The Epic Crush of Genie Lo by F.C. Yee (Book Review)

Publisher: Amulet Books
Page Count
: 310

First of all, huge shout out to my cousin, because she technically bought this book back when she visited me in Canada. Because she went off on a world tour (making her sound like a rock star and being totally fine with it), she didn’t want to bring it along and left it with me instead. Due to my inability to not buy books during my stay abroad, I was able to ship it back to Austria with my other stuff, where I finally had the time to dive into this epic tale. Long story short, this read was sponsored by my lovely cousin – thank you!

To begin with, this book was laugh out loud funny! And sometimes that is exactly what you need in life. I am not saying it doesn’t have numerous kick-ass action sequences and even some thought provoking conversations, but I am sure that whenever I will think back about The Epic Crush of Genie Lo, I will think about its amazing humor.

I went into this book knowing very little about the plot. I was aware that there was some Chinese folklore and mythology involved, but I would be lying if I told you I knew much about that either. All I did know with a certainty was that a lot of my friends and mutuals in the book community loved reading it and had a blast. I am always wary of diving into books where the hype is real (which explains why I often read them with quite the delay to everyone else), but I am all the more happy when the hype was completely justified.

Everything was very witty and straightforward from start to finish. You were either on board with Genie’s hilariously charming but also angry voice or you weren’t and I was definitely there for all of that. The characters in general all stood out with their own personality traits, with Quentin and Genie’s interactions being weird and awkward while simultaneously amazing. (Again, I laughed out loud a lot!)

Finally, I really enjoyed seeing some parental involvement (still far too rare in YA for my taste), getting a better look at Genie’s cultural background and experiencing some real struggle to balance her demon-hunting with life/love/friendship/school/extracurriculars, because let’s face it, some book heroes just make it seem way too easy.

Fazit: 4/5 stars! Can’t wait to see where future installments will lead!

Have you read The Epic Crush of Genie Lo? Did you like it? Would you want to pick it up if you haven’t read it yet?

The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig (Book Review)


Publisher: Greenwillow Books
Page Count
: 443

I received The Girl From Everywhere for my birthday as one of the surprise books from my humangous wishlist. Smart people that my parents are, they chose very well! Just look at the cover, the simplicity of the water and that gorgeous ship, it basically screamed “Kat! Pick me up! *whispers conspicuously* There might be pirates!” (they technically weren’t pirates, but they were super close, so it counts!).

It was really easy for me to dive into Nix’ world, even though I usually need a bit to warm to books with a slow pace. I originally planned on binge-reading this book super quickly before starting the Raven Cycle, but then I simply couldn’t do it. This book is meant to be savoured, every word appreciated and thought through. At first I thought the set up was quite easy, but it turned out to be such an intricate and complicated world that I couldn’t even keep up all the time. I hope to get an ever better understanding of the supernatural workings in the conclusion to the duology.

However, ships, time travel – it was really easy to suck me in. Nix is one of those precious female characters that can be vulnerable and badass at the same time. You instantly understand how precarious her situation is, that eternal struggle of “Should I stay or should I go?”, but I absolutely adored watching her relationships with the other characters. Sometimes, when there’s already a lot that has happened in the past, you don’t understand the connections between people, but that was not the case here at all. You could see the bonds and that they were a family.

I was very angry with Slate a lot of the time, but not so much in the end. The characters, besides Nix, that took the spotlight for me were Kashmir and Blake though. Those two boys are polar opposites, but I couldn’t dislike either one. Kashmir is this grand charmer with a heart of gold, whereas Blake has such a strong moral compass and just seems a downright good guy. Of course I know which one I would like Nix to end up with and I don’t think the other one actually stands a realistic chance. But … maybe I am wrong. Only the second book will be able to prove me wrong or right.

Last but not least, I just want to say that I loved the translations and explanations in the end. I adore books that incorporate tales from all kinds of cultures and different languages. There generally was quite a bit of diversity to the book, so yay for that! If this was any indication of how the series will continue, I say that The Ship Beyond Time will have a great conclusion and a grand finale!

Fazit: 4/5 stars! Ships and time travel and paradise and badass characters – why are you even still here? Pick up this book!


Have you read The Girl From Everywhere? Did you fall in love with it as well?