Fall Review: Heroes Reborn & The Player

Today’s shows are both from NBC. Let’s see what we’ve got!

Heroes Reborn

Cast: Jack Coleman, Ryan Guzman, Zachary Levi, Robbie Kay, Gatlin Green, Rya Kihlstedt, Judith Shekoni, Kiki Sukezane, Henry Zubrowski, Clé Bennett, Krista Bridges, Lucius Hoyos, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Masi Oka, Francesca Eastwood, Toru Uchikado …

Evos are out in the open and on the brink of achieving peace with humanity, if only it weren’t for a terrorist attack that killed many people and destroyed any chance of reconciliation. Even though the number of evos is as high as ever, they are hunted and once again back in hiding. But there is a reason why they are here and the world needs them for something big is coming.

The first scene starts out with Bennet, a very familiar face, and in the background the music I know so well starts playing – just like that, it was as if the show had never left. I am so happy! As of right now it is still considered a mini-series, but I am hoping that that status might change if it proves to be successful.

However, not everything is the way it was before. There are a ton of new characters and from what I gathered, even more are going to be introduced in the next episodes. The different storylines are a mixed bag, because while some of them are promising, I can’t see the overall connection just yet. There is a LOT of mystery, up to a point where you don’t actually know what’s going on. Also, there are some characters that I like more than others. I really wanted to love Zachary Levi, but he’s making it difficult since he is anti-evo (understandable because of his backstory, but still not good). Tommy’s story (played by Robbie Kay) seems similar to the one of Claire in Season 1 to me. Somehow he’s going to play an important part in saving the world and has people protecting him. Carlos (Ryan Guzman) is interesting because he doesn’t actually have powers but is right in the middle of the action. He will have to inspire people to become heroes. Miko is cool because she can travel into video games, but she seems so detached from all the other stories. There are still so many more characters but I am going to stop right there.

I think it was an interesting start of the series that can be improved though. Still, I am looking forward to more of it.

The Player

Cast: Philip Winchester, Wesley Snipes, Nick Wechsler, Charity Wakefield, Damon Gupton, Cara Buono, …

Alex Kane is a former intelligence officer who now works as a security expert in Las Vegas. When his wife gets murdered, he gets sucked into the strange game of a company that can predict crime. People with too much money are able to gamble on different kinds of stakes here. Alex can help prevent terrible events from happening, but only if he becomes their Player.

This one honestly took me by surprise. I thought it was just another military-guy-becomes-hyped-security-guard-in-Vegas kind of story, but it’s so much more than that. I did not actually watch the trailer before watching the show, so I went in blind. I like the element of crime-prediction and the mystery that surrounds the company that deals with other peoples fates. It doesn’t seem like a realistic show at all, but it is interesting to watch.

The first episode set up so many questions and despite what I initially thought, I am going to continue watching this show.

What did you think about those shows? Did you like them as well?