Trailers You Might Have Missed … (Dec 19-25)


I just realised it’s Sunday and Sunday means trailers, but this week is different and I almost forgot, because it’s also Christmas! Merry Christmas to all who are celebrating, happy holidays who are celebrating something different and what a hopefully lovely December weekend to all who do none of this stuff! Now, let’s get started with my findings!


The Emoji Movie


Blade Runner 2049

Uhm … it’s probably like blasphemy or something to say this, but I haven’t seen the original? Also, I am not a massive Gosling fan, so I really don’t know what to say now.

Alien: Covenant

This is so not my kind of alien movie, but Michael Fassbender (forever swoon) and an AURORA song, you have my attention!

John Wick: Chapter 2

Haven’t even seen the first one. I think the last Keanu Reeves movie I’ve watched was legit the Lake House.

The Lost City of Z

I don’t even know what this is, but apparently the new Spider-Man is in it? Did you by any chance spot him?

Everybody Loves Somebody

It’s the girl from How to Get Away With Murder and a lot of subtitles!

How to Be a Latin Lover

And here you have some more subtitles. Also, who else didn’t expect Kristen Bell to pop up all of a sudden?

Lost in Florence

Hmmm … Stana Katic and Brett Dalton in a movie together … that feels so weird to me.

TV Shows

Doctor Who (Series 10)

Doctor What? That just sounds wrong Billy girl. Not gonna lie, I have been more excited for Doctor Who in my life … but this is Moffat’s last season, so  I shall keep my mouth shut.


Still don’t really understand what this show is about … but now it doesn’t look like book aesthetics anymore, that much I can say. Probably most definitely still going to watch it.


This show has been on TV for weeks now, but you can now binge it on Netflix – Wohooo! Normally, a show has to woo me in the first 10 minutes or I will get bored and this one was up to a very BAD start, but now I am OBSESSED and sad because there are no episodes left for me.


Shown this before, but Tom Hardy ON TV, that’s just something to behold. All the big stars are doing TV shows now, it’s way more appreciated these days apparently.

Are you going to watch any of those? What are you currently watching? Let’s talk about that!