The Crown by Kiera Cass (Book Review)


Publisher: HarperTeen
Page Count
: 278

I was debating whether to write a review for this book or not, since I haven’t written one for the rest of the Selection series (which I read kind of before all of this turned into a book blog), but here I am. I think this will be rather short though, because it’s the finale and I don’t want to spoil anyone and I don’t think this will make all too much sense for people who haven’t read any of the books at all.

First things first, I hated Eadlyn in The Heir. I kid you not, she was selfish, arrogant and didn’t have an ounce of empathy in her little finger. How could such a cold person be the main character we were supposed to root for? I didn’t want any of those sweet suitors to win, simply because I didn’t want any of them to suffer living next to her side for the rest of their lives. And then The Crown came

I don’t know what happened … well, I guess I do know a little bit of what happened, but Eadlyn has changed so much. She is compassionate, considerate and truly listens to others, which I just didn’t expect of her. It felt like she was too good all of a sudden, which was entirely confusing at first. However, it did help with the whole me-wanting-her-to-find-the-right-partner-and-lead-a-happy-life. It’s been a while since I had read the prequel to this book, so it took me a little to remember all the guys and who’s who. What felt off the entire time was that Eadlyn, unlike her parents, had no clue who she should choose. She went on several dates with all those guys and there was no discernible feeling as to who she liked best. In the end, I am very glad she chose the guy I had already sort of rooted for in The Heir, but of course I am not going to tell you who that is, just that I think it was a brave choice.

All in all, Eadlyn made A LOT of good choices in this book. Up to a point where she was so selfless, she would have lead a miserable life herself just to do the best for her people, which is just too much. I think the political situation could have been addressed a little more, but it was handled decently. Ultimately, I just can’t give it a super high rating because I really just read this book to finish the series. It could have been so much worse though, which is a happy consolation!

Fazit: 3/5 stars. A nice conclusion for the series I suppose.


Have you read the entire Selection series as well? What did you think of the finale?

Abby and the Cute One by Erin Butler (Book Review)

abbyHe’s cute. He’s famous. And he could ruin everything…
Every member of Seconds to Juliet has a girlfriend-except for Nathan Strong. Now the band’s manager is leaning hard on “The Cute One” to play the role of the band’s heartthrob. With the band’s sales in decline, it’s up to Nathan to keep the fans’ fantasy alive.
The plan is to stage a fake relationship and a fake breakup, and then let the fans fight to be the one to mend Nathan’s broken heart. Just one problem. There’s another girl in the picture-one Nathan can’t stay away from. In private, Nathan’s stealing kisses with the band’s new opening act, Abby Curtis.
If they’re caught, no one wins. Abby will be fired, and the band might not recover the success they need to survive. But even with the pressure mounting, Nathan and Abby can’t stop themselves from stealing one more touch, one more kiss. And it’s only a matter of time before it all falls apart.


Publishing Date: November 16, 2015

I was provided with an eArc from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review!

First off, I should probably mention that Abby and the Cute One is Book 5 in the Backstage Pass Series and that I have not read any of the other books. However, it’s not rocket science and I easily understood the premise and that the previous books were about the other band members of Seconds to Juliet. But on to the actual book review now!

Abby and the Cute One was an extremely fast but super sweet read. While Nathan and Abby definitely have a bad case of insta-love, their undeniable attraction makes sense. They do have a lot in common and that’s what makes their relationship believable. Also, forbidden love is just always thrilling! I often wanted even more secret conversations and the possibility of them getting caught. They were so cute but also reckless most of the time, no wonder the press thought that something was going on. But I also felt sorry for Nathan and the heavy weight that was put on his shoulders. I kept wondering why he didn’t just talk to the other guys, because that would have made everything a lot easier, but then again, maybe guys just don’t talk about that sort of stuff? Is that me stereotyping guys? Probably … I guess in the end it was just Nathan and his sense of duty for the band and not wanting to burden them.

Speaking of the band! Seconds to Juliet (often just abbreviated as S2J) is one of the coolest bookish bands out there! They very much have a One Direction or 5 Seconds of Summer vibe going on in my opinion and I am most definitely sure that fans of the bands would love S2J as well. Each member has their own role to play and I am curious to read about them in more detail in the other books. Because ultimately that’s what this book came down to – it’s the final part of a series, but I want more! More of the guys, more cute love stories and a backstage pass to the life of a cool boy band.

Fazit: 3.8/5 stars! It’s one of those really cutesy stories for all the romantics out there and if you are interested in boy bands, you should really check it out!