What I’ve Been Binge-Watching #5

Being home sick has given me plenty of time to watch stuff (I was basically ordered to do so by my doctor, so who am I to decline that suggestion). So, let’s see what’s been on my screen:

Russian Doll

I thought this was going to be so stupid and just like Happy Deathday, but Russian Doll is one of the most brilliant shows I have watched as of late. With a short 4-hour-binge, you will be taken into a world of weird but excellent acting, formidable script-work and a beautiful range of characters. It is so much deeper and complex (but still fun!!!) than I expected. It’s like an existential life crisis dramedy and I had no idea that was even a thing.

I want to say that it wraps up pretty nicely. I am not sure if this is supposed to be a limited series or not, but I wouldn’t be mad if it ended here. In fact, I believe a second season might ruin it … And just as a little inside tip from me, stick with it until at least episode 3.

In the end, I just sat there and I wanted to hug all the characters goodbye. What an amazing journey they took me on!

Siempre Bruja – Always a Witch

You know that I love contemporary witches, but I also very much like witches that are fish out of water because they’ve been transported to contemporary times. This was such a fun show and I keep appreciating all the international content on Netflix. This one is set in Colombia and I watched it in Spanish with subtitles, I believe that’s the best way to get the experience right.

I will say that it was very hard for anyone to root for Carmen to be able to go back to her original timeline. In the 1600s she was a black slave who had fallen in love with her white master’s son, but in our time, she had so much more possibilities for her future. As soon as she had felt at home in the 21st century, you just knew she could never again be content with her old life, but at the same time she was unwilling to give up on her love. Without wanting to give away anything, there is a lot of room to explore more of that in a second season.

Not going to sugarcoat it, I called a lot of what was happening with the baddies on the show. Not all of it, but enough to not be seriously surprised. There is a very teen drama soap feel to some of it, but I don’t mind that at all. It’s just something to think about if that’s maybe not your thing.


This isn’t really a new one, but I just felt like bingeing it all again, especially season 2. The cases on this show are so over the top and there are so many too. You might think that they go to one accident per episode or a max of two, but no! This is more like 5+ every single episode, while still giving us plenty of personal relationship stuff too.

I just really wanted to watch it again, because I am into the Eddie and Buck ship, which is not canon but I don’t even care. They could just have a beautiful non toxic male friendship as well and I wouldn’t be mad about that either, but they’d make a cute couple too. The writers even admitted that they were throwing crumbs at the viewers but I am not sure if they are queerbaiting the audience or not. They do have a canon lesbian couple, which is already pretty awesome. But yeah, the guys … one of them has a son and a random lady thought they were both his dad and told Buck what an adorable kid they had and he didn’t negate her. He just took a beat, smiled and thanked her. COME ON!

Carmen Sandiego

I never religiously watched the original Carmen Sandiego, but I remember it from my childhood and this new style of animation wasn’t exactly what I wanted out of a reboot. The voice actors are all doing a great job though and the story was interesting enough. I just believe that this is targeted at a younger audience than me and I found myself bored sometimes. 

Overall, not a bad show, but I also don’t have a lot to say about it either. If you can’t find anything else to binge, this isn’t too bad of an option I suppose.

Have you binged any of these shows? Do you intend to? Let’s talk about it! 

Rookie Blue

So, my latest obsession is Rookie Blue. I’ve just binge-watched everything up to yesterday’s episode “Wanting” from season 5 during the course of just one week. Does that sound crazy? I’m pretty sure it is, but I love that show so much!

Now, how do you even start to surmise that many episodes … generally, the show’s about five rookie cops (but I guess you really can’t call them rookies anymore) from the fictional 15 Division. You follow them as they have to deal with the expectations of friends and family, the dangers of the job and, how else could it be, love. I’ve heard people describe it as the Grey’s Anatomy in the world of cops, and I am afraid I really can’t disagree with that. The amount of drama and extraordinary cases that can be found in this show definitely isn’t realistic, but who cares. It’s television after all!

There are so many things about this show that I like, I feel incapable of listing them all. The show is amazingly suspenseful and I am dying to watch the next episode as soon as the last one finishes. As a person who romantises pretty much everything, I also don’t mind the constant love-triangles and the drama. That’s really my thing! The actors and actresses are all amazing. There really isn’t one person (from the original cast up to the end of season 4) that I don’t like!  Some of the names you can find on the cast list are:  Missy Peregrym, Gregory Smith, Charlotte Sullivan, Peter Mooney, Travis Milne, Priscilla Faia, Rachael Ancheril, Ben Bass, Eric Johnson, Noam Jenkins, Adam MacDonald, Enuca Okuma, Matt Gordon, …

But let’s get on to the juicy stuff! Seen as they are like in their 5th season (which amazingly got extended to 22 episodes, instead of just 13 – yay!) I just want to warn you that there will be spoilers ahead! So, I’m afraid that I will give a looooot away if you haven’t the watched the show yet. I, personally, like surprises (at least most of the time), so proceed with caution.

Here are some things I am really anticipating to see more about and to explore or that really shocked me about season 5:

  • I can’t wait to see the whole Nick-Andy-Sam drama unfold. I was totally on board with McSwarek until Sam totally screwed it up. And Nick was so sweet and Andy and him looked so happy, so, I was on board with McCollins as well. I read that even the writers room is divided as to how this will end. So, we’ve definitely not seen the end of this. I think I just ship everyone with Andy, because I definitely can’t decide either.
  • Rumour has it, that Marlo will return in season 5. That just corresponds with the previous point! More drama on the Sam and Andy front.
  • Matt Murray, the new rookie and stepson of Inspector Jarvis, Duncan, is really getting on my nerves. How can he sue the division and Andy, if he’s the one who’s such a coward. He seems so incompetent! I don’t like him!
  • What the heck was Chris thinking? Is he on drugs? I get that the whole Chrisitan-is-not-his-son-thing was really hard on him, but drugs? No!
  • Traci and Steve Peck are so cute together. I didn’t really see them as a couple, because he’s a Peck, but they are actually really sweet.
  • The whole Gail and Holly thing was over before it really began. I doubt that this really was the end of their relationship. Although, I am definitely on Gail’s side. I thought it was way more between them, than just having fun.
  • Oliver is the boss! He’s so great, but he so hates this position. It’s genius!
  • Chloe-Wes-Dov … I don’t think Wes stands a chance!

So, what do you think of the show? And what are some of the things you are looking forward to in season 5? No matter what, I love it! There’s no doubt about it!