopping, I really didn’t do much. If there’s a post you’re particularly fond of (your own or someone else’s), please don’t hesitate to link me up in the comments.






I wish you all a pleasant and stress-free July! I hope it’s a good one. Let’s chat!

Kat’s Weekly TV & Movie Recap #24

There’s a monthly recap coming, but I couldn’t resist posting this one first, even though I didn’t watch any movies. I watched a bunch of other stuff though and thought I’d catch you up on everything, because I have THOUGHTS. Let’s dive into it!


Exandria Unlimited: Kymal (two parter)

Look, in my household it’s always “missing Dorian Storm”-hour, so I couldn’t resist checking out this two-parter following Dorian and Cyrus after they parted ways with Bell’s Hells. Can’t say that this one was my favorite, it felt the least acted out and the most difficult to get going. Also, Cyrus felt much more like a himbo than he did in Campaign 3, but oh well, I’ll just roll with it.

Can Dorian come back to the main campaign now? He can bring some of the others, if he wants to, but I just need my blue boy back.

A Familiar Problem: Sprinkle’s Incredible Journey (one-shot)

This was the PERFECT palette cleanser after ExU: Calamity. Where Calamity wrecked my feels and left me on the verge of tears for the rest of the day, this was a pure delight. Yes, Marisha almost cries in the intro for the one-shot, but other than that, it’s just really funny! Well done on this new idea and bringing in some familiar characters. Literally never knew I just needed 3+ hours of Laura and Travis doing the most hilarious voices for the animals they portrayed. Also, ARCHIE! What a hoot!

Stranger Things (Season 4, Vol. 2)

I am UPSET! Yes, the all caps had to come out, because I was in tears.

First things first, I still don’t understand why this season of Stranger Things was split into two parts or should I say volumes? I would have gladly binged it all in one go and no one could have stopped me. As a whole, it was such an excellent season, those kiddos acted their hearts out, but I also knew that I wouldn’t get out of it without losing some of my faves and I was right. My lips are sealed on who lives, who dies, who tells the story, but dang … season 5 is going to a banger, but also make me really sad. Never love anything, they’ll totally take it away.

Yes, I’m being very dramatic right now, but I’m in my feels. This is all still very fresh, but ultimately there’s a lot to look forward to.


Ms. Marvel (Season 1)

As mentioned in my review for last week, I won’t be doing weekly recaps of Ms. Marvel anymore. This has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the show, but more my schedule and the feeling that I can’t add any great insight into the content. I’ll still do a review of the season as a whole, once it’s released.

As for this week, amazing! As always, it was very fun to watch and I loved the Karachi setting.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Season 1)

At first, I thought this week wouldn’t hit me emotionally, but it did in the end. It was actually really sad and heart-wrenching. I can’t believe there’s only one more episode. I need Spock to end his engagement …

Superman & Lois (Season 2 Finale)

It is FINALLY done. This season of Superman & Lois really dragged and I can’t say that I’m extremely satisfied with the end. I didn’t think that the solution to the overall problem made sense and I sort of, kind of lost my favorite character. So yeah …

The Boys (Season 3)

I’m ALMOST caught up. I haven’t seen this week’s episode, but the social media hype got me back into it. Feels like a good season so far, although I don’t pay too much attention to the explicit/graphic content.

Roswell, New Mexico (Season 4)

The episode literally started with Maria losing someone important to her and yet it’s still barely about her. I’m a Maria DeLuca fangirl and I just want more, because she deserves more.


As always, don’t forget to add me on Letterboxd if you want to be up to date on all my movie experiences! 

No movies this week, sorry.

Did we watch some of the same things or do you plan to? Let’s talk about that!