Legion Sequel: Dominion

Although I really like angels and therefore stories about them, I must admit that Legion didn’t make it on the list as one of my favourite films. The only reason I watched it was because of Paul Bettany, but I will grant them, that the story had potential. Potential for a sequel that is and I am so very glad that Syfy decided to take it upon them to make the sequel happen, which is now called Dominion.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, let me give you a hint: In 2010 there was this movie called Legion. (If you haven’t watched it at all and still intend to and you don’t want to be spoiled, you should stop reading now. Consider yourself warned: Spoilers!) It’s about God having lost faith in humanity and therefore sending his angels (under the command of archangel Gabriel) to destroy mankind, but archangel Michael (portrayed by Paul Bettany) is not about to let that happen. He manages to save a young couple and the woman’s baby and tells them that the child will be the future savior of humanity. That’s how the movie ends, so you get why I thought there was potential for more to the story.

Now Dominion takes place 25 years after the almost extinction of mankind and is about the problems to keep humans alive, fight the angels, discover who the savior is and all sorts of power struggles. Since I love TV shows that much, I really think that this sort of sequel should be done more often. Having a mildly succesful feature film as reference material and then creating a TV show as a continuation of the story was a stroke of genius. There were some minor changes made, the cast is of course entirely different, but all in all I think that Dominion is an entertaining show. If you are interested in supernatural, slightly apocalyptic shows, you should definitely take a look at it!

Lastly, some facts about the show: It started airing on Syfy in June 2014 and is about halfway through the first season. The cast includes: Christopher Egan, Tom Wisdom, Roxanne McKee, Luke Allen-Gale, Shivani Ghai, Rosalind Halstead, Anthony Head, Alan Dale, Carl Beukes and so on.

What do you think about this sequel? Have you watched the original movie?

We Are The Night

we are the nightWe Are the Night is a vampire-thriller from Germany 2010. Since the market for vampire related movies and shows is pretty saturated, it is difficult to come up with something interesting yet still entertaining. We Are the Night has found a good balance between the emotional side of the story as well as the action-packed, cool side.

The movie revolves around a trio of female vampires on the one side and the relationship between a cop and a low-life criminal called Lena on the other side. When Lena unwillingly gets turned into a vampire as well, she has to deal with her new surroundings, powers and feelings.

I, personally, liked the story because it dealt with the different stages of lonliness and solitude every immortal being has to deal with, but didn’t just have the heavy emotional sides to it. Also, the dynamic between the actors is great, especially the one between Tom (Max Riemelt) and Lena (Karoline Herfurth). If you enjoy the general genre of vampire-stories, you should definitely check out We Are the Night. Further cast members are: Nina Hoss, Jennifer Ulrich and Anna Fischer.

Do you know the movie? Did you think it was a good take on vampirism or just another lame story?