A cynical view on (dating) life

Seen as I am a huge fan of British comedian Jon Richardson, I did not hesitate one second to buy his book It’s Not Me, It’s You from 2011. It has a lot of elements from his stand-up program and is therefore extremly funny, yet not as funny as I thought it would be, because of a few but existing serious bits in the book. (This should by no means indicate that I didn’t like it though!)


Richardson himself said that it is not meant to be an autobiography, but to me it definitely seems like an honest view on life from his perspective. The book focuses on Richardson’s quest for love and how his pursuit for perfection gets in the way of it. While never having been diagnosed with OCD, it still is a re-occuring topic in Richardson’s work (including a great documentary called A Little Bit OCD), hence, the book also takes on several of his neurotic and compulsive-obsessive tendencies. It originally only started out as an article for The Guardian‘s Valentine’s Day issue, but turned into a “relationship guide from the point of view of someone who hasn’t been in one for eight years” according to Jon Richardson himself.

I really enjoyed reading the book and found Richardson’s cynical view on life and dating weirdly refreshing, but I also felt that I found out more about Richardson as a person (including his irrational anger and enjoyment of alcoholic beverages). Do you know the book or any of his stand-up gigs? What do you think about it?