What I’ve Been Binge-Watching #4

I haven’t actually been in as much of a binge-watching mood as I used to. I do enjoy some currently airing shows though, so I will make allowances and talk about both – shows I have binged lately and shows I keep watching on a weekly basis.

Roswell, New Mexico

Only two episodes in and this show has my heart. Other than with the Charmed reboot (which I could just NOT get into), I am somehow completely fine with the NUMEROUS changes and liberties they have taken with the material. The necessary core and the endearing factors are all still there, so I am not going to complain. (Also, I am CW trash … we all know that.)

Liz and Max have the chemistry they are supposed to have. They didn’t whitewash the entire town of Roswell like they did in the 90s and they even added in some LGBT+ representation (I am not being more detailed on this because I don’t know how the characters identify yet and I don’t want to just assume, but my point is, not everyone is straight).

A lot of people have complained that Roswell, New Mexico is too political, but I personally like that. It adds that feeling of urgency and really makes it current. Seriously one of the shows I most love to tune in every single week. 

Derry Girls

I don’t know why I watched this? I guess I wanted something low-key to play in the background and the show seemed like a perfect fit for that. The thing that’s bugging me about it a little is that it doesn’t have a storyline that spans the whole season. It’s really just single episodes and you could probably watch them in random order (except for the first and last maybe) and it wouldn’t make much of a difference. Maybe I am being unfair, because it does actually touch upon some rather serious stuff that happened in Ireland, but mostly it’s just super weird humour?

But it was funny and it served the purpose of distraction. I would probably watch more of it just for the giggles. I wish I had more to say about it, but that’s really it.


A friend and I started watching this together on a whim and we finished the entire show that evening. If I am not mistaken, it’s Netflix’ first Italian show and the dubbing is terrible, so I recommend watching it with subtitles.

The first half it just slowly trickles along and you are wondering what this is even all about. What’s the purpose of the show, you know? But then things start happening and the last two episodes are majorly eventful. I quite enjoyed it in the end. It may not have been perfect and it does not show Rome in any way you’d think it would, but it’s interesting. I hope Netflix keeps going with all that original programming from different countries.

Once I am in the mood for more violence again, I will watch The Punisher (S2) and Titans. They just haven’t felt right for now though. What have you been bingeing? Seen any of the shows I have mentioned? Let’s chat!

#CurrentlyWatching: The End of the F***ing World

This week is all about peculiar and unusual shows, so I want to talk about The End of the F***ing World today. A while back, I shared the trailer for this on one of my Sunday-trailer-posts, but back then there was no talk of it also being released on Netflix yet. However, we could all agree upon it being very … strange? I am getting ahead of myself again, let’s start with the basics first.

The End of the F***ing World is a dark British comedy series, which originally premiered on Channel 4 but is now also available on Netflix. The show is based on the graphic novel by Charles S. Forsman of the same title, which I had never heard of before though. Currently it is still in its first season with 8 episodes (that are all way too short) ready to binge, but it has received quite some critical acclaim and that makes me hope that things are looking up for a continuation in the near future.

Self-proclaimed psychopath James and rebel Alyssa run away together. Each of them has their own reasons for going on the road trip, but neither expects the twists and turns their relationship will take.

Okay, hands down, I did not think I would like this show, never mind fall in love with it. Alyssa and James aren’t exactly the super likable or relatable characters at first, however, Lawther and Barden have a way about them that portraits the characters in such a fascinating light. Aside from the fact that it’s refreshing to see actors who actually look the age they are supposed to portray, even though they are older, those two strike the perfect balance between cynicism and raw emotions. The characters have issues for sure and you can’t make excuses for their actions, but they are also vulnerable and damaged. It’s them together and their relationship that added the true magic and broke my heart over and over again.

I don’t really want to go too much into the plot. A lot happens and shit escalates to put it simply. Obviously, I wouldn’t suggest this one to the faint-hearted. I want to use this moment to give trigger warnings for murder, abuse, suicide, sexual harassment and rape. All of those are reasons why it’s sometimes incredibly hard to watch, while the show as a whole still makes you laugh with its incredibly dark humour and enraptures you in beautiful cinematography. Add an utterly amazing soundtrack to that and you know The End of the F***ing World has my heart for good.

I couldn’t stop watching. I binged the entire series when it was available in one go and felt an empty hole inside me that only comes after you’ve watched something great. Performances all around were amazing, but everyone definitely gets to show their true potential with time. So, as a recommendation, I would say stick to it for a bit after the first episodes to see what the story and actors truly hold in store.

If I had one last thing to add here, it would be that I absolutely need more. Against everything I thought this show would turn out to be, I fell hard for this story and I sincerely hope there will be seasons more to come.

Did you watch The End of the F***ing World? Did you like it? Are you going to watch it? Let’s talk!

Writing Insights #4: Reading vs. Writing


Not all readers want to be writers, however, most writers are avid readers. So, how do you combine the two? Let’s talk about that in today’s Writing Insights!

I’ve decided to go with Reading vs. Writing as a topic this week, because it is something I have been struggling with lately. As a book blogger, I don’t just read for fun, but I also feel like it is my duty to read a decent amount of them each month. (Don’t worry, I am not reading just because I have to. I also want to. How couldn’t I!? Reading is the best!) But ever since I started concentrating more and more on my writing again, I found it difficult to combine those two worlds.

The first reason of why it isn’t easy is simply that I love to immerse myself in the world that I am reading about. I bet you like to do the same, but the problem is that as soon as I am all “Uuuuh, I love the villain!” or “Don’t hurt my precious baby!!!”, I don’t waste a single thought on my own characters anymore. Their story just sort of drifts out of my mind and I don’t want that to happen, but apparently I am a very single-minded person and it still does. More often than not it feels impossible to focus on both things and like I have to choose, even when I really don’t want to, because in addition to aforementioned quality, I am also greedy and want all the things at once.

Also, I sometimes feel like I am influenced a lot by what I read, which is a good thing, because it means the writer did their job well. However, I don’t want those influences to immediately show in my writing.

So, what do I do?

  • I always carry a notebook with me just in case, but I’ve dedicated certain days are meant for writing. I won’t even touch a book on those, except if I am in a really, really interesting part or need to finish a chapter for closure-reasons.
  • When I am done with a chapter, I reward myself with some reading time. I don’t even really limit this at all. If I feel like reading an entire book afterwards, that’s what I’ll do. If I just want one chapter then that’s okay too.
  • I am never fighting my mood. Gut feeling is everything and I’ve learned that forcing myself to read OR write never ends well. If all else fails, I’ll just watch a TV show.

How do you balance your reading and your writing? Do you have any tips?

Lastly, I’ve already announced it in my monthly wrap-up, but I’ve uploaded my WIP Arcadia to wattpad. As of right now there is the prologue and two more chapters on there. If you are interested in reading the story, please click here. I would appreciate all and any kind of feedback, emoji response or whatever you can think of! You can always leave a comment, shoot me a mail or send me a DM on Twitter!


Let’s talk about Teen Wolf Season 4!

As I’ve previously mentioned in a post last August (click here to see the article)  I am a huge fan of MTV’s Teen Wolf. After the amazing and surprisingly extended third season I couldn’t wait to finally watch season 4. Now that it’s on air there are just so many things that fascinate me and that I have questions about! So, let’s talk about Teen Wolf for a bit! (If it wasn’t obvious enough: this contains spoilers for season 4!)

The season has started quite differently from the previous ones and we got some action right from the start. While I was a little worried that it might get too overloaded, everything up to episode 5 of season 4 seemed really interesting and thrilling to me. There is a ton of stuff I want to talk about:

  • I don’t get the hate towards Malia. Everyone knows that Stydia is probably endgame and Malia and Stiles seem very sweet together. They probably won’t last forever and Malia by herself is a really hilarious character in my opinion. She hasn’t lived amongst humans for years – I love all those “fish out of water”-moments we get with her. Also, I cannot wait to see her reaction when she finds out that Peter Hale is her real father? What do you think about Malia? Tell me in the poll below!
  • I really miss Allison and Isaac (who’s a total traitor and now plays a vampire on the Originals)! And because of that, I am just so glad that Chris Argent is back, because otherwise I would have to miss him too. I so desperately hope that the Mexican hunter clan didn’t turn him against Scott and the other supernaturals in last weeks epsiode “I.E.D.”.  I get that he needs to do something about his sister Kate, but other than that I hope that he is still on team Scott.
  • Derek is losing his powers!? What? How? … I knew why I never liked Kate …
  • I think Kira is a great addition to the cast, but I just haven’t warmed up to her that much yet. There’s a very high chance that I am alone with this opinion, because everyone thinks she’s so badass and cool and great … but I wanted to mention it anyway. Scott’s and her relationship is slowly developing, but I just don’t see the same chemistry as the one between Scott and Allison.
  • Scott is so getting into trouble for turning Liam. Not just because Liam can hardly control himself, but also because of the threat of the Mexican hunter lady.
  • I’m loving the fact that we get all different kinds of supernaturals. Just think of that Windigo! I can’t wait for what else they are going to bring to the show as long as there won’t be any vampires!
  • What’s with all those teenage assassins? Are there really that many people trained to be a hunter? In Beacon Hills it seems to be part of the general education.
  • Who do you think the Benefactor is? That hit list is definitely scary and the sums that the Benefactor is willing to pay – oh my, would I like to have that much money! I’ve heard talk of it being Gerard Argent, but I am not a 100% convinced of that…
  • They’ve definitely mentioned Sheriff Stilinski having trouble paying his bills. I want that storyline to continue, so they better not drop that without an explanation on how he solved it!
  • This is my last point and the thing or rather the person that intrigues me the most this season: Deputy Jordan (yay! we finally got a first name!) Parrish aka Deputy McCutie. Who is that guy? He clearly is some sort of supernatural because he mentioned in season 3 that he felt drawn to Beacon Hills. Also, according to the hit list, he’s worth like 5 million Dollars. He doesn’t totally freak out when something out of the ordinary happens, in fact, he stays pretty calm and collected through almost everything! He even suggested that Lydia might be a psychic.
    Talking of him and Lydia – even hardcore Stydia – shippers were kind of drawn to the dark side when they saw Parrish and her together. There is some sort of chemistry between them, although I am not on board with it … okay, maybe I am shipping it a little … I mean Lydia said she’s done with teenage boys. But I am not fully committing to Marrish just yet.
    However, the theories revolving around our dearest Deputy Parrish are endless! Some think that he’s a Banshee others suggest that he’s Isaac’s brother Camden (who’s apparently the same age)… What do you think?

Soooo, I think I’ve touched about all points that were swirling around in my head. I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say! I’ve just watched the mid-season trailer and we are definitely in for a ride here.

TV shows based on Stephen King stories

Stephen King’s books are some of the most awarded and most adapted stories out there. Fairly recently, another one of his novels has been turned into a TV show. In the following post I therefore want to talk about the new and existing TV shows that are based on King’s books.

Under the Dome

Under the Dome is based on the 2009 book with the same title. Seen as I know how the story ends and the show being pretty accurate to the book, I am fascinated but not too excited about watching it. This doesn’t diminish the show in any way though, because it has had some of the highest viewer numbers (about 13.5 million viewers) for it’s starting episode that CBS has seen for a summer premiere since the start of Big Brother in 2000.

If you want to know what the story is about, the title pretty much says it all. A small town is trapped under a dome, being completely shut off from the rest of the world. The whole situation gets even more precarious, when not even the government knows how the dome came into existence at the first place. Fans of the book as well as people who are not accustomed to the story will probably enjoy the show alike. As actors and actresses you can expect: Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Natalie Martinez, Britt Robertson, Alexander Koch, Colin Ford, Dean Norris, Beth Broderick and many more.

under the dome


Haven is a syfy series that will be starting it’s 4th season this fall. It is based on The Colorado Kid, which really doesn’t have much to do with the show. Neither the characters nor the storyline is alike in any way, but the book as well as the TV show are great in it’s own way. I haven’t missed an episode so far and don’t plan on missing one in the future. Also, I have read the book and think it’s great for a nice summer read.

While the book revolves around a journalist, who comes to work in a small town and is entrusted with the inexplicable murder case that took place in the town a few years in the past by the locals; the TV show is about a FBI agent who comes to the town of Haven to help with a case and ends up staying there. It turns out that some people do have certain powers, called “the Troubles” and that she is part of their story more than she thinks. The main cast as well as some guest stars include: Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant, Eric Balfour, Nicholas Campbell, Richard Donat, John Dunsworth, Bree Williamson, Tahmoh Penikett and others.


Do you personally prefer the books or the TV shows? Have you seen them, or do you generally refrain from adaptations?