May 2018 Wrap-Up

While saying “I am hopelessly behind on my Goodreads Challenge” may be an exaggeration, I am definitely not on track. I am more or less four books behind and am struggling to keep up a little bit. This month was especially more busy than the previous ones and often I was just too tired to concentrate on reading in addition to everything else that was going on. Still, I managed to not read a lot of books, but at least fairly long-ish books in comparison. Take a look!

Obsidio (The Illuminae Files, #3)  Sweetbitter  Restore Me (Shatter Me, #4)

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During the entire month of May, I was taking a workshop on the topic of stage and camera casting. While it did involve some theoretic content, it mostly consisted of a lot of acting practice and as you know, I am not an actress. Still, it was fun! Sometimes some roles nearly drove me mad because things didn’t go the way I wanted them to, but overall, I think I am really going to miss acting on a regular basis. I still cannot imagine doing that as a full time job, I am just not sure I am cut out for that, but it was a very fascinating insight of how a life like that might look like.

That course also inspired/encouraged me to start a YouTube channel for my blog. I haven’t set it up yet and am not even sure what exactly I would talk about in my first video (or the ones to come). Still, that didn’t keep me from doing a Twitter poll on whether you’d watch it and 80% of you were kind enough to say “YAS! DO IT!”, so I am seriously considering doing just that. As soon as it’s happening, you’ll be the first to know!

So, what else is new? I did not win the fan art contest I entered in last month, I managed to update Arcadia again and I continue to have fun with my art instagram account if the time allows it. Also, as some of you know, I have pretty vivid dreams but this month really took the crown! I had a continuous dream for more or less two weeks and no matter what I did the story kept evolving. My friends have suggested I should write it down and make it into a book. Maybe I will do that? Maybe I won’t? I think you’d all prefer me to stick to Arcadia for now.


Continuing on my quest to share the love for some of my favourite bloggers out there, here are a couple of posts I really enjoyed this month!

  • Marie made sure we all knew how to get inspiration for our blogs, especially when it seems like everything has been done before because we are all blogging dinosaurs and have been at it for years.
  • The Orang-utan Librarian issues the unfortunately still necessary reminder that book reviews are for readers and not authors!
  • Beth started a discussion on why world building is important to her and I loved that post as it also reminded me why I love it when authors really put in the work when they create a new society.
  • I only just discovered Lily‘s blog, but it was her mentioning one of my favourite school reads as one of her favourite books that sparked my interest. We both knew that not a lot of people had ever heard of that story and I just love that books can bring us together like that. And I really enjoyed reading her posts ever since.
  • Also, a big thank you to Melissa, Sophie, Marie, Malanie, Molly and Sieran for talking about their WIP by doing my original Milestones Write Tag. I always love reading other people’s posts, so please don’t hesitate to do the tag if you are a fellow writer and I might not have tagged you.






So, that was my month! How was yours? Would you watch videos of me? Are you all caught up on Arcadia? Let’s chat!

Unscripted Joss Byrd by Lygia Day Peñaflor (Book Review)


Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
Page Count
: 224

If you know me, you know that I studied film in university. I’ve been working in TV for a bit and generally love to just hang around set, go to movie premieres and such. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that I was really, really excited about this book. I am so happy that it really portrays life on set the way I remember it and I haven’t even been on a real Hollywood-esque set. That was the most important part to me, because it’s something I can just really connect to.

However, as for the rest of the book, it was quite different from what I thought it would be. This is in no way a bad thing, I just wasn’t fully prepared for how emotionally intense it would get. Joss is quite young (12 years old if I am not mistaken) and somehow Lygia managed to make her sound wise beyond her years, yet exactly her age at the same time. Am I making sense? Because honestly, I was often not sure if this book was Middle Grade or Young Adult or simply a mix of both. Sometimes the lines just really blur and you can’t define something like that clearly. Everybody was just expecting Joss to act very adult, so she did, even though she was still a kid at heart. It made me so sad to see what all Joss sometimes had to deal with without any support from the so-called “real” adults. Especially her mother, Viva, drove me nuts. A parent’s job is it to protect their child, put their needs first, but I don’t think that Viva was capable of that. She was way too much of a mess to really be there for her daughter the way she should have been.

I am not saying that all adults were bad in this book (my heart goes out to Damon and Norah), but there was a real lack of role models. And I think that’s also why it isn’t a 5-star-read for me entirely. While I definitely enjoyed the themes of the book, Joss handling everything that was thrown her way and to explore the different relationships, I wish there would have been some sort of lesson or betterment in the end from certain people. I guess I am an idealist in that department, but I really wanted there to be a change in some of the adults, but that is not really what I got.

Weirdly, I think I could see this turning into a series and seeing Joss grow up with each movie she does, because despite what certain people in the industry say, I don’t think that all child actors are doomed. I would definitely like to see her again when she’s older and to find out if she’s living a good life or not.

Fazit: 4/5 stars! A wonderful piece about a child actress and various struggles she already faces at a young age.


Have you read Unscripted Joss Byrd? Would you like to? I just love myself some film industry books!