Chicago Med Series Premiere

Everyone who knows me just a little, knows how obsessed I am with the Chicago shows. Well, last night was the Premiere of the third installment in the franchise, Chicago Med. I’ve been excited for this for what seem like forever and as expected, it did not disappoint! SPOILERS ahead!

First, I want to say that I’ve been tired of medical dramas as well. There are so many out there and it was getting boring, but Dick Wolf, creator of most Chicago shows as well as the Law & Order universe, is simply a genius. Instead of doing a spin-off, he slowly spins the show into the already existing universe. The actors switch between sets almost seamlessly and you just get the impression that it’s all one and the same thing anyway. Which is great! There are characters related to each other and even some crossover-romances, which makes the actual crossover episodes even more fun.

I don’t think it would make much sense to go into the details of the different cases of the first episode. They were chosen wisely and we got to know all our doctors and nurses a lot better. So, lets break it down:

  • Dr. Will Halstead, brother of Detective Jay Halstead, has been on Fire and PD several times by now. We got to know him a little beforehand and I am really looking forward to finding out more about him. He’s really good at his job, but the thing is, he knows it too. He can be a bit brash sometimes, but I like that about him. I find his relationship with Dr. Natalie Manning really interesting, but for now, I hope that it will stay purely platonic. A thing that was definitely fun to see, was Will butting heads with Dr. Connor Rhodes. They are way more similar than they’d like to admit, but it’ll probably take some time until they become friends.
  • Speaking of Natalie Manning. I thought that Natalie was married, because I remembered reading that somewhere, but then April mentioned that Nat wouldn’t have to do the single-mom-thing on her own. I was really sad when I found out that her military husband had died. I’m glad that info didn’t leak to me beforehand.
  • Dr. Connor Rhodes has most of the ladies swooning and the guys annoyed to no end. He is so cool! I totally get it! He stitched his own wound and has some mean tattoos as well. I wonder where he was and what brought him back to Chicago. He definitely has me intrigued already and I see a ton of broken hearts along the way.
  • Dr. Daniel Charles has also been appearing regularly on Fire and PD already. He’s a good psychiatrist, who knows exactly what people need and when they need it. I gather he bends the rule in favour of his patients sometimes, but I don’t think that’s a bad quality. I liked seeing him care for Jamie as much as he did. He grows on me more with each episode!
  • April Sexton – there’s really not that much new to tell. She was really badass before and she will continue to kick ass in Chicago Med.
  • Dr. Ethan Choi – It’s a little early to tell, but I think I like him. He’s a no-nonsense kind of guy, but very capable.
  • Dr. Sarah Reese – She sort of surprised me. I knew that she had some troubles with the job, sometimes simply because she didn’t want to hurt anyone, but I didn’t expect her not to want to be at the ER at all. She thinks she’s a lab person, but I bet that the continuous exposure to patients will change her mind soon enough.
  • Maggie – she’s the kind of person who knows about everything that’s going on in the ER. Very cool!

I bet I forgot someone, but I really just wanted to say that I enjoyed the first episode of the show and that I can’t wait to watch the rest of it. There are several crossovers planned, especially around February I think. What did you think of the show?

Chicago PD Season 3 Premiere

FINALLY I had time to watch Chicago PD. Even though I like binging the Chicago Franchise, I can’t really do that because I get confused with all the crossovers. So, I just watch it week by week, which is still pretty awesome. Let’s do this! are coming!


(If you need a reminder of the Season 2 Finale before starting this, then click here! If you want to watch the First Look/Trailer for Season 3, click here!)

A lot went down in the first episode and I was hoping for a really Jay-centered episode, but since he was abducted for most of the time, that wasn’t really that much the case. However, once again, I’ll be breaking it down into what each of the different characters did/felt/thought/whatever you want to call it:

  • Jay couldn’t believe that Erin would leave him. It wasn’t about romance, it was about her being his partner and not even having the decency to tell him that she quit to his face. It leads to him confronting her after a night of partying and him pretty much giving up on her – her last champion walking away. I have to say, I was really pissed at Erin lately. She pushed away EVERYONE who cares about her and for what? To take some pills with good ol’ mum? I am glad she stepped up and came to Jay’s rescue when he was kidnapped and he was so happy that it was her who came for him.
    On another note, I know that Linstead is endgame, but I kind of want a break from their romance and them maybe pursuing someone other than each other? I can already see the Linstead fans coming for me for that statement …
  • I am also glad that Voight is not making it easy on Erin. His conditions are valid and she needs to cut ties with her mum if she wants her badge back for good. But he has made some odd choices himself in the episode. I have a bad feeling about prison Eddie.
  • Olinski is so clueless when it comes to handling his daughter. We know that he can be good with female teens, so why is he so counter-intuitive when it comes to her? That girl is in trouble and he better man up and help her.
  • Platt wants to plan the Burzek wedding – that is just brillant.
  • Attwater will be Adam’s best man for the wedding. I so thought he’d ask Olinski, but I don’t know why.
  • I can see conflict ahead for Burzek. Aside from Roman messing with Burgess head a little, there was also the fact that Adam didn’t want Burgess on the Intelligence case because it was too dangerous. She knows that the job comes with danger and she accepts that her fiancé is in certain precarious situations a lot of the time. I think they could butt heads over that topic. Is it really a new issue though?
  • Burgess saw a syringe in Roman‘s backpack. What the heck was that about? I don’t think it has anything to do with drugs, they have Lindsay for that story, but I have no idea what else it could be about. Diabetes? Accidentally taking it with him from Sylvie’s place (even though it still doesn’t make sense for a medic to have that stuff lying around?)
  • Lastly, we get another tease for the Chicago Med connection, with Will Halstead drinking with the CPD guys at Molly’s and saying that Jay will be fine.

Any thoughts or theories for the new season? I think most storylines have been set up nicely so far. Mainly I am just glad to have the show back!

Chicago Med Season 1 First Look

ChicagoMed_16x9_KA 2_NewLogo.jpg

Okay, so I did it for the new Seasons of Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, now I feel like I am obliged to do it for Chicago Med as well even though this is a little pointless. The promo basically just showed a lot of scenes from the backdoor pilot on Chicago Fire, but at least the date is set for November 17 this year! YAY!

There aren’t that many Spoilers and infos floating around, but I’ll try my best! The order for the first season consists of 13 episodes. I know that several crossovers with the other Chicago shows, as well as with Law & Order: SVU are planned for early 2016. Laurie Holden, who played Dr. Hanna Tramblen (and can still be seen on the right of the picture above) had to leave the show due to family reasons. I guess there won’t be any romancing with Will Halstead then, which means he needs a new love interest and it better be someone cool!

A couple of people have been added to the cast since the backdoor pilot:

  • Brian Tee has joined the cast and will play a resident who went into medicine after several tours of duty as an Army medic.
  • Colin Morgan (who we should all know as Tommy from Arrow) has also been added as series regular, but there is not much known about his role. He is possibly expected to be a pediatric doctor, but it hasn’t been confirmed.
  • Torrey DeVitto (from TVD and PLL) will portray a pregnant emergency room doctor named Dr. Lilly Manning.
  • (this one I found out thanks to Cristina @MyTinyObsessions who helped me out in the comments) Rachel DiPillo (Jane the Virgin) will be interning as Dr. Sarah Reese at the ER and is fresh out of med school.

I am super excited about the show, but it’s still too early to know what all will actually happen. I already know that I’ll be very invested in what Dr. Halstead is doing, simply because he’s Jay’s brother. Other than that I’ll be happy to let myself be surprised. Are you excited too?

Chicago PD Season 3 First Look

Other than the preview of Chicago Fire, the First Look for Chicago PD Season 3 is much shorter. I don’t know why they did it differently for both shows, but 30 seconds is better than nothing.


For all of those who can’t remember everything about the Chicago PD Season Finaleyou can read up on it here. Let’s just say, we all could see that Erin wasn’t handling Nadia’s death very well and we all got mad at her for the choices she made. Most of all Jay, because it is one thing to not want to be in a romantic relationship, but a whole other thing to just leave your partner without saying anything. That is a big deal and she really screwed up, but see what that leads to yourself:

Now, as far as Spoilers go:

Lindsay’s mom will appear a couple more times now to spend time (drinking) with her daughter. I do not approve of that, Erin needs to get back on track and not disappoint Jay and Voight any further. She’ll have to prove herself to the team and for the beginning, let’s just say there won’t be any romantic Linstead happenings. Speaking of Voight though, he’ll have to face some of the things he did in the past when a convict gets out early due to a mistake he made. The realisation of how dirty a cop he was mixed with some self-loathing will probably be the result of that. There is not much else to be found, since as always, the focus is mainly on Lindsay. BUT I personally expect to see some wedding planning for Burzek and Antonio working at his new boxing club. And I just want my Halstead to be okay, because that promo waws scary. That’s what I hope to see!

So, who else can’t wait for September 30? It’s less than a month away and I am so happy to have the show back!!!

Chicago PD Season 2 Finale

Guys, I can’t take the Season Finales of my beloved Chicago shows … Now I have to wait until fall for anything new to happen! There are always the best cliffhangers at the end of a Season when it comes to Dick Wolf‘s shows. At least now I can look forward to not only Chicago Fire and Chicago PD continuing, but also the official arrival of Chicago Med!!!
But for now, let’s talk about “Born into Bad News”! (Spoilers included)

I think the chronology of Chicago Fire and Chicago PD is off. There is NO way that Voight and especially Antonio would be this calm and distracted by other cases with Casey missing. I mean seriously, Gabby would give them hell and they know it. So something isn’t quite right, because they didn’t acknowledge that happening at all. (Which to be honest, disappointed me a little …)

Now, on to the “analyzation” of what happened to each of the characters:

  • Erin … I’m at a loss with her. She has Voight and Jay being right there for her and who does she turn to? Her pity excuse of a mother … I can’t believe she is back on drugs and sleeping with that sleazy guy from her past. I do however understand why she is so devastated about Nadia’s death. I don’t think she’s to blame, but Nadia was her best friend and it was cruel what happened to her. At least Platt managed to get her that memorial stone.
    I know that people grieve differently, but I don’t think it’s okay that she quit Intelligence. She pushed everyone away and that’s just so sad.
  • I was really scared for Burzek for a second. I was worried that he couldn’t take it that she was on Intelligence with him, but the real reason for his odd behaviour is simply amazing! He proposed to Kim, after she had to return to being in uniform with Roman because Atwater got cleared after the suicide story. While the timing maybe wasn’t perfect, the proposal was definitely most adorable and such an Adam-thing to do. (quote: “You and I are freaking awesome together.”). So happy she said yes!!!
  • Voight still instills fear in his territory and amongst his enemies and that’s kind of cool. Yet, I can’t help but feel like he is tired of the image he’s created for himself before getting busted. He is after all not such a bad cop, even though his methods may be a little unconventional and borderline illegal sometimes – but most definitely with good intentions. The final case of the season really reflected his development in my opinion. Who knows what old Voight might’ve done?
  • Olinsky’s previous relationship with a woman while working undercover seems to have led to unforeseen “consequences”, namely a daughter who’s currently in juvy. I think he’s a great dad most of the time, but not sure how he’ll be able to master that.
  • Last but not least, Antonio tried to convince Roman and Jay to join him for a business venture (isn’t that more of Herrmann’s territory?). He wants to buy a boxing gym, because the Police Youth Boxing Club changed his life. He can’t get enough money until Voight hands him some stolen drug money (I said he only ever has the best intentions). Yay to that!

I’ll miss Chicago PD and I already can’t deal with the lack of Linstead scenes … it’s going to be a long while until fall 2015. Thoughts?

Introducing: Chicago Med

So, I am a total sucker for the Chicago franchise and even though I was skeptical, I was also hugely excited for the backdoor pilot of Chicago Med to come up on Chicago Fire. The show hasn’t yet been picked up for a full Season, but I definitely think that “I Am the Apocalypse” showed that the characters have potential. Spoilers ahead!

First, why was I skeptical? Let’s face it, there are already a ton of medical dramas out there: Grey’s Anatomy, Saving Hope, Remedy … and they tend to be repetitive. BUT (and believe me, it’s a huge but) Chicago shows are different. I was worried about Chicago PD as well, then I got sucked in and now I love it just as much as Chicago Fire. It’s just that those shows aren’t simply in the same universe, they are an entity. There barely goes by an episode where one of the characters from the other show doesn’t appear and it still excites me to see those tiny crossovers, even if they last 2 minutes. The same happened this time! Without even thinking about it, Jay Halstead appeared in the first couple of minutes of the show, at home with his brother as if it were the most normal thing for him to be on Chicago Fire. There are bad days on the show and then there are really bad days, of which this was one.  A terrorist bomber tries to spread an infectious bio-virus and seriously harms Severide, the rest of Station 51 and the entire ER in the process.

Now let’s get down to business and analyse/recap “I Am the Apocalypse“:

  • Severide‘s the hero! Sort of … I mean he couldn’t possibly have believed that he’d survive jumping on a live grenade? (Will certainly didn’t) So, props to Chicago Med and Mills for keeping him alive! The show wouldn’t be the same without him. I am sure April agrees with me on that.
  • I’m intrigued by Will Halstead! He seems like a troublemaker, but there’s definitely more to him. The dynamic between Will and Jay is especially interesting and I think that they are more alike than they’d like to admit. He said it would be his “first and last day”, but I hope he stays in Chicago! He definitely already has a flirtation going on with Hanna aka Dr. Tramble. I’m not sure what to think of her yet. We first meet her while she’s on the floor fixing the fridge and end with her crying (sitting on the floor again). She’s interesting, but I can’t see her with Will.
  • The other new docs … we already know April from a couple of episodes and I like her. She has history with Severide and that’s already pretty interesting, but she’s also a fast thinker who saved Casey. As for the others (besides Will and Hanna), I am not sure I saw enough of them to determine what to think. But, I want to see more of them to find out!
  • Dawsey is back on! Not really, but I’m sure a lot of people would like to think so. After the day was saved and the disease didn’t spread, they relieve their stress with a little make-out session. I know I should be happy, but somehow I don’t think they are ready to be back together again. I actually quite liked the idea of Gabby dating someone different and the rumours of her and Will Halstead surely sparked my interest! Just imagine her having dated both of the incredibly handsome and badass Halstead brothers! I’d ship it!

In the end, I suppose I didn’t talk as much about Chicago Med as I could have, but I need to see more of it! I want it to be a real thing and not just a pilot that will be forgotten in the depths of some TV network’s archive. What are your thoughts?

Chicago Fire/PD Crossover

The Chicago franchise has been going so well the past couple of seasons, that the network (NBC) has decided to broaden it’s universe even more and add the medical drama Chicago Med. There is a supposed backdoor pilot coming during Chicago Fire this season (Season 3), but until then we will have to let ourselves be entertained by the two shows we already have and the Chicago Fire/PD Crossover that aired the past two nights. So, let’s talk about what happened and beware of Spoilers ahead!

I was looking forward to this crossover for such a long time! Despite characters from each show appearing in the other one every now and then, a proper crossover is just so much better. But I have to say that the promo for it really had me fooled. As you could see above, it looked all exciting and thrilling and dangerous, but as much as I love Chicago Fire, the first part of the two night event was rather unexciting. Of course that doesn’t mean it wasn’t emotional. We had Shay’s sister stopping by and see her deal with the loss of Leslie after an especially emotional scene where Brett gets attacked. Severide showed some real restraint when that crazy arsonist Gish, who killed Shay (and it turns out Peter Mills’ dad and unfortunately many others as well), provoked him in the open and Gabby and Casey seemed to get closer again as well. All that isn’t a bad thing for an episode, but you may start wondering: Where is the action? Where are the guys from CPD? (Because that would make it a real crossover.) Well, in the last five seconds or so Gabby calls her brother Antonio for help with the investigation and that’s how Chicago Fire leaves us. Barely anything from the promo has happened yet and you feel tortured until the next day to see how things unfold.

Then again, Chicago PD really stepped up the game and was everything they promised. It had exploding squad cars, Platt acting weirdly nice and Gabriella in great danger. We even got a little Linstead conversation where they obviously decided they won’t stop seeing each other just because Lindsay is back with Intelligence (Big YAY! to that). But the best part in my opinion was Antonio. He’s a good cop and he likes to do things by the book, but with his sister’s life at risk he had no other choice than to shoot Gish and I think it shows real character that he is not alright with that. Everyone was happy that Gish is dead, and I understand that, but having to kill someone should never be easy and it certainly doesn’t look like it was for him. Very well done Jon Seda!

So all in all it was another great crossover and I can’t wait to see more of both shows, especially if they intertwine every now and then. What was your take on the #OneChicago event?