A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas (Book Review)


Publisher: Bloomsbury
Page Count
: 624

Ever since A Court of Mist and Fury came out, there has been a lot of buzz (and unfortunately spoiling) going on on social media. Still, that made me realise that it was probably better to buddy read this book, even if we weren’t always on the same page, sometimes you just need to say “OMG!” to someone. And those people, as so many times before, were Cátia and Cristina.

It’s no secret that I really enjoyed ACOTAR when it came out, but ACOMAF is on a whole new level in comparison. We start by getting dunked into this infinite pool of sadness, as it should be after the traumatic events Feyre had to endure in the previous book. She is not happy and neither are you when you see how the people who should care about her most let her waste away. You’d think now it would be time for the hero to enter and save her life and while there was someone who helped Feyre get out of the darkness, ultimately she saved herself, because she is still strong and a survivor.


Everything just felt so raw and real, it made my heart ache. Maas pretty much took the world we got to know and CHANGED EVERYTHING. It’s no secret that I was never the biggest Tamlin fan, simply because Lucien and Rhys fascinated me more, and this book definitely proved why the latter had every right to grab my attention. Rhys was everything you could have possibly wanted from him and even more. His previous behaviour was explained and there was a complete role reversal with him and Tamlin. But sometimes, really not all that often, but sometimes I wished that there had been some sort of anchor from the previous book to hold on to. An unchanging person to trust, who gives you that air of familiarity. Not even my beloved Lucien could fill that role …

However, I did love the new additions, especially Rhys’ Inner Circle. I seriously fell in love with Cassian, Azriel, Mor and Amren. They all have so much history and I cannot wait to further explore that. Even in the light of some events, I still really liked Tarquin, High Lord of the Summer Court and I even overcame my anger towards Feyre’s sisters. It’s difficult to not just ship everyone with everyone at all times.

Ultimately, ACOMAF just gave me ALL THE FEELS! It was adventurous, steamy (I am serious on this one! The steaminess was REAL!), sad, scary and hopeful all in one. It broadened the knowledge we had on the fae world so far and expanded it to magnificent places and powers unimaginable. By the end, I was just in despair, screaming “Nooooo!” at every other page and afraid for all of my beloved characters. It will be torture to wait for the next book, but at least there is enough fan art to gorge on during that seemingly endless wait.

Fazit: 5/5 stars! An exhilarating read that changed the game for sure! My favourite new release of the year so far!


Did you read ACOMAF? Who is your favourite character? Which one is your favourite Court and character? Tell me all about it!

T5W – Biggest Badasses


I already had a very character-centric post with my TTT yesterday, but I am also very happy with this topic! Biggest Badasses is the theme of this week’s Top 5 Wednesday, you can check out the meme hosted by booktuber Lainey aka gingereadslainey on the Goodreads page here.

Sevro – Red Rising Series

I could have filled this list with characters from Red Rising and Golden Son alone. It would have been SO easy! Then again, it would have been really boring too, so I chose Sevro, because I love him! He is funny and weird, loyal and brave and simply one of my favourite characters in the series!

Feyre – A Court of Mist and Fury

Not everyone would go with a strange beast just to save their family. She is strong and defiant – I think she fits the category really well!

Lila – A Darker Shade of Magic

That girl is just beyond words sometimes. Majorly reckless! Completely out of control! Morally ambiguous but a really, really interesting character!

Izzy – The Mortal Instruments

Who can compare to Izzy? She is one of the toughest people not just in TMI but like ever!

Rip – Reborn City

I hope you are happy now, Rami! Rip fits this category way better than yesterday’s did, because I surely don’t feel like running into him anytime soon, but he is a badass – there’s no denying that.

Who would make it on to your list? Tell me in the comments below or leave a link to your T5W post!