Fall Review: Manhattan Love Story & Happyland

I’ve reviewed a lot of shows for this Fall Season and I am finally about to see an end on the horizon. Today I’m talking about MTV‘s Happyland and ABC‘s Manhattan Love Story! After that I’m only planning on reviewing Jane the Virgin and (the show I am most looking forward to) The Flash. If you still want my opinion on anything else, let me know in the comments below!


Have you ever read Dream Factory by Brad Barkley and Heather Hepler? Because this show reminds me so much of the book! It’s basically also about teens that work in an amusement park or theme park that is very similar to Disney’s and about falling in love, the illusion of fairy tales and happy endings. The show definitely diverges on some other topics, because parents are barely involved in the story in the book, but are really important to what’s happening in the series.

I have to admit, that I’ve seen stronger pilots this season. Happyland, while interesting on some level, didn’t grab my attention like other shows managed to do. The actors are alright (and include: Camille Guaty, Shane Harper, Katherine McNamara, Cameron Moulène, Ryan Rottman, Bianca A. Santos, Chris Sheffield, …), but the premise is nothing I haven’t seen before in multiple soap operas. It’s difficult to relate to the fact that your crush seems to be your brother and other than that they are just building on a lot of more love triangle-related drama. I can’t really tell where the show intends to go, but I think I won’t follow it for too long.

Manhattan Love Story

Analeigh Tipton seems to be everywhere these days and I certainly don’t mind it. There really isn’t much to say about Manhattan Love Story; it is a fun sitcom that takes on the difficulties of dating and relationships in New York City. If you’ve watched the Trailer above, you’ve pretty much seen the entire first episode. The main cast isn’t that huge and consists of the aforementioned Analeigh Tipton as well as Jake McDorman, Jade Catta-Preta, Nicholas Wright, Kurt Fuller and Chloe Wepper.

So, this isn’t the smartest of shows or something like that, but people like Romantic Comedies and this one is a pretty standard example of one. Besides the extensive thought voice-overs (which are just too much for me), I really don’t find a flaw in it. The show is sweet and fun and that might just be enough.

What are your thoughts? Talk to me in the comments!

Two Night Stand Review

Lately, I’ve mostly written about all the new TV shows (and that’s still not over to be honest), but I thought it was time that I change it up a bit. So, what could possibly be more awkward than your first One Night Stand? How about getting snowed in and having to stay at your One Night Stand’s place for another day? That’s exactly what happened to Megan in Two Night Stand and believe me, it was beyond strange at first. Here’s my mainly spoiler-free review!

If my two sentences in the beginning didn’t sum the story up, the Trailer definitely did. Before we start with my thoughts though, here are some facts:

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Length: 85 minutes

Cast: Miles Teller, Analeigh Tipton, Jessica Szohr, Scott Mescudi (aka Kid Cudi), Leven Rambin, …

Director: Max Nichols

Okay, so this was a typical RomCom; one of those stories that makes women delusional about relationships. I know that it barely ever (if ever at all) happens that people fall in love after a One Night Stand, but it’s still kind of nice to watch. I’m a huge Miles Teller fan and I always liked Analeigh Tipton – whether it was on America’s Next Top Model or Crazy, Stupid, Love – and they definitely were the ones carrying this movie. Her “Girl Next Door”-look is complimented by his lovable idiot-vibe. Everything was really reduced, since it all played pretty much in one place and that worked just fine for me. Although I was surprised by Alec’s (Miles Teller) reason for wanting to have a ONS, there wasn’t anything groundbreaking in it.  Of course it was funny and sweet, but it got sort of ridiculous towards the end.

Ultimately it might just be a movie that you watch when you are actually snowed in. As in, there is nothing else to do, so why not watch “Two Night Stand“. What are your thoughts about the movie? I have to admit, I expected more from it after watching the Trailer.