NaNoWriMo Challenge Completed!

I did it! NaNoWriMo ends tomorrow, but I’ve reached 50K and simultaneously the end of my story today! I’m now an official NaNoWriMo winner and I have the certificate to prove it.

I wrote a book! Can you believe it? I know some of you doubted it, but … I’m just kidding. You guys have been crazy supportive all through NaNoWriMo and I’m incredibly grateful for that. So, before I continue to talk about the final week of writing I want to thank all of you for being the awesome and supportive people that you are!

Now, how did the writing fare this week? I think I went totally crazy towards the end. You have to know that I write best shortly before going to bed, because I feel the need to reach my daily goal. This has worked just fine most days, but I tend to finish with a scene, turn off my laptop and go to bed and then I would just lie there, not able to sleep whatsoever. My characters kept me awake with all the possibilities of what could happen to them next. I do have a notebook right beside my bed, but I always had the fear that I wouldn’t remember what my notes meant the next day and rather turned on the computer sometime after midnight than forget what I wanted to write about.

Writing the actual ending was the hardest. I’ve made up so much of the story as I went along, that I lost sight of how I wanted it to end. I got closer and closer to my desired word count, but the finish line still wasn’t in clear sight, because I just didn’t know what to write. In the end, I knew that I wanted to have some final reference to the title (which is “Break Up Buddy”, just fyi), but I had no idea how to get there. I’m not a big fan of cliffhangers at the end of books (unless they are a series), so I wanted to tie everything up nicely and in the end I think I did that.

Also, I think I went a little overboard with the final scenes, but that’s okay, because what matters most is that I have a finished first draft! I really wasn’t sure I would make it this far and now I have something to work with, something to revise and edit. To be honest, I already forgot some of the scenes I wrote and it will be one heck of a fun to re-read and re-visit everything I wrote, because I’m sure there are some hilarious typos and plot holes in there.

Now, how did your month go? Did you participate in NaNoWriMo as well? Did you reach your personal goal? I’d love to talk some more in the comments below!

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True Blood – Beginning of the End

There are so many vampire stories, and therefore TV shows and movies and books, out there; I doubt that one could know them all. Yet, True Blood has managed quite well throughout the past years and has now reached it’s 7th and final season on TV. I thought it would be fun to read the the 13th and final book Dead Ever After of the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris while simultaniously watching the final season on TV. I didn’t really take into account that I’d be finished with the book way earlier than I’d be finished with the show, but then again, the books and show aren’t that similar anyway.

I don’t know if there are still people out there who haven’t the faintest idea what True Blood is, but here are the most important pointers for you: True Blood takes place in a world where the existence of vampires is common knowledge and said vampires now have to deal with the repercussions of going public. The main characters though is Sookie Stackhouse, who’s not a vampire. She always had a special gift, being able to read other people’s minds, but she can’t do that with vampires. So, of course she falls in love with one of them and that gets the story starting. Then it turns out there are also all kinds of shapeshifters and werewolves etc. to make it more interesting.

As I’ve mentioned above, the books and the TV show are only mildly similar. They do have the same main characters and some of the occuring events are alike, but like most adaptations for TV, the show started to get it’s own life and spin on things. I can’t really say which series I prefer, because although I’ve read all the books (except for the 13th, which I am reading right now) I sort of got bored with them after … I don’t know … the fifth book. The storyline is just really reptetive, but the writing is fun, so that’s the reason I kept on reading. Unfortunately, Sookie just really started to get on my nerves, but then again she does the same in the TV show. But I’d definitely have to say that HBO did a great job adapting the show. Some people may have been a little shocked about some of the explicit scenes in season one, but my friends and I always say “It’s not porn. It’s HBO”. Another reason why I like the show is the amazing cast of True Blood including: Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgård, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten, Joe Manganiello, Kristin Bauer van Straten, Rutina Wesley, …

But I am not writing this post to just keep babbling on about the show. I actually wanted to talk a little about the first episode of the final season “Jesus Gonna Be Here” and the upcoming season in general. So, consider yourself warned! Spoilers ahead!

  • I know that a lot of people are probably sad that this season only has six episodes, but I am glad they’re keeping it short. Ever since Alan Ball left, I had a feeling of the show going downhill and I am glad they are concluding the story with this season and that they don’t uncessarily drag it out.
  • I was confused about Eric’s death last season. I love Alexander Skarsgård and I thought that his death scene really wasn’t what his character would have deserved. But then, I read that he was confirmed as a regular in season 7 (Yay!), and I can’t wait to find out what they have in store for him! I hope he’s not really dead and that he’s going to appear soon. I can’t stand to see Pam this sad and desperate to find him!
  • Well, Tara wasn’t in the season for long. We didn’t even see her death … I am disappointed …
  • I like Sookie and Alcide together. They always had such terrible timing, but they are so good together. I know that Bill or someone else will try to seperate them, but I hope that they’ll last.
  • I don’t know why HBO thinks that I won’t notice that they just exchange actors from one season to the next. I mean come on! I know that James wasn’t that important a character, but I still noticed! They already did it (a lot less subtle!) with Daario Naharis from Game of Thrones and I have to admit that it was for the better, but I liked the other James (Luke Grimes). I’ll probably adjust in no time to Nathan Parsons, because at least they look alike, but still … why do they keep doing that?
  • I can’t wait to see more of the relationship between Jess and Adilyn Bellefleur! She let her into the house and Adi drank Jess’ blood! So interesting!

There’s probably so much more to look forward to (What will happen to the hostages? Will Sam be a dad? …), but we’ll have to wait and see to find. If you want a little Teaser for the upcoming weeks though, watch the Trailer below!

What do you think? Have you read the books? Only watched the show? Both? What do you like more?

The Time of the Doctor

Let’s start this year by talking about the last chapter of Matt Smith’s era on Doctor Who. Indeed a really sad chapter for me, but I am going to share my opinion on the 2013 Christmas Special anyway. If for some inexplicable reason you haven’t watched it yet (maybe you’re just dreading the idea of Matt Smith leaving, like I did) you should not continue reading, because like River always said: Spoilers!

The initial idea of making the Time of the Doctor as the ulitmate Eleven episode, by including about every villain/monster he has ever encountered plus resolving the whole Silence storyline, was a good thought, but somehow the execution didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped it would. I do have to admit that there probably was no right way to let Matt go and I probably would have found something to rant about in a different sort of episode as well, but still, the Time of the Doctor just didn’t satisfy me as a proper ending for the Eleventh Doctor.

Since this all sounds very bleak and as if the episode was a complete disaster, I will first start with the things I liked about it:

  • Clara was simply brilliant! She showed real emotions and while I have encountered many people who don’t like her, I loved her the entire season and especially in this episode. Getting left behind by the Doctor is about the worst thing that can happen to a person (as we’ve seen countless times with Rose) so I could defintitely sympathise with her devastation when she stepped out of the TARDIS and it vanished behind her.
  • The whole Silence thing was finally resolved! We saw what the Doctor saw in the hotel room in the God Complex and why the Silence wanted to prevent him from ever reaching Trenzalore … it all makes sense now and I will never ever accuse Steven Moffat of leaving plot holes again. It might take some years, but he will eventually resolve the storyline. (Although I want to mention that I didn’t expect the silly crack to be behind the hotel room door …)
  • Amy! Just like Eleven was my first Doctor, Amy was my first companion and I’ve missed her very much. I do realise that she was only a halluzination, but nonetheless I was happy to see her again for the farewell.

Now that I’ve mentioned at least something I liked, let’s get to the things I absolutely didn’t like:

  • While Amy is definitely on my positive-list, she is also on my negative-things-about-the-epsiode-list. So far ever since the reboot, all the Doctors had great last words. Just think about it! Nine said: “Rose, before I go, I just wanna tell you: you were fantastic, absolutely fantastic. And you know what? — So was I!” and Ten said the iconic “I don’t wanna go!” and while Matt had an absolutely fantastic monologue, the final words came from Amy saying: “Raggedy man, Good Night!” … I was a little disappointed about that, but maybe “I will always remember when the Doctor was me.” does count anyways …
  • I expected a brilliant Matt-episode for the Time of the Doctor, but mostly he wasn’t really like the Doctor we all remember him. The ancient man with the baby face actually aged – a lot! I realise that I am really critical about this, but I didn’t like those prosthetics, they looked ridiculous. And weirdly I could empathise more with Clara than I could with the Doctor and those random 300 year-jumps in time.
  • Why doesn’t Capaldi’s Doctor know how to fly the TARDIS!? Is it because he has to break his new body in first before he can remember things like that? That never happened before though …

I guess I just wasn’t ready to say goodbye … I am terrible with goodbyes. What did you think of the episode? Did you think it was a worthy farewell, alright but not fine or a complete fail?